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Serious question, why are today's so-called 'conservatives' and GOPrs all assholes?

I hope that you don't mind... This is going to be one of my longer than usual rants. Please indulge...

I'm old enough to remember the day when Republicans didn't represent the worse aspects of human nature.

But those days are long, long gone.

Today, those people are nothing more than delusional, perpetually enraged, self-destructive (in that they'd rather destroy America than share it), and they're pretty much lying, greedy bastards of the first order. They create enemies to hate, they create a world where they're ones who are the victims, when actually, they hold most of the cards. They will steal the whole loaf of bread, and yet complain all day and night whenever people who don't like them have the audacity to reach for the crumbs that are left behind.

I just don't understand what they want, because they seem to be against everything and cheer for whatever is the worst option. They're always unreasonable about the most minor and petty things, so much so, where larger, more pressing problems that affect us all are left unaddressed. (The freaking infrastructure and massive wealth inequality, anybody?)

Oh, and their utter hypocrisy is mind-boggling; it's not as if everyone can't see what they're doing. Jeez, how many mulligans will they give to everyone they support who represent just about everything they've professed to believe in? In that instant alone, white evangelicals all look as if they've lost their gawd-damned minds lifting up Trump on their pedestal.

Oh, and the utter incompetence. That's the kicker, for me right there. For eight years, the White House was the home to an intelligent, gracious, compassionate, well-read, well-intentioned, ethical and dedicated Chief Executive... Someone who was intent of serving all the people. And in response, through the sheer mendacity of a white-lash, the Republicans lied and cheated their way to replace his with the worst white man alive. A man whose singular motivation was to stick it hard to half the country, no matter what.

He's following through on that and there is nary a peep about it from the GOPrs. It's like it doesn't even exist.

Don't they know that he's going to eventually fuck over everyone, especially his own supporters? The closer you get to that orange baboon, the easier you made it for him to stab you in the back. He's an abusive, gas-lighting bastard that decent people want no part of... And yet, he has people still believing in him in record numbers. Especially, those who are white, conservative and evangelical.

Who here would want to live in these people's shoes? I certainly don't ever want to...

To me, these fuckers are all feeling the pain now and they're anticipating a steep price to pay for their folly. They could have been inclusive, competent and rational. But instead, it looks as if they've all lost their fucking minds.

They seem to get off on our own negative reactions to Trump, their support for Trump, the nativism, chaos and disorder that they're creating... As if they believe that they're going to be magically exempt from any consequences.

They're like people who are with other people that they detest, all floating along in a life raft on the open ocean, who then punches a hole in that same life raft just to get a kick from the horrific reaction from the other rafters and yet they believe that they won't get wet.

Basically, they believe that they're entitled to behave like assholes without and consequences whatsoever. I figure that the best thing for them is to never cut them any slack for their assholery. That, however means that they'd need to step out of the garbage heap of their own insularity and take a breath of fresh air in the real world.

Apparently, though, they seem to thrive in the fetid stench of their own garbage. They're addicted to it.

If you listen to the things that they tell each other, it makes no sense at all, doesn't comport to any frame or fashion of reality, and yet, they seem irate whenever the left refuses to validate their utter delusions and lies. If you ever want to piss these people off, simply never give them the benefit of the doubt, never validate whatever nonsense that they're pushing, always give them the facts and simply tell them that you're never obligated to validate anything that contradicts the facts.

That will drive them up the fucking wall, I guarantee it.

At this point, however, I do whatever I can to avoid those assholes, but I have a plan for whenever I can't avoid them. It's never let me down. I calmly make it very clear for them that the pain they're feeling and wish to impose on others, they're not going to be able to impose it on me.

Perhaps they're in misery and they're simply trying to create some miserable company... Well, I simply refuse to give them what they want. Once they figure out that out, then maybe they'll start behaving properly.

I know that I offered a lot of speculations here... But really, why ARE they all assholes?

Anyone care to elaborate?

Never forget: Democrats do it better.

Pathological narcissism is a helluva drug...

It's a little too "Hard."

Consider the fact that Trump wanted the Central Park Five to get the death penalty...

When they said "everything," they meant EVERYTHING!

"Impeach the President" - The Honey Drippers

'Mayor Casey Burnett was one of the first people to spot the graffiti, which read kill n-s'

Tennessee Mayor Shows Complete Disregard for Family Who Was Forced Out Their Home Over Racial Abuse: It’ll ‘Blow Over’

By Tanasia Kenney -April 20, 2018

An African-American family has fled their Tennessee home after months of racial abuse and vandalism. The situation doesn’t seem to be of much concern to the local mayor, however.

The family, who asked to remain anonymous, told local station WBBJ-TV they’ve suffered racial harassment since moving into their rental home in Friendship, Tenn. last year.

“From vandalizing my car, garage, breaking in, stealing things, beating on the door late at night,” said the father, who declined to appear on camera. On Wednesday, the man said he discovered racial slurs spray-painted on the side of his house. The family decided finding a new place to call home was the best option.

“If they’re bold enough to walk up on a lit; I’m saying this is a well lit house, at night and do this, there’s no telling what they’ll do next,” the father told WBBJ-TV.

Mayor Casey Burnett was one of the first people to spot the graffiti, which read “kill n—-s” and “get out n—-s.” He doesn’t consider the incident a hate crime, however, claiming that instances like it aren’t “reflective of our community.”


Looks as if the Mayor can't possibly sympathize with the victims of these hate crimes simply because they're black. That much is pretty obvious here.

Hey, you lazy pot heads! Get up, or else you'll be late for work...

That Dank ain't gonna dank itself...

When you conduct your life with a high set of standards, you get criticized for minor things...

When you set the low bar for yourself, scrutiny against must be constant and large.

Hence, one President got ragged for wearing a tan suit in August, and another President is currently skating along, free as a bird, in spite of the fact that he's an incompetent and corrupt fool, and a blatant agent of a foreign power.

In order to nail Trump, they need to nail him with everything.


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