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Journal Archives

CDC retesting patient for coronavirus after being released

from isolation in San Antonio.
The patient did have contact with others while outside of isolation, health officials say.

Tested negative two times before being released.


The other committees on impeachment?

In the beginning Speaker Pelosi charged six committees with the task. Those being the Financial Services, the Judiciary, Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, Oversight and Reform, and Ways and Means.

We've heard from two of them. Are the other committees still working on the investigations? Will there/could there be more charges from them? Help me understsnd their role, please.

The Palin's are not trash.

I keep seeing the same sentiments repeated on DU constantly. Just because her son has mental problems doesn't make them trash.

Other things that brood does surely makes them trashy, but not a mentally ill child.

Don't forget folks. Harvey is still pounding the Texas coast

in the Beaumont/Port Arthur area. Massive flooding with more rain forcast for tonight.
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