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Member since: Sun Nov 4, 2018, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 30

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Just wanna say...

FUCK Moscow mitch
and fuck any other pos that's allowing this shit to continue.
Call your reps!
Add to the list if you want.

Suicide by gun rental

I am so sick of the gun culture. I don't know how you would know if someone would do this when they rent a gun but... The kid went to high school with my son. Here'e the link. [link:https://journalstar.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/shooting-reported-at-big-shots-in-lincoln/article_f10db4af-7e89-554f-b15c-44660c66a56d.html#tracking-source=home-trending|
Just needed to vent, Thanx

Alex Jones has an

Over the air TV channel (audio only) in the Las Vegas area. Is that one of his last choices for airwave access? I wonder if there's a way to get him off the air? Just wondering

was listening to NPR in the car near

Parker Az and you wouldn't think mf45 was in trouble at all. I got back and looked here and at the daily kos and all is well... he is fucked.

Yuma Arizona border

My wife and I are staying near Yuma and thought we'd walk into Los Algodones for the afternoon. We heard that people go there for dental work and prescriptions. And is that ever true, I couldn't count all of the clinics. The meds are right there too. I spoke with one guy that said it was cheaper for him to fly from Wisconsin and have a root canal done in Mexico rather than have it done in Wisconsin. Unbelievable.
My other observation was that we walked right into Mexico. No one asked who we were, how long are you staying. Just walked on in. Getting back was totally different. The line was over 1/4 mile. It took 1 hour and 45 minutes to get back. There were 3 officers checking passports. I haven't heard anything about the white hoards crossing the border every afternoon
Lol. Anyway we had a good time and made it back w/o a problem just sore feet from waiting.
Have a great Valentine's day.

Wife and I have been in quartzite az..

And picked up a local add paper. I saw an add for 2 tRump shops and thought WTF?? So I kept an eye out for them. We drove by one NO CUSTOMERS and I walked by one and the owner was sitting way in the back outta site and NO CUSTOMERS
Have a great week all.

With all the BS from MF45 et al...

Could US Marshall's go and arrest the whole bunch and say "Prove that you didn't do it" . This shit is really getting old. Lock em all up! (45 and all accomplices) make them prove that they're not foriegn agents. Just wanting to vent here but something has to give.

1st post on du

Hello, I've been watching this space for a few years and thought I might post a few things. My wife and I are former Nebraskans and are doing the RV thing. So this AM I saw this piece about Kris Kobach in the Lincoln journal star.
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