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Name: N.K. Patel
Gender: Male
Hometown: Roslyn,NY
Current location: Boston,MA
Member since: Sun Dec 9, 2012, 03:52 PM
Number of posts: 613

Journal Archives

2014 US Senate Election - Battleground Seats- most likely to flip to least likely to flip.

1)WV(OPEN-Rockefeller-D) Capito-R vs Tennant-D (Lean/Likely Republican)
2)SD(OPEN-Johnson-D) Rounds-R vs Herseth-D (Tossup/Lean Republican), Herseth-D vs Noem-R (Tossup/Lean Democratic)
3)AR(Pryor-D) vs Cotton-R (Tossup/Lean Republican), Pryor-R vs Darr-R (Tossup/Lean Democratic), Pryor-D vs Womack-R (Lean Democratic).
4)MT(Baucus-D) vs Daines-R (Tossup/Lean Republican), Baucus-D vs Fox (Tossup/Lean Democratic), Baucus-D vs Stapleton-R (Lean Democratic).
5)GA(OPEN-Chambliss-R) Barrow-D vs Gingrey-R or Broun-R (Tossup/Lean Democratic), Carter-D or Nunn-D vs Gingrey-R or Broun-R (Tossup/Lean Republican)
6)KY(McConnell-R) vs Grimes-D (Tossup), McConnell-R vs Chandler-D (Lean Republican)
7)LA(Landrieu-D) vs Cassidy-R (Lean Democratic)
8)AK(Begich-D) vs Treadwell-R (Lean Democratic) Begich-D vs Miller-R (Likely Democratic)
9)NC(Hagan-D) vs Berry-R or Thillis-R (Lean/Likely Democratic).
10)MI(OPEN-Levin-D) Peters-D or Dingell-D vs Land-R(Tossup), Peters-D or Dingell-D vs Rogers-R or Amash-R (Lean Democratic)
11)IA(OPEN-Harkin-D) Braley-D vs King-R (Lean Democratic).

Posted by NPolitics1979 | Tue Apr 9, 2013, 07:26 PM (2 replies)

2014 US Senate Election Prediction- Freshman US Senators.

1)GA- Gingrey-R
2)MA- Markey-D
3)MI- Peters-D
4)NE- Heineman-R
5)NJ- Booker-D
6)SD- Rounds-R
7)WV- Capito-R
Posted by NPolitics1979 | Mon Apr 8, 2013, 12:45 AM (15 replies)
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