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Member since: Mon Jun 26, 2006, 01:01 PM
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tRump's Postmaster General needs to testify before Congress immediately!

The orange idiot says the election will be rigged. This might be the only time I agree with him, though rigged against Democracy, Joe Biden, and a free and fair election.

The new Postmaster General's attempts to suppress, & delay vote results by fucking over the post office (and their workers) by defunding it is criminal.

Congress should call out this obstruction of justice and democracy before the American people immediately.

He will do anything to stay in power, including taking away your legal vote by mail.

More on this:


Dear DU Admin, please consider limiting Hillary vs Bernie infighting threads

With Hillary's book - What Happened - soon to be released, the H vs B dissing is ramping up like a coming storm.

In the past post primaries on DU, I believe Skinner set a date and posted after (said date) all infighting would either cease or move to it's own section outside the main discussion forums.

Winning in 2018 and beginning to reverse the fascist, bigoted, and radically unstable/incompetent regime of tRump needs all hands on deck and a laser beam focus.

Thanks for your consideration!

Kudos to the 12 US Representatives who *publicly* opposed Nancy Pelosi yesterday!

Yesterday, Rachel Maddow interviewed Seth Moulton (US Rep from Massachusetts) on why he and 63 other representatives opposed Nancy Pelosi winning re-election as Leader of the House Caucus. I'm paraphrasing here, but Rep Moulton spoke of the need for a new generation of leadership, who offer a compelling and motivating message to address the concerns of working-class/rust belt voters (who turned away from the Dems in 2016).

Of the 63 who voted for Tim Ryan, only 12 (I believe) came out publicly against Nancy. Does someone have those Representative's names and is willing to post? 134 Reps voted for Nancy and it should be noted, the entire vote is held via a secret ballot.

A week ago I posted a thread in support of Tim Ryan, stated similar sentiments as Rep Moulton. I added, with all due respect to Nancy Pelosi's tenure and successes, it's time for new and (((inspiring)) leadership. In particular, Bernie supporters and/including younger voters (ages 20-30) desperately need to see the kind of passion and no-holds-barred strategies which Elizabeth Warren emulates (for example). We need fresh and even radical approaches to mix with the establishment guard of Schumer, Hoyer, and Clyburn.

I was surprised to find via my last OP and roughly 90+ responses, on DU it was 3 to 1 in support of Nancy. While very disappointed in the Caucus vote, and Nancy's luke-warm acknowledgment of resistance to the status quo...till at least 2018, she is the Leader.

I am posting this to encourage and commend those 12 Democratic Representatives who had the guts to speak their truth to power. For the other 51 Reps who opposed Nancy, I also encourage you to come forward publicly and advocate for change! I accept Nancy as our Leader in the House, I also hope she recognizes the weight of those who seek change within the party.

Those within the Democratic Party who agree that losing the past 4 election cycles in the House of Representatives deserves new leadership, should not go quietly into the night. If they do, I fear our party is fucked. I have been a loyal and activist Democratic voter for 40 years; I don't recall ever feeling such concern about our party's current leadership.

I'm fighting for the kind of Democratic party leadership we need to win!!!

I'd be thrilled to rally around very assertive, fresh, inspirational, and bold change tactics within the party. All will be needed in full force to stand-up against a fascist president-elect.

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