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Happy Thursday the 20th

Remember kids, stay hydrated...

Marie Curie walks into a bar...


M. Curie walks into a bar to celebrate discovering radium.

Bartender tells her that he can’t take her wine order because he doesn’t serve alcohol to pregnant women.

Curie says, “What makes you think I’m pregnant?”

Bartender tells her, “We can all see it, lady, you’re glowing.”

"Who wants to live forever?"

Thirty mins until a NEW HOUSE FIRE!


A, B, C, D or E?






Subway Manager Fired After Turning Down Black Teen for a Job: 'I Don't Want Those People In My Store

By Tanasia Kenney - June 5, 2019

The manager of a Subway restaurant in Spring, Texas, was handed his pink slip this week after a damning text exchange revealed he denied a teenager a job because of her race.

Katelyn Simmons, a rising senior at Klein High School, applied for a job at the sandwich chain to earn some extra cash over the summer before school started up again, according to ABC13. Simmons was crushed, however, after viewing a text messaged from the manager to her friend, who works for the eatery.

“I picked Subway because my friends work there and it’s a really cool spot,” Simmons told Click2Houston. “I thought it would be fun and chill.”

Katelyn Simmons said the Subway regional manager wasn’t very apologetic about what had happened to her. (Photos: BC13 /video screenshot)

“It’s really discouraging for it to go down like that just because of the color of my skin,” she added.

The teen handed in her application Sunday, and asked her friend to check that the manager had received it. Later on, the friend sent her a screenshot of their conversation.

“Girl brought in her application. I’m leaving it on the table for you tomorrow,” the employee texted.

The manager replied: “Ok thanks. How she look?”

“Black girl long dark hair. Shortish,” the employee wrote.

“Oh, no thanks,” the manager said. “I don’t want those people in our store lol.”


The other night, Bill Maher was complaining that Dem candidates should go to Fox News...

Basically, to go "where the voters are."

Unfortunately for those that do go on Fox News, the numbers don't bare this out...

Fox News Is Bad For Democratic Hopefuls
It's bad enough that Democrats are helping Fox News, but it's worse to see the New York Times promote their town halls to woo advertisers.

By Steve M.

Fox News has been lobbying Democratic primary candidates to try to persuade them to appear on the channel. It's also been lobbying the rest of the media -- you know, the folks its core audience regards as "fake news" -- in the hope of obtaining favorable coverage. I understand why a Democratic candidate might want to appear on Fox, even though I wouldn't if I were running. I don't understand why a rival news organization would want to help a competitor build its audience and increase its ad revenue. Under the rules of capitalism, that makes no sense.

But "liberal media" self-hate has led The New York Times to side with its rival. Here's a Times story telling us that if you're a Democratic candidate, you really should go on Fox, because all the cool Democrats are doing it:

The Fox News Primary? How Trump’s Favorite Network Became a Democratic Power Player

Three months ago, Democratic Party leaders took a stand: Fox News, President Trump’s favorite channel, and a reliable soapbox for attacks on liberals, was barred from participating in the party’s 2020 presidential debates. The move would ice out the network derided by critics as “state TV” from influencing the outcome of the Democratic primary.

Things have not exactly gone to plan.

By Sunday, the centrality of the Rupert Murdoch-controlled network to the party’s presidential contest was all but assured, as Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York became the fourth Democratic contender to sit for a Fox News town hall.

... Fox News — a network whose prime-time hours are often devoted to praising the president and skewering prominent Democrats — has squirreled itself into the heart of the Democratic primary.

Fox is now "central" to the Democratic race? There are 23 Democratic candidates. Four have done Fox town halls -- that's fewer than the number of candidates who did CNN town halls in one night in April. There's one more Fox town hall scheduled (Julian Castro next week). Other candidates are considering appearances -- the Times mentions a candidate who's not exactly "central" to the race, Bill de Blasio.


The message...

It might take a sec, but you'll get it.

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