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Member since: Wed Nov 2, 2016, 02:32 AM
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Please form your own #TrumpLaughBrigade. Laugh this Bozo out of office! Start at Inauguration!

SNL and Obama (at the 2011 Correspondence Dinner) have proven that the best and ONLY way to throw Trump off of his game is to laugh at him and make fun of him relentlessly. Wherever Trump goes in public, there should be throngs of people following him, pointing and LOUDLY laughing at him for the disgraceful and goofy CLOWN that he is. This needs to be a national protest movement of laughter and it needs to be unrelenting and overwhelming.

This is especially true during the January 20th inauguration of this bozo in Washington DC. Think how Trump would just lose his mind if he was faced with hundreds of thousands of people just pointing laughing at him as he get's sworn in.

Angry mobs protesting Trump only feeds Trump's deep need to be taken seriously. He's an absolute JOKE and we decent people need to literally laugh him out of office by reminding him of this continually and wherever he goes. In short, we need to troll the troll and stop reacting to Trump's relentless trolling of us.

RIDICULE is Trump's kryptonite. It is also his main and only tactic against his opposition. Nothing else will even dent this guy. Why? Because trump is nothing but a colossal troll who feeds on outrage. EVERYTHING horrible Trump has done and/or said during the campaign, including all of his toxic appointments to his cabinet are nothing but trolljobs on the media and the decent people who oppose him. And it's working as intended. Everybody decent and normal is just foaming at the mouth and thus not thinking straight at all.

Let's give Trump a taste of his own damn medicine. It's time to take this clown down with laughter.


Please. Spread this idea around!


Paul Ryan too also needs to face an unrelenting laugh brigade dedicated to him as well, specifically when and if he tries to make ANY cuts to or to privatize Social Security and/or Medicare.
Posted by LoganOneNation | Tue Dec 6, 2016, 04:27 AM (0 replies)
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