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Metsie Casey

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Member since: Wed Feb 15, 2017, 11:41 PM
Number of posts: 208

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What should they have done ?

Offered them milk and cookies ? I don't like guns but you have a right to defend your home from criminals. The burglars would be fine if they didn't break the law and think it was ok to take things that didn't belong to them.

Bottled spring or filtered ?

Which water is better ? I use the Brita filter pitcher for myself since I drink a lot of water. We buy the Poland spring bottles for my wife and the cats.

Mushroom Monster


Never heard of

It. Is it like Amos and Andy ?

Another movie

That should be re released in 3d at theaters everywhere.[link:|

The Godfather in 3d at movie theaters

I would pay for that.


[link: (Share from CM Browser)|

Jersey. Piscopo wants to be governor ?

Please. Another ass that thinks raising the minimum wage is bad.

Which Dem candidate

Would be the best to run for President in 2020 ? Al Gore will be 72. He could win.

One of the most underrated bands

Should be in the hall of fame.[link:|
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