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Member since: Sun Jul 24, 2016, 03:17 PM
Number of posts: 1,902

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Skinny jeans are OUT, Leggins OUT

Baggy clothes ARE IN

What happens if you don’t like baggy jeans..

Who makes these decisions ??

So many questions about Adam Toledo

1. He appeared to have a gun before he turned around...why?

2. Who gave him the gun?

3. Why did the cop shoot so quick when his hands were up WITHOUT A GUN ?

4. Did the cop see the gun before the kid got rid of it?

5. WT f**k is a 13 year old out at 1-2 in the morning?

My opinion...the cop was wrong and should be charged....the kid should have been in bed...and why does a mother let her 13 yo out at that time of nite.

Just terrible.

How the Capitol Riot Suspects Are Challenging the Charges


Three months after the attack on the Capitol, the frantic federal effort to prosecute the members of the mob that stormed the building has started shifting gears.

After a nationwide flurry of arrests, defense lawyers are homing in on what they describe as fundamental weaknesses in the government’s case.

Some have challenged the marquee indictments against members of the Oath Keepers militia and the far-right group the Proud Boys, saying that the evidence so far does not support claims that their clients conspired to plan an attack against Congress.

Others have complained about prosecutors’ use of an unlawful entry statute and a 1960s-era law intended to silence leaders like the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And at least one lawyer has filed a motion to move her client’s case out of Washington, saying it will be impossible to get a fair trial in the city where the insurrection occurred.


i hope these mkers dont get off.

With all this talk, the moral is you get a SEXUAL CONTRACT

They have many types.... this one is a one night stand contract.( is nothing sacred)
Yes , it does take away from spontaneity... but at least you can protect yourself.
Some with checklists
Welcome to America


I find you attractive and desirable. In an effort to get to know you better
and explore new opportunities, I propose we spend a romantic evening together.

Any activities we engage in must be mutually agreed upon. I promise my intention
is to get to know you, with no harm intended, either physical or emotional.
Although some intimate powers of romantic persuasion are acceptable,
I will never attempt to force you to do anything you do not want to do.
Our goal is to get to know each other in as many ways as possible.

This is a personal desire of mine. I want you. I agree to keep this experience between us.
It is strictly confidential. No one else needs to know. Friends, relatives, even strangers,
and especially our mothers will not find out, or ever need to know.
We are not dating. If in the event our adventure turns out to be a positive experience
that you or I want to repeat, I agree to limit the attempts to ask to see you again.

Either one of us has the option to ask the other again only once.
If the second party says no, go away, I agree to never bring up the subject again.
In that event I further agree to uphold our agreement to keep the entire adventure
completely confidential, and a one time thing. It would be extremely rewarding
for me to get to know you better in every possible way.

Thank you very much for your consideration. I look forward to accepting your signature.

Your place? ____________ My place? ____________

Signed _____________________________________ Date______________

Signed _____________________________________ Date ______________

Well, I reviewed the charges against this 18 year old

“Cua has been in federal custody since his arrest on February 6. A federal indictment shows the Milton native faces a total of 12 charges in connection to the riot at the U.S. Capitol one month before his arrest. The charges include accusations by federal prosecutors of Cua ASSAULTING an officer on the Capitol grounds, illegally entering the Capitol building, and civil disorder.
Federal prosecutors have said photos and video images show Cua was one of the few individuals to enter the U.S. Senate Chambers during the violence in D.C., and he entered the building with a baton in his hands.”

So he’s accused of assaulting an officer on capitol grounds.

Sad...I had hoped the 18 yo could avoid prison.

If you knew, you were about to be arrested by the FBI for possible 20 years..

Would you run to anywhere-but-here. OR face the music ?.

20 years is a long time... I would disappear to Mexico

What is Cuomo being investigated for ?

What law did he allegedly break?

For being a flirt?
For trying to pick up women?
For being “horny” ?

Sadly he’s probably done. As usual dems will eat their own while pukes don’t.

He can join the ranks of Spitzer, Franken and Weiner.

I guess in this world their are no second chances .
No redemption

Heres an idea....can’t we find a a way to show disgust without forcing him out?

What law did he break?

Truthfully, who's watching the lying former guy ?

I admit I am.

He’s lying thru his teeth...big surprise

Now he’s blaming Biden for his mistakes.

The NEW Republican Party

Does anyone know what airport he left ?

And what airport he coming into?

It seems to me that an airport need a lot of electricity and water.
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