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Member since: Sun Feb 8, 2004, 12:44 PM
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And we have cowardly Democrats who call themselves 'progressive', yet

we still have laws telling us who we can have sex with.

Not surprising, considering these 'progressives' can't even bring themselves to say god 'might' not exist. They put out a lot of feel-good phrases, I'll give them that. 'We support women's health' they say. Yet here we are in 2015, still treating women like sluts if they dare to enjoy sex for sex sake. If we had a party that really fought for the people, that disgusting meme would have ended long ago.

It doesn't surprise me to find out we have laws telling us how, where and when we can pee. I'll bet most people think there would be nonstop urinating on every street corner if we didn't - after all humans are such evil, savage creatures. We see just how evil on the cherry-picked news, selected especially to fear-monger. After all, if humans were smart and self-reliant, we wouldn't need these smart, morally superior grownups telling us stupid, ignorant little kids the 'right' and 'wrong' ways to use our bodies.

It seems when I learned how to respect and value myself, I lost all respect for the fraudsters in office.

eta: There are one or two good people in the party, but they are pawns - just like the American people. As long as there is at least one honorable man or woman, the rest of the crooks can point to that person whenever they are accused of neglecting the poor, or being out-of-touch with 'real' people.

America's One-Party System: The Party of Power

War for Profit, Drones, Limits on Freedom, NSA, Big Pharma, Wall Street Connections, Back-room Deals. The government is an entity that has morphed into something obscene. Lobbyists literally buy and sell votes. Many of the jobs and committees exist only to pad someones bank account. What we call politics is a never-ending divide and conquer campaign designed to play people against each other while tptb play their war-for-profit games.

Are there good and decent people in government? People who really want to make a positive change? I'm sure. But they learn fast to shut up and do what they are told. Or they see the corruption first-hand and want no part of it. The really good ones - the ones who don't back down - well, you know what happens to them. Policies, both foreign and domestic, always remain the same regardless of which party holds the majority.

What gets me the most though, is the incredible damage done to the American people in the name of 'freedom and democracy'. It makes me sick, actually. In order to keep the wool over voter's eyes, the Wall of Fear is used. This is a phrase used often by Wall Street insiders - it refers to the 24/7 stream of fear producing 'news' that is designed to keep the populace in a state of constant anxiety. And reading through these forums I can see it is working as planned.

I remember the emotional roller-coaster all too well; the brief celebration when 'my' candidate won, only to feel gut-wrenching disappointment when he seemed to turn into a completely different person almost overnight; the constant worry over who would win the next election; the non-stop hate between right and left. I lived in a fishbowl where everything I experienced was tainted with hate, fear, worry and partisan divisiveness.

If you enjoy the political game, if you are happy and content - I am happy for you. But if you go to bed worried and wake up worried; if you always feel an undercurrent of anxiety - it's not because the world is on the brink of collapse, and it's not because there is something wrong with you. Your emotions are being put through the wringer - on purpose - so politicians can stay in power in their cushy jobs. But you are not obligated in any way to these sadistic, soulless individuals. You can leave the fishbowl for the world, anytime.

Bizarro World - Government Created and Approved

If you were free to leave an insane asylum run by the insane, would you stay and try to reason with the insane rulers, or would you put your health and welfare ahead of theirs - and run for safety?

You are in living in Bizarro World, programmed by the politician's aka wall street aka banker's media to believe this is it, this is all there is, this is life, this is normal. This is a lie. People believe the insane rulers are the only ones who can help the needy, the poor, the disabled, the less fortunate. This is a lie. People believe the only way to oppose the insane rulers is through anarchy and violence or apathy and dropping out. This is a lie. People believe the world will stop spinning without the insane rulers. This is a lie. The truth is, the insane rulers can't stand on their own. Without the people propping up their house of cards, they can't survive - and they know it.

They rape and pillage the people and the planet year after year. And we wring our hands and whine and point fingers - and put the rapers and pillagers back in office year after year. That is insanity.

Live in an insane asylum long enough, and you begin to think insanity is normal. They need us for their war machine and their profit machine, so they have convinced us - using well-known propaganda techniques - that they have a right to use us as their killing machines. This is freedom? One human owning the rights to another human's life? Yet people have been living with insanity for so long, instead of seeing this as slavery, women are demanding they also be allowed to be killing machines for the insane rulers.

As for The American Dream (aka The American Lie), if you think money and power is the be-all end-all to happiness take a look at the ones with most of it. There can never be enough money or power in the world to fill the black hole in their souls.

You can't beat them at their sick game, but you can choose not to play. Pay your taxes. Obey the rules of law. Don't give them any more of your energy, your time, your thoughts, your emotions, your life. Take care of yourself and the people you care about. If you are concerned and passionate about the state of the world - nothing and no one is holding you back from feeding the homeless or saving the environment, or getting out there in the world doing what you are passionate about. There are people working for a better world, but when you are only fed a diet of fear, terror, hate, anxiety and divisiveness - anything else seems unreal, fanciful and bound to fail. https://www.thevenusproject.com/en/

Of course, first you have to recognize that there is no two-party system. That's the big hurdle they put up - and it's a very big hurdle. A hurdle dripping with guilt and self-doubt. This is why political campaigns never end. Their very purpose is to drive a wedge between the American people and to up the guilt factor on the off chance someone tries to leave the asylum. 'You aren't going to vote? You traitor! If the enemy wins it's your fault!' As long as they have you believing that - you aren't going anywhere.

The world makes less sense every day. Little children are randomly slaughtered in their schoolrooms. Predator drones roam the skies over foreign countries exterminating bad guys, along with innocent women and children (collateral damage when it occurs in a foreign country). Drugged up mentally ill kids with no hope and no future live lives of secluded quiet desperation until they snap. Ignorant, government educated, welfare dependent drones with no self respect or respect for others, assault, kill and rob within their government created urban jungles. Sociopathic criminals who committed the largest financial crime in world history walk free and continue to occupy executive suites in luxury office towers in downtown NYC, collecting millions in bonuses as compensation for crushing the Am­erican middle class.  Academics, whose theories have been thoroughly disproven, continue to steer our economy into an iceberg while accelerating the money printing and debt issuance that will sink our ship of state. Corrupt, bought off politicians pander to the lowest common denominator as their votes are only dependent upon who contributed the most to their election campaigns, which never end. Delusional, materialistic, egocentric, math challenged consumers (formerly known as citizens) live for today, enslave themselves in debt, vote themselves more entitlements, and care not for future generations. The alienation and isolation created by our sprawling, automobile dependent, technology obsessed, government controlled, debt financed society has spread like a cancerous tumor, slowly killing our country.

“The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does. They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.” -  Aldous Huxley


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