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Member since: Thu Dec 31, 2015, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 188

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UK - Liverpool football fans depicted as pro-tRump crowds


Spoiler - news about fake news

The Queen of The United Kingdom - some clarification

She invited them she should refuse to meet them why would they tolerate insults to the Duchess - etc. (not quotes, nor identifying individual posters, just a contextual selection)

I think I could be forgiven for concluding that, maybe one or two, DUers appear to be under the misapprehension that QEII is an 'Absolute' Monarch, she is not. Please allow me to clear this up, she is a 'Constitutional' Monarch.

To take a line from the constitutional link above, this sums it up quite nicely

"...Thomas Macaulay, has defined a constitutional monarch as "A sovereign who reigns but does not rule"."

The Queen does not get to make decisions as to who gets a 'State Visit', that falls to the UK Government. HMQ may be consulted but, ultimately, it's not her decision. She hosts the visit 'on behalf' of the UK (Gov), and is expected to do so in a diplomatic manner, whether she wishes to, or not.

In theory, yes, she could refuse to host foreign heads of state that she doesn't much care for, or even privately despises, but if she did, without very good reason, The United Kingdom would be the 'United Republic' by 2020?

In summary, she has little, if any, choice in the matter.

Also, I don't doubt Harry is incensed by Trump's remarks about Meghan, but his allegience to The Queen, and the diplomatic obligations of royalty, will far outweigh his urge to hang a Liverpool Kiss on the Orange Arsehole?

I Hope this clears up perceptions of monarchical power in UK.

Assistance Please - The Last Word - censored in...


LOD was showing excerpts from the Kushener interview. When Kushner was questioned about MBS and Kashoggi the cable tv provider cut the transmission to a commercial break. That was no case of incompetence nor a coincidence. Somebody didn't want the ME audience to see what transpired.

Can anyone watching TLW let me know if the answer Kushner gave was significant? I can't imagine LOD would feature this clip without good reason?

Thanks in advance.

RIP - Mary Wilkins Ellis - Spitfire pilot

An inspiration


After the Anti-Trump demo - for balance...

...here's a pic of a Pro-Trump rally in the City of Sheffield.


Poetic Scottish Trump Insults

I derive no satisfaction from these - honestly


Some posters have have expressed concern about what the rest of the world thinks of Americans?

I think this is a good representation of the general view?


Also, for Twitterers, the trending #ICancelledMytripToLondon is worth a look, if you appreciate Brit humour.

Two Ronnies - Blue Passports

When 24 carat comedy meets current affairs. Laughed until I sh*t myself.

To assist our American friends, and those too young to know, I recommend you google 'Two Ronnies Four Candles' for context.


Oasis fans...

...This 'possibly' inspired by Manchester bomb?

Glastonbury 2017: Liam Gallagher tweet fuels speculation of Oasis reunion at festival

Liam Gallagher tweeted: "The wait is nearly over Brothers n Sisters massive announcement first thing tmorrow morning sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite LG x


Will be absolutely bangin' if it actually happens.

Thomas Robinson, Private, 15449 - 100 years ago today

Please let me introduce my Grandad's brother. One of the 20,000, in the first advance!


Lest we forget!

RIP Great Uncle Tommy - Thank You, and your Pals!
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