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Gender: Female
Hometown: Ohio
Member since: 2001
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Advice from the fairytales

First, forget what you think you know from Disney--we're not all going to live happily ever after. It would be better if you are familiar with Sondheim--Into the Woods Act 2. That's where things get dark.

We have all gone into the woods. It is dark and there are dangers. Some of us aren't going to come back out. There will be losses. There will also be heroes and victories. Sometimes you have to do things you didn't think you could; sometimes you do things you later regret. But you have to keep going; the only way out is through.

But remember--you are not alone on this journey. There will be helpers--and you should watch out for when you can be one of those helpers. And there will be villains. Don't be one of them.

Yes, there will be obstacles--that's what the woods--the bad times--are. But for most of us, we will see the other side of the woods; the story will go on beyond. Trust yourself.

If you need to rest, remember that healing from wounds is something even the greatest heroes need to do now and again. And to borrow from another source, you can't drink from an empty cup--take time to refresh and refill as needed. (Storytellers borrow from a lot of sources--it's what we do) Reach out when you need to, pull back if that's what necessary. Again, trust yourself.
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