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Member since: Sat Oct 5, 2019, 04:23 AM
Number of posts: 180

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KY-Gov Andy Beshear (D) postpones KY May primary until June

He just announced that he will postpone Kentucky's May 19th primary until June. He is being very pro-active on COVID-19. I don't know if this is the right decision or not, but I'm not going to second guess him. He's been drawing rave reviews, even from Republicans in this state, on his response to the coronavirus.

No one mangled the English language more than George W. Bush

and he won 2 terms, without Russia's help. Why do Republicans think making fun of Biden's gaffes will hurt him? All it does is just humanizes him and makes him seem like a regular guy. We tried that same shit against Bush and it didn't work.

There was a lot of garbage polls in South Carolina

NBC Marist and YouGov comes to mind. It makes me wonder what other polls are trash. It seems like nearly all the polls overstate Bernie's performance no matter the state. I'm really losing any faith in the polling these days. One pollster once said that Bernie is doing better in polls than in reality cause his supporters are fervent and they go out of their way to answer pollsters. I guess we'll see come Super Tuesday.

Is the Fidel Castro lovefest finally hurting Bernie?

Seems to me that 60 Minutes interview might've been this worst mistake thus far in his campaign. He could've done without that interview. I think it's scared the Democrats into action and support Joe. We'll see how it goes on Tuesday. I think we all dread a campaign in the fall with talk of communism, the Soviet Union, and Castro love. We need to keep the election about Trump, not whether we should praise Fidel or not.

After tonight, I think we're headed to a brokered convention

I think it's possible Bernie could have a slight lead of delegates. I think Biden will try to make a splash with Warren or someone else as VP, like Oprah or something, that will give the convention delegates reason to vote for his ticket over a Bernie/Tulsi/Nina Turner ticket. What say you?

Is Disney CEO Bob Iger about to run for president?

Kinda interesting he's resigning immediately from Disney and Oprah's been pushing him to run in 2020. Is he Bloomberg without the baggage? Is it too late even?

Is it too late for Michelle Obama in 2020?

I'm so discouraged from the news today that I'm ready to go all in for Michelle. I know it's a long shot but our party is going under right now. Bernie is an unwitting Russian asset, Warren is a great debater that has no chance at winning the EC, Joe is treading water, Pete and Amy have POC issues, and Bloomberg will spend the rest of the year apologizing. I'm ready for someone new. Michelle Obama is the only person that could actually unite the party and bring out the votes in November.

Vladimir Putin always gets what he wants

He wanted Britain to leave the EU. Done.

He wanted Trump to win in 2016. Done.

He wanted Boris Johnson to win in the UK. Done

He wants Bernie to be the Dem nominee...

He wants Trump to win in 2020, PLUS the Dems to lose the House...

Someone please tell me I'm wrong? I might as well not even vote at this point in the primary. It's already a fait accompli.

How do we know Putin is not hacking the vote for Bernie?

I can't believe that Putin is getting what he wants...first Trump as president and now Bernie as the Dem nominee. And with Bernie atop the ticket, the Dems will go down like Corbyn in the UK. McCarthy will be sworn in as the new speaker and Trump will rule America. And the Dems are just letting this happen. Bernie would be an illegitimate nominee.

My God, Bloomberg has hired an expert on narcissism

and a comedy writer so they can get into Trump's head! Man, this guy is going to drive Trump nuts. I'm a black man and I know Bloomberg has said some shady shit, but I have to give credit where credit is due...he's trying to go for the jugular and he ain't playing around.
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