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Member since: 2002
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Shut down? Who's fault?



Don't you hate it when trust goes only one way and not the other?

He'll get there eventually.

He'll make it eventually...

Trump blames himself for government shut down

Requested by Irisblue, X-Posted from the AA group.










If a DHS Secretary can't admit if she's knows whether or not Norway is predominately white...

Then who the fuck does she think she's trying to fool?

Just to let everyone know, that according to themselves...

This White House isn’t obligated to tell the public the truth about his exam.

Because they’re only operating under the premise of what they believe they’re allowed to get away with. Which is, pretty much, anything, as the record shows.

That’s why they lie about everything. Throw some shit against the wall and see what sticks. Not to mention the collection of professional enablers who break any limit of incredulity in order to bend reality to their will.

His supporters will look at the results of his exam, one that makes absolutely no sense at all, and will, through the power of mass stupidity, will themselves into believing it. The cognitive dissonance is truly astonishing, is it not?

Dunning-Kruger all day, everyday with this lot, my peoples. Circular logic for one and all.

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