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Member since: Sun Feb 12, 2017, 01:24 PM
Number of posts: 790

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So now Add McMaster to the pile

of supposedly reputable people that have sold out to defend Trump.

This Rod Rosenstein

is a Snake. He back in February ran to Rancid Penis that The New York Times Breaking Story of Trump & his stooges were involved in Russian Collusion was B.S. He was involved deeply in the firing of Comey.

So Comrade Comey did not tell the whole truth

Last week during the hearing. When he said Huma Abedin was forwarding her emails to Anthony Weiner.
When are we going to stop putting faith in this partisan hack to bring the Trump Cabal to justice?

Trumpcare Bombshell by R. Congressman Donovan

Just now on Chris Hayes says that tax credits can't be used in Blue states that have abortion as part of package. So as bad as this fucking bill is, it will be un-affordable according to Donovan, because cant use the already meager tax credits to offset costs.

Molly Ball of Atlantic

Another Trump apologist on Tweety now.

Who is the Bald headed stooge "journalist"

on Lawrence O. Some Eli guy from Bloomberg? David Corn just evicerated the blank looking bald headed Blob defending Devin Nonuts & Comrade Trumpski.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Just on CNN Wolf Blitzer: That Trump nominee Gorsuch Must receive 60 vote thresh hold to be confirmed SCJ.

Kremilin Kare

Putin Publicans 3 prong Health plan.#1 Insurance that you can't afford. # 2 Get sick. #3 Die. There you have it folks!

Adan Shiff on CNN

With the collaborator Nunes Saying Comey & FBI refusing to turn in documents to the Intelligence Congressional Commitee.
Any doubt now that Fucking Comey is not a active Coup plotter?
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