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PinkTiger's Journal
PinkTiger's Journal
June 25, 2023

Please don't call us "hayseeds."

I’m an Ozark hillbilly whose forebears were here long before 1776. Scottish immigrants who came after losing the Rebellion, and before that, in the 1600’s because of religious persecution in England.
We are the reason you have a country.
We fought in the Revolution. And we fought against the South in the Civil War.
When you call us “hayseeds” you denigrate us, you elitist pig.

October 5, 2022

The only surprise in the new abortion debate and rules

Is how quickly the men have gotten on board. Pharmacist not giving medication to girls of childbearing age. Doctors, health and wellness people, Teachers policeman and others couldn’t wait to impose the new rules on women.
I am 72 when I was 26 years old I had a safe, legal, and uncomplicated abortion. The details are unimportant. But today I would not be able to do that if I were pregnant and didn’t want to be. I thought after the handmaid’s tale, and all of that other that people were awake to what could happen to women. But apparently unless you’re a woman there’s not anybody that’s gonna take up for you.
I’m afraid of what is coming if we don’t get a stop on this now.

October 20, 2021

Garland's modus operanda has remained the same all along

I was a reporter for the Tulsa World during the Oklahoma bombing investigation. We could never figure out Garlands next move. It was just as infuriating then as now. I really am not worried. His investigation will culminate in arrests and convictions of many. I feel TFG is going down.

March 12, 2019

There are ways to avoid student loans and still have a education

I’m a retired college professor. Unless you have to go Ivy League. And even if he does want Yale, he can go to a community college and then qualify for a full ride to a university that will take him through grad school.

Missing entry

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August 16, 2016

I can't believe there is no action with this group, with everything going on.

Surely astrologers are weighing in on this election. I have found a few places online, but most are horribly outdated by now and I see little about the candidates on both sides.
Rick? Are you around? Anyone listening?

November 8, 2015

Why are you allowing people to bash our primary candidates?

I see great support here for Bernie Sanders. But just about everything concerning Hillary Clinton is negative, and it is allowed. If that is the case, then let's change the name of this site to "Everybody but Hillary."
The same thing happened before a candidate was selected when President Obama ran in 2008. Hillary was trashed repeatedly.
Those of us who support her, or another candidate, should not be afraid to post here, or it becomes not a Democratic Underground, but a singular candidate underground.

It's bad enough that I live in Republican country here in SW Missouri.


January 28, 2012

My husband died Jan 14

I'm doing fine. Actually, that is the problem. I expected to feel more grief and sadness. He had his first heart attack in 1998, and had a three-way bypass. In the interim, he had two more heart attacks and the cardiologist placed stents. Then, two weeks ago, he died in his sleep after feeling ill with flu-like symptoms for a week. He kept telling me he wasn't having a heart attack. Wouldn't let me take him to the doctor. The doctor had told me in 2009 that he likely would not survive another heart attack.
The funeral went fine, the kids (three step, one mine and his) are all grown and are grieving profoundly; I went through it all like a well-trained seal, working the room like I do at parties and helping everyone feel at ease. I went back to work the day after, and was rather flaky for a few days, but yesterday I was like my old self and had a great day at work, and even laughed several times. But I feel no real grief at the moment.
My mother said I am having a delayed reaction.
I'm starting to wonder if I'm a sociopath.
I should be feeling a lot of emotion here. Instead I feel numb inside and appear fine on the outside. We were married for 35 years. He was the love of my life.
Is this normal?
Anybody think I need help?

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