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Member since: Fri Jun 30, 2017, 04:41 PM
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Here in the U.S., blue states will innovate and lead our way out of this pandemic.

The Californias, New Yorks and Washington states will craft the grounbreaking solutions to diagnose, confine, treat, educate, and rehabilitate.

Red states will be laggards, quietly adopting similar actions after a lot of kicking and screaming.

Oh, and fuck Jared Kushner. That asshole doesn't have an original thought in his head. Its so obvious he's desperate to be viewed as a "disruptor" like the Silicon Valley bros he wishes to emulate and be part of. All talk and branding. No action. Ever.

Another pattern I've noticed about Republicans during this crisis

No coping skills and a searing resentment that their freedom is limited. Sheltering in place drives them mad. In our on-demand society, the very thought that they have to apply some restraint and sacrifice is making them unbearable to talk to or be around. Perhaps Iím generalizing, but I feel the Republicans in my life are about to crack faster from quarantining than the Democrats.

What about schools?

so, with Trump declaring we need to get things back open to juice the economy, what about kids in schools? Will we see districts in red states send children back? What about parents who have to go to work and kids still at home? Has any of this been addressed?

So, Trump, Abbott (TX) and DeSantis (FL) forming unholy alliance, huh?

To hell with shelter-in-place. Let it run its course.

Wow. Just wow.

Iím sure other red state governors falling in line now.

Have we learned one, new substantive piece of information from this presser?

I mean it. Educate me. All I hear are the Presidentís opinions about things.

Is it just me, or is he going out of his way to mention work in NY and CA?

Hitching his star to Cuomo and Newsom?

Change of tone here toward those states.

Trump's COVID-19 strategy simplified (for now)

In the court of public perception:

Have the states do all the heavy lifting.

Continue daily briefings for appearances.

Capture the action halo by the states and hope most donít know the difference (Fed vs. states). Continue to see public approval of situation rise.

The spoiler to this? Shit gets really real in two months. Stories of death, shortages and despair by even trumpís faithful pulls back the curtain on who is really doing what and is who is asleep at the wheel. No amount of lying, denial, blaming, or payoffs will sweep things under the rug.

Obama cannot let this go on unchallened any longer

I read that Trump continued to lay blame of HIS upreparedness for coronavirus at the feet of Obama on today's call with state governors.

I know past presidents have a rule not to interfere with current presidents, but this message of "it's Obama's fault!" now being repeated ad naseuem by Trump is blame shifting at dangerous levels. It is cold, callous and totally calculated for too many reasons to list here.

Yes, sane thinking people will see through this message, but nearly 50 percent of America will now turn this to "truth."

Are Obama and Democrats going to combat this messaging publically (a statement, a press conference, etc.)? Or is it a case of pick your battles so the pros can focus on what really matters rather then getting in the gutter to play defense?

With so many life-or-death issues we will be facing, I hate that THIS bothers me.

Impeachment is about proving Trump's illegal actions. NOT manufactured impropriety by the Bidens!

For the love of God Democrats, hold tight and don't even entertain a witness swap in order to get Bolton.

If the Rs want to take on the Bidens, do it in another venue where it belongs. They have nothing to hide and it will be a viewed as a vindictive ploy by a majority of Americans. Rs just want to conflate impeachment and conspiracy theories to lessen the impact of Trump's crime(s) and the Rs cover-up.


As long as impeachment goes on, Trump will not rest until Biden is destroyed, and by whatever means necessary.

For the love of God, can Democrats get mad as hell and call out this bullshit in an authentic and powerful way and amplify, amplify and amplify!!!

We have GOT to win this messaging war.
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