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Gender: Female
Hometown: West Virginia
Home country: United States
Member since: Mon Aug 13, 2012, 02:27 PM
Number of posts: 155

Journal Archives

My Next Guest with David Letterman on Netflix

I recommend that everyone watch the awesome interview with Barack Obama on this Martin Luther King holiday. It features a segment on Rep. John Lewis and the March from Selma to Montgomery. Lest we forget, or maybe the younger folks never knew.

My Next Guest with David Letterman

Has an awesome segment with President Barack Obama so pertinent to the MLK holiday. It features Rep. John Lewis and has video on the March from Selma to Montgomery. Just a reminder, lest we forget or maybe never knew.

Bernie kept his word.

Bernie said from the outset that (1) he would support the Democratic nominee; (2) go all the way to the convention; (3) that his main concern was the issues and (4) that his candidacy was just the beginning in changing our democracy for the benefit of all our citizens.

I disagreed with many of Hillary's supporters who kept insisting that Bernie drop out early on. Bernie persevered, got most of what he wanted into the Democratic party platform; proved that an individual candidate did not need Super Pacs to be successful; and then graciously conceded and endorsed Hillary and promised to do anything he could to help Hillary get elected and defeat Donald Trump.

It is true that some of his supporters were over zealous, and out of line in their conduct on the convention floor, but by the end of the evening the dissidents seemed to calm down. I think it was a good thing that so many of Bernie's supporters were permitted to speak and this allowed Bernie's loyal supporters to let release some of their frustration and disappointment. Of course there are going to be some malcontents, but I believe that by the end of convention, the Democratic Party will emerge united, strengthened and empowered to go out and DEFEAT Donald Trump.

Melania could not have done better

when she chose Michelle Obama as her role model!
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