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Member since: Thu Oct 4, 2018, 12:57 PM
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Thanks for posting!

Systemic racism has been an ongoing conversation in our household, in terms of specific examples understandable to youngsters.

One of my kids has asked what current state laws the Black Codes and the Jim Crow Laws have morphed into that keep the systemic racism going. He gets it in terms of police culture, private prisons, voter suppression, etc., all of which we've talked about. His question has more to do with wanting to know specific written laws used today to perpetuate systemic racism.

I know there are a lot of smart DUers. Anybody have any examples in this regard that I can discuss with my son?
Thanks much!

NOTE: I apologize in advance if you end up seeing responses to my question that appear to be irrelevant and make no sense at all to the question posed. Apparently, I am now being stalked for pointing out stalker behavior against a certain young woman of color. Oh, the irony!
Posted by PandoraAwakened | Thu Jun 18, 2020, 02:24 AM (3 replies)

What You Need to Understand About AOC Bashers

You are, of course, correct jaxexpat. However, you're trying to apply a logical premise to answer an emotional bias held by certain posters here, a bias that clouds their judgment such that they cannot even understand the words you've written.

If you find the snarky attitude repeatedly exhibited here toward AOC a tad confounding---on a site that professes a policy of not bashing fellow Democrats---let me help cut through the fog of inconsistency. It's not terribly complex, really, because it comes down to one simple but sad human emotion: JEALOUSY---in this case, a nuanced version best described as "generational jealousy."

Yes, I said it. I went there. Cat's out of the bag now. It's nothing more than petty, generational jealousy. (Cue AOC haters clutching pearls in "righteous indignation"...gasp!)

Anyone who has read posts here for at least the past couple years knows that it's always the same small group of self-proclaimed "elders" who get on their hypocritical high horses whenever someone dares to speak of AOC...Oh, the horror, Bertha bolt the door!

For these folks, like a true zombie-eyed Fox auduence, you might as well replace "AOC" with "BOO!" However, what gives away the exact nature of their opposition to AOC as being nothing more than generational jealousy is that they inevitably proffer "age and wisdom" arguments as somehow dispositive.

If you're not sure what I mean by this, think back to the Vietnam War when "age" and "wisdom" were the most commonly cited arguments amongst the elderly against "those damn hippies" who were burning their draft cards and marching in the streets by the thousands. These arguments by older, supposedly "wiser" persons proved to NOT be dispositive in any way to the moral injustice of that illegally propagated war. In other words, that bucket held no water.

Now, reasonable people might ask why in the world old folks who are self-proclaimed Democrats would be so jealous of this person, a duly-elected Democratic member of Congress? Well, it's quite simple, really:

They're jealous that a young woman of color is able to speak to and influence HER OWN GENERATION, including young, white people, in a way that they themselves were personally never able to achieve.

They're jealous that she is able to do this with her generation much more effectively than any of these social justice warriors were ever able to do themselves in 40, 50, 60 years of trying to have an impact on their own Silent Generation.

To the elderly who feel compelled to focus their generational jealousy on AOC, I say the following:

Thank you for your service if you protested Nixon and the Vietnam War. In particular, thank you for not listening to the elders of that time with their bullshit "age and wisdom" arguments.

Thank you if you marched for Equal Rights---even if you ultimately dropped the ball by only mustering to the polls 30% to 40% of voters at any given time and thereby failing to consistently elect legislators and jurists that would actually UPHOLD the Civil Rights Acts of 1964, 1968, 1974, & 1988.

Thank you for this patchwork tapestry of legislation---even though you never quite finished the job by getting an Equal Rights Amendment enshrined in the Constitution---you know, an actual solution that wouldn't have left everyone constantly twisting in the wind at the whims of right-wing, nutjob politicians & judges with their systemic mysogyny, homophobia, racism, and xenophobia.

Thank you to the far fewer number of you who spoke out against the Reagan and Bush era atrocities---protestations that, unfortunately, weren't loud enough or effective enough to prevent millions of people from being murdered.

And finally, thank you to the teeny, weeny, tiny number of you who had the courage and the brains to speak up 30 years ago in the name of science about the climate change perils ahead---at a time when it was up to your generation, the ones in power, to implement mitigation measures...yet didn't...and now it is likely too late.

Thank you for all of this and more. We recognize it has been a sincere and heartfelt, albeit imperfect and often ineffective, effort on your part.

Now, it's your turn to recognize and accept that others younger than you have picked up the mantle where you dropped it. It is not your place to shit on those efforts, particularly when most plans center on either fixing what your generation broke or finishing what your generation was incapable of completing.

Time to give up the jealousy ghost. You know, I know, and everyone else knows that it has nothing to do with AOC herself. If not her, it would be some other young nail you'd pound that same old, tired hammer on. So, just let it go. You've given up on other causes many times...trust me, you can just as easily turn away from your jealous AOC bashing.

Once the green dust clears, you'll be amazed at all the things that make so much more sense to you...like why the cartoon of this OP is so hilarious and why jaxexpat's logical words ring so true. See? Simple.

Posted by PandoraAwakened | Wed Jun 17, 2020, 02:22 AM (5 replies)

"CIRCUS-stantial Irony"

Carnival Barker & Circus Conman:
P.T. Barnum

Tulsa's Rethuglican Mayor:
G.T. Bynum

Posted by PandoraAwakened | Tue Jun 16, 2020, 05:21 AM (0 replies)

Ditto that...a little background

I have a friend who recently told me how much she liked Nicole Wallace. Shocked, I asked her, "So, all those marches we had in opposition to the Village Idiot Bush KILLING OVER 1 MILLION PEOPLE just to fulfill Daddy Bush"s & Darth Cheney's oil pipeline wetdreams meant absolutely nothing to you?"

She was confused. So I persisted.
I next asked her, "Remember when you got so mad when we learned through whistleblowers that Fux Noise received its broadcast talking points directly from the Bush White House every morning---talking points that were pure propaganda bullshit and that got so many people killed? Remember when you noted that this checked off a critical step on the road to fascism by establishing our country's first true state-run media?"

"Yes, yes," she answered. "But what does that have to do with Nicole Wallace?"

As I reminded her that Wallace was Dipshit Dubya's Communications Director---you know, the head honcho writing the lies, the one coordinating with Fux Noise, the one helping to KILL PEOPLE in the name of fascism by lying over and over and over again---my friend could only say, "Oh shit, oh shit." Yeah...oh shit.

Now Wallace was just one in a string of Bush Communications Directors. If I remember correctly, she slung Bush's shit for a year or two and later went on to propagate McCain's continued war-mongering. However, I remember her as one of the ones who would spit out the batshit craziest of the Bush reign's lies.

Honestly, from my perspective, i.e., that of living memory, Wallace can tut-tut and turn her cackling laugh toward the Orange Turd all she wants. It's useful in the short term for us. But that's as far as it goes.

Wallace's animus to tRump comes from the same place as other "Never-Trumper" Rethuglicans: They're mad at the dolt squatting in the White House because he was too stupid to understand the wink-wink, nod-nod memo, instead blurting the quiet parts out loud. That is ALL they're mad about...period.

But, as they are so skilled at doing, they will wrap that animus under the cloak of the flag and pretend to be good little patriots while kicking tRump in the nuts for being such a dumbass...until such time as they can again seize power, resume scamming the Treasury for personal gain, and maybe, if they play their cards right, knock off two or three million people next time.

So, as the OP says, they're only useful to us up to November. After that, give them no quarter because they are very effective liars schooled in and long-practiced in both the art and science of propaganda. As proof of this, ask yourself one simple question: Did you fall for the Lincoln Project ads, believing the persons behind them must be some kind of "real patriots" or something? If you answered yes, then point proven.

Finally, never ever forget that nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, can ever wipe clean the blood-stained hands of Wallace and company.

Neither their current faked disdain for authoritarianism (which their own histories show them wallowing in with glee) nor their genuine disgust for tRump as a vulgarian will ever erase the callousness and reckless abandon they themselves exhibited when they helped to murder over a million people.

Posted by PandoraAwakened | Fri Jun 12, 2020, 05:31 AM (2 replies)

Perhaps even worse here in Arizona


Arizona has officially gone down the proverbial Rabbit Hole as our corona numbers spike crazily and Miss Rona gives a giant middle finger to my idiotic neighbors. However, nobody in MSM is talking about what is at the heart of WHY this is happening in Arizona...read on:

It is now DANGEROUS to go out WITH a mask on in Arizona, particularly in the predominantly white suburbs of Maricopa County outside of Phoenix, especially in the East Valley: Here you will be verbally ridiculed, spit upon, and even followed if you're wearing a mask. All of this has happened to me. My family and I are now adhering strictly to the buddy system for the very few occasions we've gone out since this madness started.

The non-mask-wearing majority here are of every age across the board---from toddlers holding the hands of their non-mask-wearing parents as they crowd the aisles of stores while touching everything they can to elderly people in walkers wheezing their way across the parking lots to repeatedly push the door-open buttons that no one cares to sterilize.

The self-appointed MPA (Mask Patrol Assholes) who feel compelled to publicly "shame" anyone wearing a mask are predominantly 40-65 years of age (my own educated guess based on appearance), 100% white, and fairly equally male and female.

Absolute stupidity. This is the inevitable result of Arizona consistently remaining second-to-last nationally in education.

And lest you jump to conclusions and assume that the animosity I receive for wearing a mask in public must have something to do with race---because these are, after all, white asswipes who feel privileged enough to accost total strangers with impunity---guess again. I am colorless and of their age range.

Ashamed to say it, but I look exactly like them...except for the mask thing, of course.

Posted by PandoraAwakened | Tue Jun 9, 2020, 10:07 PM (2 replies)

I didn't read the previous poster's comments as somehow discouraging others to not vote.

To the contrary, I see the poster's comments as a wake-up call akin to FBI Director Christopher Wray's wake-up call, which he keeps shouting from the rooftops, BTW, along with every other intelligence agency with insight on the matter.

You mentioned Arizona. I'm in Arizona. Wanna know what happened to me here in 2016---someone who has been a registered, voting Democrat their entire life? MY NAME WAS ELECTRONICALLY PURGED from the voter rolls.

If I hadn't shown up to vote in the Democratic Primary (in which I was disallowed my right to vote because of the electronic manipulation of voter registration databases here), I would not have found out about it until I showed up for the General Election!

It's a sad fact that the number of voters who show up for a primary election is but a woeful percentage of those who come out for the general election. By being a member of that smaller percentage who always votes in primaries, I was able to find out in time that I'd been purged---at least in enough time to "re-register," allowing me to still have a voice in the general.

Do you have any clue as to the millions of Americans, this has happened to and is continuing to happen to right now, even as we speak?

Do you even realize that without the purge, Arizona's Electoral College votes would have gone to Hillary back in 2016? Are you not aware that the FBI did indicate that AZ's voter registration database was, indeed, breached?

Are you not aware of the number of persons who showed up to vote in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, only to discover they'd been ELECTRONICALLY PURGED from the state voter rolls? Hint: The figure is exponentially higher than the 77,744 votes across those three states that illegally granted an Electoral College win to tRump.

IT DOESN'T REQUIRE MANIPULATION TO OCCUR IN ALL 50 STATES TO THROW AN ELECTORAL COLLEGE WIN. It only requires manipulation in a relatively small number of counties critical to determining Electoral College vote tallies.

IT DOESN'T REQUIRE MANIPULATION OF ACTUAL VOTES CAST AT THE BALLOT BOX. It only requires manipulation of voter registration databases prior to the election.

IT DOESN'T REQUIRE OVER-THE-TOP MANIPULATION. It only requires just enough to push the vote count in any given swing state to barely over the line so as to comply with that state's laws preventing recounts or further investigation into what has occurred within its databases.

So everyone, please, please, please quit parroting the Rethuglican propaganda snicker that says "Nothing to worry about here because we have 50 separate systems (hee, hee, hee)."

Parroting that line only prevents yourself and others from doing something NOW about what is actually occurring---and doing so BEFORE the 2020 general election.

Quit giving Rethuglicans air cover by accusing fellow Democrats of discouraging others to vote when they speak up and speak out about the very real voter suppression tactics being used against us...AGAIN.

If anyone is uninformed about any aspect of what has been brought up in this regard, I would recommend that a good place you can start educating yourself is by checking out what is being exposed nationwide by Stacey Abrams and her Fair Fight organization. Check out what renowned investigative journalist Greg Palast is doing with ground-breaking software to expose the extent of the purge.

Once you're clear about what is actually going down, then ask yourself whether it's more important to start telling everyone you know that they need to confirm their voter registrations now and periodically all the way up to voting, or whether it's more important to shush-shush anyone bringing this up.

Then get back to me about which of these two courses of action you think is actually going to be the "self-fulfilling" one...

Posted by PandoraAwakened | Wed Jan 29, 2020, 07:56 PM (0 replies)

Go 9th Circuit!

Thank goodness John McCain's nemesis the 9th Circuit is still holding strong for AZ voters!

Couldn't stand how McCain and his evil twin John Kyl worked tirelessly for decades trying to abolish this court's structure so as to "gerrymander" AZ out of its jurisdiction.

McCain was known to throw hissy-fits in his office, stamping his feet, cussing, and pounding his fists whenever the 9th Circuit ruled against any given draconian measure coming out of our Rethuglican state legislature. A friend of mine often tasked to deliver government documents to his office described how his face would turn almost purple while he was yelling and the veins in his neck would stand out.

Anyway, I'm sure there's some book of etiquette somewhere that says you can't speak truth about someone once they've passed...but, I for one, am extremely grateful the 9th Circuit outlasted its nemesis.
Posted by PandoraAwakened | Tue Jan 28, 2020, 02:35 AM (0 replies)

Candidates as Reflections of their Supporters' Comments

I have, of late, been pondering the nature of the "hissy-fit soundbites" that some posters feel compelled to regurgitate---not only when unflattering information is presented about their chosen candidate, but also when positive information on any other candidate is presented.

Seeing this and comparing it to commentary coming from supporters of other candidates, here's the question I decided to investigate:

Is there something to be learned about a candidate's own intrinsic qualities based on how his/her supporters react to simple presentations of fact?

After perusing thousands of comments posted over the past two months in response to OPs in the Democratic Primaries Forum that featured information from news sources, here's what I've found:

The "Soundbite" Patrol

Noticing that DISMISSIVENESS and DEFLECTION seemed to be predominant traits in the comments of one candidate's supporters, I looked deeper into the record of that candidate and came to realize how often his own dismissiveness (sometimes of facts, sometimes of certain groups) ended up having real-world, devastating consequences for so many. I also found he was very skilled in deflection, thus taking quite a long time to own up to decisions made and actions taken that were harmful to others. Fear of Trump seems to be the main argument presented in his defense by his supporters.

With another candidate, supporter commentary showed a strong thread of INDIGNANCY and SKEPTICISM in their responses. When looking deeper into their candidate of choice, I found that he is, indeed, downright indignant about a number of issues, which seems to have a uniting effect on some, but a divisive effect on others. His record does, in fact, have notable moments of healthy skepticism, such as opposition to the Iraq occupation. His supporters are fervent and seem mission-oriented, kind of like crusaders out to right societal injustices, which explains the indignancy.

The above two candidates have the largesse of "soundbite" commentary going on. While there certainly are examples of more cogent arguments from their supporters, these are by and large greatly overshadowed by the non-substantive comments.

Just the Facts, Please

On the other hand, the bulk of the commentary from supporters of three other specific candidates tended to be REFLECTIVE, NUANCED, and DETAILED. When I researched the backgrounds of those candidates, I found that, once again, this correlated with the candidates' own records and decision-making skills. Their supporters seem to be more issue- and policy-oriented, particularly on healthcare, women's rights, and other kitchen table issues. They also don't seem to be particularly swayed by fear-based or crusader-based appeals.

I also noted a marked decrease in commentary by the above supporters as the "soundbite" commentary increases. Based on more than a few remarks I read, it appears such discourse reminds them of Trump, authoritarianism, and cult-like behavior that seeks to silence and mock voices failing to exhibit blind, unquestioning loyalty. It also turns them off to the candidates whose supporters engage in such.


In all, it was a fascinating exercise to complete and a real eye-opener. There does, indeed, appear to be a direct correlation between how supporters react to being presented with facts and their chosen candidate's own intrinsic qualities.

If you are indeed still undecided and truly want to get the measure of a candidate, I highly recommend you set aside a few hours and backtrack through supporter commentary in this forum. Then ask yourself, which of these groups respond more closely to your own heart, because that's how their candidate of choice is most likely to respond to your own concerns.

Posted by PandoraAwakened | Mon Jan 20, 2020, 07:07 AM (0 replies)


Honestly, I don't understand why supporters of a certain candidate get all up in arms whenever someone presents info on a different candidate. I mean, it's not like they're debating the content of what's presented. They're just mad that it's presented. What is up with that?

The only other people I know who react like that to presentation of information are my elderly tRump-supporting family members (I know...ugh).
Posted by PandoraAwakened | Sun Jan 19, 2020, 10:39 AM (0 replies)

Fearless...can't touch that

I've never cast a vote out of fear and not about to start doing so now.

I do, however, always take note of which candidate(s)' supporters engage in pushing fear as the main reason to vote for their guy.

Personally, I'm more concerned with picking a candidate who has the intelligence, energy, persistence, and, frankly, the guts to force not only a recount, but a forensic cyber-investigation in the 4 states that are going to be used to throw a rigged Electoral College "win" to tRump in 2020.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you need to read applicable sections of the Mueller Report, Congressional testimony on the topic from FBI Director Wray and multiple panels of cybersecurity experts, plus reports from pretty much every intelligence agency we have, all blinking big red warning lights.

After that, give yourself a refresher course on President Al Gore's stolen election and the mistakes made in the aftermath of that theft.

Gives you a whole new perspective on which of these candidates have what it takes to right the ship when that tidal wave hits. In the current lineup, I only see 4 who could get us there.
Posted by PandoraAwakened | Sun Jan 19, 2020, 10:04 AM (0 replies)
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