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Gender: Female
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2015, 10:28 PM
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Parents, students complain East Baton Rouge schools field trip was more like church service.


Brittney Byrant, a biology teacher at Woodlawn High and the mother of a senior at the school, was one of those who took to Facebook to register her concerns. She’d learned the day before that she was serving as a chaperone for the event, accompanying her child. Bryant particularly objected to the organizer’s decision to separate the audience by gender and have the girls listen to a series of emotional talks from three female speakers.

“They talked about rape (and) forgiving the offender, suicide, prayer leadership, and many more dark controversial topics. We had females in the bathrooms crying due to the topics of discussion,” Bryant wrote.

Her transgender child, who identifies as “he,” tried to walk out as the “girl talk” started and was initially barred from leaving, the mother said. Bryant said she also heard that other transgender students were bullied Tuesday.


Summary -

- Baton Rouge High School students were brought on “field trip” to a “career fair,” which turned out to be church retreat
- Boys and girls were separated.
- The boys’ events including doing push-ups competitively to earn money in a ‘hyper-macho’ atmosphere.
- The girls were proselytized about church dogma, including ‘forgiving their rapist’ and purity culture.
- A transgender boy was forced to attend the girls’ lecture and couldn’t leave. At the end, there was some ceremony where he was “cleansed” by having water poured over his head to convert him.
- The entire event was highly misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, and left students traumatized.

What the fuck!?

I don't care about the royal family. Monarchies shouldn't exist.

Yes, I know, the Queen “Did so much for the world.” Know who else could’ve? Someone in a Democratically elected position.

Monarchies shouldn’t exist in 2022, and it’s annoying American popular culture embraces the royal family so much. Their biggest claim to fame was being born. None of them seem exceptionally talented at anything or deserving of praise. They gather attention and money by merely existing.

The UK should’ve just dropped the title today once and for all. We fought a war to rid ourselves of this shit, and, I’m fully comfortable in saying Democracy is vastly superior to Monarchy as a government structure. I know the royal family are just figure heads at this point, but, they need to be wiped out of American culture, much like all other forms of Authoritarian worship.

"We have a mental health crisis in this country, of which I plan to do absolutely nothing about."

Dear GQP - if you’re so concerned about this country’s mental health, why don’t you work to improve access to mental health services, and subsidize them through the government? Why don’t you create free mental health services accessible by anyone whenever they want them?

Until then, shut the fuck up. You won’t do anything about the country’s terrible mental health, so, we have to solve the gun crisis a different way - taking the guns away. Your thoughts and prayers have done jack shit.

Racist, Transphobic nutcase Paul Gosar spreads lies about the TX shooter.


Extremist Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Arizona) deleted a disturbing and offensive tweet Tuesday that falsely claimed the gunman who killed more than 20 people at a Texas school was a “transsexual leftist illegal alien.”

Gosar, an anti-immigration hardliner who routinely cozies up to white nationalists, was apparently promoting a false claim circulating on right-wing networks. Users shared images of a trans person unrelated to the attack claiming they were the shooter.


This is your typical Fascist nutcase. They’re obsessed with creating a boogeyman, and, anything bad that happens is because of them. It doesn’t matter if the tweet was deleted - it served its purpose in terrorizing two communities that are already consistently terrorized by the GQP.

Is anyone else autistic?

I’m an Aspie and I love computer programming. Anyone else here autistic and what are your interests?

Right wing idiots cancel teacher for "Bringing children to a gay bar."


A Fox News article that claimed an elementary school teacher had taken children to a “gay bar” for a field trip has seen her and her family threatened and abused online.

The right-wing outlet focused a story on a school board member who accompanied the children on an annual trip to LGBT+-friendly restaurant Rosie’s Bar and Grill in Florida, appearing to try to manufacture outrage about the trip.

The knee-jerk reaction to the article saw numerous commenters pointing out the visit was an annual event and a normal part of community outreach.


Lauren Boebert is a supremely stupid person. Also, how is this not cancel culture?

Bill Maher is becoming an insufferable clown.

Remember that adage of people becoming caricatures of themselves? Real Time seems to be getting worse as Bill turns into a ‘budget Joe Rogan’ / curmudgeon stereotype, whining about the youngins’ stepping on his lawn and playing loud rock music.

The people he’s platformed this year are a cavalcade of abysmal circus clowns. It’s been a line up of anti-vax kooks, grifters, and transphobes. We get it Bill - you think vaccines are poison, and transgender women are mentally ill men (does Bill know that trans men exist? Intense doubt.). Platforming these people is one thing, but Bill seems to passively agree with them, or just say nothing against their vile sputum. Bill never shuts up about how much he hates Liberals, but when Ben Shapiro lied through his teeth, it was as if someone found Bill’s mute button and pressed it.

His show format sucks now too. Remember when we had a three guest panel, and a final guest appearance at the end? I know they have COVID rules, but I’m sure the same panel size could be accomplished in other creative ways. Given the guests Bill invites now, a higher number of voices would probably be better too, and less infuriating.

Bill’s constant whining about millennials (and now gen Z) is nauseating. We get it Bill - you think that the younger demographic side of the country is full of spoiled children that want to sit around and paint our nails all day rather than doing real work. This sounds eerily similar to the insipid Republican meme that the younger generations are lazy commies that are only poor because they aren’t working hard enough. I don’t know what’s worse - this, or Bill’s incessant sniveling about his now-installed solar panels?

What really set me off to write this was last episode. Regarding COVID, Bill outright said that the scientists are wrong, and that he knows more than the scientists. Really Bill? Can you really allow your ego to expand and stretch further? Aren’t you afraid it’ll burst, exerting a shockwave much like that of a thermonuclear warhead? Perhaps this is all an elaborate performance to demonstrate the Dunning-Kruger effect in real time?

In closing, this feels like more of a post mortem of a show that’s dumpster-ready. The arrogant blowhard shtick only goes so far if you become that which you are parodying.

LeVar Burton is the best Jeopardy host, and should be permanent.

We're still in this!

It’s still early, and we can win without Florida and North Carolina. Biden is doing well in Ohio. It’s very close, but it’s not over until it’s over.

Over 2.1 mil. People Sign Petition to Close Down a Popular Porn Site!

Sorry if this is a repost. This isn’t really a new petition, but I think it’s important.


In the last few months, there have been several shocking cases of sex trafficking and child rape films that were hosted on Pornhub. A 15-year-old girl who had been missing for a year was finally found after her mother was tipped off that her daughter was being featured in videos on the site — 58 such videos of her rape and sexual abuse were discovered on Pornhub.

Also in recent news was the case of 22 women who were deceived and coerced by Michael Pratt, owner of GirlsDoPorn, into performing sex acts on film that were subsequently uploaded to Pornhub. These women sued GirlsDoPorn and won a $12.7 million lawsuit against the company. According to a federal indictment, Pratt and his co-conspirators produced filmed child rape and sexual abuse content and trafficked a minor. Pratt reportedly fled the United States for New Zealand and is currently wanted on a federal warrant.

Comments - I am personally not anti-porn (given that it is produced ethically and woman-owned). However, if you use sites like this, you should know what you are supporting.

Girls (not even women yet) are being abused, and their nightmares are being transmitted for other sickos to watch. Then, when they completely reasonably (sigh) demand a site to take down the videos of their rape, they have no power. If a site even has one of this type of video, how is it not rotten to the core?

How is this any different from modern day sex slavery? How are the men watching these videos not victimizing these girls again, since views create a demand for this type of media? How can anyone have a normal mindset after mentally ingesting this garbage? A soulless corporation is knowingly turning a blind eye to the trafficking of girls and women because they know that they can get away with it.

Ignoring the outright illegal content, is it moral to watch videos of desperate women (including run-aways, homeless women, trans women or members of the LGBT+ community, or already abused women) being tortured by men who turn around and take all of the profit for themselves? Women are being cultivated and abused like a commodity for the amusement of men. They are hit, kicked, or abused like animals. They are different degrees of enslaved.

I am not anti-porn. However, when the most popular sites contribute to the objectification of women as inhuman objects for male pleasure, abuse them, and even host outright pedophilia and/or rape, I would argue even visiting a site like that is immoral. I do not believe a site that allows media like this to exist should be allowed to continue.

I’d like to know your thoughts. I think this issue is important, because a lot of men trust sites like this to care when they really don’t. They openly allow women (or men) to be abused for profit. I think we need government regulation on sites like this, as they are openly harming our culture and minds as a country.
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