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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 2,455

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My Dad represented, as Lawyer, to many of these folks, "pro bono"

... so weird, like I was in the movie "To Kill a Mockingbird" ... my dad drives up to the black family's home, me in the back of the Buck. Dad went to help a woman who was being domestically abused .... and HE FUCKING stopped it by presenting a strong physical presence to the fucker. God bless, Dad.

For many years now there have been stories of a degenerate race of people who live an isolated existence removed from the civilized world in New Jersey’s Ramapo Mountains. As far back as the revolutionary war New Jerseyans have heard, and told, tales of a motley group of social outcasts who had taken refuge in the northeastern hills of the state and inbred to the point of mutation. The group, which has been alleged to be comprised of a mongrel hybrid of renegade Indians, escaped slaves, Hessian mercenary deserters, and West Indian prostitutes, have come to be known as the Jackson Whites.


Please support our Tribal Nations fight against pipelines

All hand crafted items are exclusively made with love, and limited quantities for our Water Protectors and defenders who are protecting Mother Earth supporting Honor the Earth. Not one piece is the same.

We are designing this collective for Native Water Protector Artists who do wish to contribute to Honor the Earth’s work but also in turn creating a cool economic collective for native artists. Honor the Earth strives to be part of the ‘fair market,’ value sustaining native artist’s work. This is a new concept which we hope to expand in 2020."


New app for the rich during COVID _19

Let us manage your household, we will protect you and your family from contracting the COVID-19. Lets show you how! Money talks, so folks, select the services needed.

1. We will only send your domestic workers (no healthcare, no benefits, no retirement) out to get you supplies
2. Keep all home care workers (mostly woman of color) ... only because, you don't want to do the work yourself, now do you? But, fucking spray them down with Lysol when they enter your home. Don't worry that this will cause chemical burns to skin.
3. Have to doorman, maid ... wipe down everything arriving to your door.


trump presser, the fucker can't even read

the words on his fucking piece of paper directly in front of him. He is like a fucking Satan, choking on everything that is good intended to save American lives and promoting only his evil attacks and derisive antics.

Mr. V.P. Biden, please pick Obama as your running mate!

Only fellow progressives understand how he could do such a power share ... trumpers have no sense

trump holds out against Blue States for COVID-19 supplies

MAYBE THE BLUE STATES should stop sending all the extra dollars to trump. Everyone knows if it were not for the West Coast and East Coast powerhouses like California and NY, the Federal Gov. would have no money to spend, on any regular day. Put the screws to trump instead.

It takes a Village. Let's not forget our humanity.


OMG commercial by billy graham jr trying to scare up some prayer fear to grab a hold

of some new suckers who, he, will scam out of money. Just on CNN

MAGA Virus 2019

YES, that is what I will call it

trump has perfected "The Art of The Fuck Up"

1. get to the top of whatever, using family money
2. screw up all you want, just keep blaming and then firing people you hired and had praised when you did so
3. if your "fuck up" gets so big that you can't fix it, then, let all the other folks around you fix it (daddy? mommy?)
4. sit back and enjoy the pain and confusion that you have caused (because you know that no one could blame wittle donnie), relax, you have this under control
5. TAKE CREDIT FOR THE WORK OF OTHERS once the "fuck up" seems to be coming to an end
6. lie about everything
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