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Lulu Latech

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And more from Kazakhstan

You have been Dimashed and you are very welcome.

Do you let folks you don't know into your home without a mask?

I'm in the process of gearing up for a home remodel. My spouse and I are vaccinated and we live in an area that is highly vaccinated. My spouse thinks I'm being a little over the top in insisting contractors wear a mask in my home. This wasn't an issue until today when he let one in without a mask. Up until now, all have been respectful and have come masked. I wasn't there when he first arrived but when I came in and saw him I let him know that we wouldn't be using his company and that we didn't need to waste each others time. I am older and at high risk and even though I understand that the vaccine is highly effective I still feel it's disrespectful to enter someone's home without a mask as a business person. I know that life is moving along but am I still the only one who isn't really ready to embrace letting my guard down yet.

Are there any teachers here that are back in the classroom? How's it going?

My husband is returning to the school building today for the first time since last March. He's been teaching elementary special ed on line since then. I know, no easy task. His kids have been in school two half days a week with his co teacher. There are less than 5 kids in the class and only special ed kids have been back in the building. In the last month there were two positive covid reports. So now they are bringing back his class four half days.

He is going in for prep and training's today and tomorrow. I know the teachers in class now are teaching in PPE and shields. I don't expect that to change. Since his kids have challenges that sometimes need hands on assistance that is someone of a relief to me.

We both have one dose of Pfizer in arm now with our second dose hopefully around the 20th of this month. Our community and state spread rates are on the lower end but I'm really struggling with this as I am high risk and tend towards being overly compulsive about safety precautions

I know every school district is different, but how is it going for you? Are you getting good reinforcement to use and enforce precautions in the classroom. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around what this is going to look like for him.

Posted by The empressof all | Mon Feb 8, 2021, 12:03 PM (17 replies)

Well, Bill Gates doesn't need to worry about me anymore.

I got my Pfizer shot this morning so he will rest easier knowing where I am at all times.

In all seriousness, the shot was painless and so far I have no soreness at the injection site. The vaccinator said I should expect to have a sore arm. I'm a little tired but I went without coffee this morning so doubt it's injection related.

If you are looking for an appointment you need to just keep trying. The process is random it seems as to when appointments open up. I found mine through a local covid group. A member posted that appointments were available at this location and I was on line in the group at the right time to get in...The 200 appointments were gone in 15 minutes.
Posted by The empressof all | Sat Jan 30, 2021, 07:00 PM (1 replies)

I'm not sure a delay in a Senate Impeachment trial is a bad thing

As time goes on more damning evidence will be exposed and make it more difficult for Republicans to defend him or excuse his behavior. We Democrats need to keep that information flowing out and demand accountability for all crimes.
Posted by The empressof all | Thu Jan 14, 2021, 02:29 PM (11 replies)

A Question inspired by Texas Attorney Generals petition to the Supremes.....For the lawyers here?

I live in a state with fairly stringent guidelines for Covid Safety. Masks are required in all indoor public spaces and retail establishments are prohibited from having more than a certain number of patrons. As a result we have one of the lower numbers of reported cases of Corona. The neighboring state has no such regulations and has an extremely high covid reporting rate.

Since all state borders are open and citizens can and do move freely around the country...Can those states with mask requirements then sue the states without requirements then as they are placing our citizens at risk. In addition their citizens are using some of our precious hospital and medical resources as their hospitals are filling up and patients are being moved across borders. (No, I don't want to deprive a sick person of a hospital bed because of their address.....It's a hypothetical question)
Posted by The empressof all | Wed Dec 9, 2020, 04:10 PM (11 replies)

First adventure with Sous Vide.....

I seasoned and vac sealed two small pork loin roasts in a bag and dumped it in the Instant pot and set the sous vide function for 145. I put them in at 11 this morning and my best guess is they need 8 hours. I just peeked in the pot. The water was steamy but the meat looked pinkish. I was expecting it to be white...I don't know how this is going to work. I'm going to give it till 7 and take their temp. Wish me luck!
Posted by The empressof all | Wed Oct 7, 2020, 08:47 PM (15 replies)

What about all the other patients at Walter Reed?

Could you imagine being sick and healing, in pain and possibly dying and having to listen to all that honking and yelling outside. I would imagine the psych patients undergoing treatment for PTSD aren't fairing well either. Those people outside just need to shut up already. What happened to silent vigils? Their lack of concern for others is just astounding and shameful.
Posted by The empressof all | Sun Oct 4, 2020, 06:49 PM (12 replies)

Is Mitch McConnell in this Covid Loop?

I thought I heard he was at a meeting with Trump in the last few days.
Posted by The empressof all | Fri Oct 2, 2020, 07:45 PM (15 replies)

Will the House still hold their hearing with DeJoy on the 24th?

I hope they will continue to press this even though it appears he's backed away a bit. I haven't seen anything about it being canceled.
Posted by The empressof all | Tue Aug 18, 2020, 07:20 PM (5 replies)
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