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Home country: USA
Current location: PA
Member since: Sat Jan 9, 2021, 07:56 PM
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SIL update

So SIL in hospital with Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Hospital wants to know who would be medically responsible for making her decisions FIL washed his hands basically said call him when she is dead I'll take care of the funeral (my thoughts as I wasn't raised with that attitude I understand tough love but this is ) We had been given the impression that the hospital would set in motion the steps to get him declare incompetent and today they discharged her saying they find her completely competent. They sent her home knowing she was mis-handling her one medication and doesn't have it until her next refill which is 20 days away.

So I started working the phone trying to get guidance or help either getting Mom-in law a restraining order to protect her from SIL or SIL declare incompetent. I called area on aging reported the situation letting them know if Mom was living alone her trailer wouldn't be a complete mess it is. He just throws garbage on the floor and if she or anyone try to clean up she gets angry accuse people of stealing. I explained how SIL intimates Mom and how she can't even talk on the phone without demanding to know all details.

I told her someone is coming to investigate and told her tell him/her everything. How if SIL wasn't living with her you wouldn't be living in the mess and she wouldn't be scared.

SIL came home and now Mom wants me to tell them not to come.

I don't want them to say she can't take care of herself--she can. Once we (hubby and I get the place cleaned up she can keep up and we can help her but now I am worried I really screwed up.

So My neighbor's tree just fell into our back yard.

not the whole tree but a good chunk is covering our back yard. Doesn't appear to hit our house but we can't get out the basement door.

Tried to talk to the neighbors and they are not answering us so left a note and took a bunch of pictures. contacting our home insurance tomorrow. This is the first time we ever had to deal with something like this. any advice or suggestions will be helpful.

UPDATE: thank you all for your responses. I called my home owners insurance and they started a claim. right now where the tree fell it is in the backyard and not in danger of harming anyone. Unfortunately my road is being worked on and closed to non residential traffic so having someone come our and do any removing just yet probably won't happen a quickly as I like.

We need to reform Medical system and competency

Sorry for the long rant.

So some of you may know my journey with Sister in Law (will be known as SIL) and the fact she is type 1 Diabetic and in Renal Failure. She signs herself out AMA every time she goes to the hospital.

Thurs got MRI done on her head she was having grand Mal seizures and the MRI was to determine the damage the EEG indicate. She had trouble walking to the point my husband and to carry her into the mother's home.

Friday heard from the Neurologist. VERY BAD her years of not talking care of her diabetes and her drinking in her 20s ( her co-workers nickname for her -The functional Drunk) Most of her right side of the brain is damage and some of her left side. Doctor indicated she is spiraling downward Her Grand Mals are a side effect of the determination. He indicated if the family wanted to petition the court to declare her incompetent to make her decisions they would provide any paper work we need. Friday SIL was able to walk and went to store with her dad.

This morning at 8:30 in morning get a text and call she needs her med asked her if I could pick it up then take it to her instead of picking her up and taking there. She agree (she can be argumentative at times) I go and the only prescription ready was Diabetic test strips. I called her and told her there was no blood pressure pills or other diabetic medicine. She asked well didn't they give me the complimentary pills. I basically found out instead of talking the 3 DIFFERENT BP pills she is talking 3 pills of 1 blood pressure med 2 or 3 times a day and was admit I told her to do that. went home and got a call from mother in law SIL is throwing up she wants her brother-my husband take her to the hospital and she will not sign out AMA. Long story short blood sugar 700 in Diabetic Ketoacidosis. She agrees to say hubby comes home and to get a call. Hospital has no ICU beds so they discharge me. BS verified she signed out AMA right after husband left. No one picked her up and she sat out side for 5 hours begging for a ride. She started to walk away when she fell Hospital brought her back in she can't walk blood sugar is up to 1100 Hospital is now willing to help find a way to keep her from signing out AMA they are going to work with the family to help get the girl declared mentally incompetent. BUT for the past year and a half they had refused to help us help her because she is claimed she understood she was taking her responsibility for her health.

Best part is that the Step Mother (who is a Karen of the worse order) couldn't wait to run up to the hospital to get the SIL committed or whatever she thought she could do. First of all she is not blood second of all as a supposed paralegal she should have known it wouldn't be that easy. The father does have some money and inherited some money from his mother. It was suppose to be divided by the 3 children and her. Then hubby's younger brother(youngest child) passed away unexpectedly. so now it is 3 ways. I worry she will try to con SIL out of her share if in some crazy way Father in Law passes and SIL is still alive. I was pissed she talked about that.

BUt back to my main point there has to be a point where a hospital should with family help and a person with such a history of AMA and how ill there needs to be a middle ground.

Chris Wallace telling Machin he naive when it comes Bi-Partianship & empowered the GOP


He also told Machin he is weakening his own party.

A serious honest question about Joe Manchin

I have to ask this after his hydrous op-ed explaining why he couldn't protect/support HR1. I suspect this will be locked or I will be ban but after reading this op-ed this white girl had 1 question. Is Joe Manchin a racist?

That "argument" is beyond doesn't hold water and he sees these states making voting harder.

I am sorry but after this op-ed I find him a danger to our democracy and our party.

I kid you not manufactured Flag reading Impeach Biden.

some of the yard signs I see around here really scare me.

I am a masochist--

My husband sister is type 1 diabetic in renal failure who needs a fistula done to get the temporary port removed. She has had 3 Grand Mal Seizure since January and always signs out AMA. Her brain isn't working correctly and at times isn't remembering things. I am the one the family relies on to talk to doctors, nurses and who ever else and explain it to them. She believe she knows more than Doctors . She is in respiratory destress with COPD and x-rays are showing Ground Glass acuity(think I have that right)

My Husband and I feel like we are raising a 43 year old 5 year old. Right now I am bribing her to go to doctors and let me to go into the appointments with her so the family knows what is happening.

She and the rest of the family are Republicans BUT just now on facebook she just told my husband She doesn't believe Biden is really President.

Husband doesn't want to lose his Sister and be an only child they lost their brother to an overdose so we are yes, fighting a losing battle to someone who has a death wish.

This person has nearly died 4 times already and still fights.

Thank you for letting me vent.

TX racism Bill and our nation's text books


1) I am sorry if this was talked about already. I didn't see anything.

2) If my knowledge is outdated please correct me.

When I was in school and when my nieces and nephews had been in school a majority of textbook companies had been based in Texas and these publishers often used the Texas school board Curriculum to create the text book. So with this new law about Critical Race History how many Texas books will be following Texas lead and yes, a good School board and good teacher sublimates text book knowledge but how many classroom only teach from the text book? How many kids our homeschool with no other sources from the text book.


I'm really concern.

Took a Trip up toward North Western PA North of Pittsburgh. I was seeing a cousin of mine she is a beautician fully vaccinated and understand my fear of going into Salons but I haven't had my hair trim/cut/done in basically a year and a half She was in town visiting her mother she hadn't seen in 2 years she had cut it styled it and even colored it. she had 4 shades for me to pick from. I felt comfortable her mother is vaccinated cousin is vaccinated and she did my hair in my aunt's home.

However on the way up we took route 18 since major construction on 79 and with Memorial we didn't want to get stuck in traffic. so we pass thru a lot of small towns- A lot going in and out of shops unmasked. I then started seeing several billboards with #Unmask PA. One said Wake up. One said "The Real Cure" and the # Unmask PA. Supposedly PA is 70% vaccinated (Edit: I was under the belief it was 70 I was corrected the actual number is 40%) but I'm beginning to truly wonder if the percentage is accurate.

I personally will continue to mask but my biggest fear is a Covid mutation that is totally immune to the vaccine and we are back in the boat. only 50% of the country is vaccinated I really nervous.

1/6 vote today. Needs to be a serious wake up call

This vote is a serious vote to our democracy. I am not trying to be dramatic either.

- We have a political party who leaders our kowtowing to a demented con-artist because Putin probably gave him dirt on everyone of them

-the majority of a populist who considers themselves as Republican so dumb down by an education system that hasn't taught critical thinking skills in I would say a good 35 years. These people honestly believe Trump is still President trying to be undercover to caught all the Pedophile in the democratic party and Hollywood.

Stars Wars line "So this is how Democracy dies, with Thunderous applause". Can easily be replaced with adult temper tantrums.

We should be worried. Republicans get the leadership again and we may see something like Belarus or American Samoa

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