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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 12:01 PM
Number of posts: 2,173

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3 big court losses today for Trump.

2 are just being announced now.

1. DC Court of Appeals rejected his appeal about his tax release.
2. A federal judge blocked Trump's emergency border wall declaration.
3. A court blocked Trump's rule limiting visas and green cards.

Andrea Mitchell needs to retire.

Holy crap. She literally can't finish sentences right now. She's just stuttering and trying to get out words, and nothing comes out so she just shakes her head until one of the guests decides to jump in.

Why does the media do their reporting at Trump's rallies?

Jim Acosta is currently at Trump's rally today talking about CNN's normal breaking news coverage. Why do we need to hear about breaking news with a bunch of deranged, morally bankrupt Trump worshippers in the background?

It is so disgusting to me that people still attend his Nazi rallies.

Fox seems to be testing the waters of ditching Trump.

I refuse to give them clicks so I'm hearing it from people who have gone to their site, but apparently there are lots of anti-Trump headlines on their front page now. I've seen 3 anti-Trump articles posted by them, and some anti-Trump articles by other right-wing rags like Washington Examiner.

Paul Ryan's plan to turn Fox against Trump seems to be starting. But, some of the comments are Fox viewers claiming Fox has turned liberal and now they need to change to Breitbart, so I'm not sure how long Fox will test this theory before returning to Trump worship.

Should we be discouraged by approval polls?

I will never understand approval polls for Trump.

New poll out today shows 43% approval/49% disapprove among all voters. 46/52 among registered voters. It's YouGov which is only a B rating, but still. That's crazy.

How are his approval numbers going up? He's literally declaring himself a King completely immune from all investigations and impeachment, and getting our allies killed. He admitted to crimes in live television.

How can I not just accept the fact that America is finished as a Democracy and start desperately looking for ways to move to another country? I do not want to live in a country where nearly half the people think Trump is doing a good job.

Trump invited Erdogan to Washington

Just reported on Morning Joe.

Gordon Sondland did not show up for his deposition.

Pompeo ordered him not to, so there will be no hearing today.

More obstruction of justice.

Edited: Apparently Pompeo specifically told him not to show up.

New Gallup poll shows Trump at 40% approval

this week and 56% disapproval.

Can anyone explain to me how his approval basically never moves, ever? If support for impeachment is increasing, even among Republicans and Independents, how is his approval staying permanently at 40%?

I don't understand how absolutely nothing can really move it from that point.

New Poll. Majority support for removing Trump.

Not sure how reliable this poll is, but it's the first poll with majority support for conviction.


I'm enjoying this karmic thought no matter how slim.

Pence and Trump are now throwing each other under the bus. Let's see which goes down first.

But, we all know McConnell would never agree to remove both of them at the same time, because that would mean President Pelosi. So if Pence becomes President, he'll pick a new VP before he gets booted out of office too.

But confirming a new VP requires majority votes in both the House and Senate.

Pelosi: "I'm sorry, but it's an election year, so we can't confirm a new Vice President."

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