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Luka Boyd

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Member since: Mon Jan 16, 2017, 09:04 PM
Number of posts: 47

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Trying to win the game with one card

Why are the Democrats not playing every card they have? The polls show that public opinion hasn't moved on impeachment but only the Ukraine card has been played so far. What about the long list of other offenses the orange Ass mole has committed?

I think the articles of impeachment should include everything, emoluments clause, obstruction, bribery, lying, everything, mistresses, acts of incitement conduct unbecoming a president of the United States. Throw everything but the kitchen sink at him, something will stick. Why not? Democrats say that they want to keep it simple so the public can understand but that means you basically have one shot to sway them. Say somebody isnt totally convinced about the impropriety of the Ukraine scandal, but they might be swayed by something else on the list. Let everything come out, make the list so long that the pattern of malfeasance becomes self evident. I guarantee he would do the same to the Democrats

Why the rush? Its going to die in the Senate anyway, why the rush to the end? Or worse yet it will be turned into a circus in the Senate. Let the list of offenses be so long that the Senate will make fools of themselves trying to defend it. And let it drag on into the election, are people less likely to vote for a President who was exonerated in the Senate or a President who is currently under investigation for crimes or currently awaiting trial? Lets hear from every witness, I want to hear from Mulvaney, Pompeo, Guilianni, (funny that spell check wanted to change Guilianni to anilingus) nothing they say will make things better for Trump and he knows it otherwise he not only would have let them testify, he would have forced them to. We all know the Senate will not convict so why are we in a hurry to let them have their way? Everything needs to go in the history books. Democrats seem to be more interested in "keeping it simple" but a shotgun does a lot more damage than a target rifle.

What is the best outcome here?

Lets stop and think about it, what is the best possible outcome to the eventual impeachment of Trump? Here are some possibilities, let me know what you think:
- Would it be better if he were removed from office and the eventual Democratic nominee runs against Pence?
- Trump gets impeached but is not convicted in the senate. Then the Dems run against a disgraced/impeached Trump and a Senate seen as corrupt for enabling him?
- Trump resigns, Pence selects Kevin McCarthy as vice president. Reps run on Pence/McCarthy ticket or Pence also gets removed and McCarthy is Rep candidate.
- Reps primary Trump and Pence.
- Trump and Pence get removed from office and reps run entirely new ticket?
- Trump gets tried in the senate, throws Pence under the bus, both are removed and Nancy Pelosi is president (Yes least chance of this) Does she run in 2020?

I actually think scenario 2 is the most likely and probably the best outcome for the Dems in the 2020 election. What are your thoughts?

The Barr Coverup

I don't understand why every Democrat, when speaking about the Barr report doesn't refer to it as the "Barr coverup". We need to learn a lesson about messaging from the Cons. Just like they said, "crooked Hillary" every time they mentioned her, we need to say "the Barr Coverup" each time we mention this "report" fiasco.
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