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Pinellas County commission votes to sue state over new election law [FL]


Pinellas County commissioners voted Tuesday to sue the state over its new elections reform law, which includes a provision they say illegally targets Pinellas to accommodate the political ambitions of one state legislator.

On Monday, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill that created an office within the executive branch to investigate election crime. The law includes a provision that requires county commissioners in single-member districts to run again for their seats following a redistricting process, which Pinellas finalized in December.

But the language included multiple exceptions so that Pinellas County is the only government affected in the state.

“You sue the governor for one of his top priority bills, if you think he will not pull out the veto pen for every single appropriation that we received this year and every single appropriation that we’ll receive in the future, I think that’s being naïve,” Peters said.

Florida rejects math books, claiming they indoctrinate (and other Fl education nonsense)


The big story: Can math lessons be racist?

The Florida Department of Education has suggested they can be, rejecting dozens of textbooks from adoption for use on the grounds that they included “critical race theory,” “social-emotional learning” and other “impermissible” subjects that the Republican-led government has sought to excise from the public schools.

Student walkouts: The Flagler County teen who organized statewide protests against HB 1557 on gender lessons said his district penalized him for his activity after stating it would not discipline him any further, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports. He already had been suspended for handing out Pride flags after being told not to do so.

Teacher shortages: Florida schools started the academic year with thousands of teacher vacancies and struggles to find enough substitutes. The situation has worsened over time, WFTS reports.

Before you go ... Brett Goldstein, who plays the usually potty-mouthed Roy Kent on Ted Lasso, showed up on Sesame Street to teach about the f-word. No, not that one. It’s a kids’ show.

Guns in the hands of children...


Teens shooting at each other wearing body armor. What could possibly go wrong?



Two MIT students just solved Richard Feynman's famed physics puzzle


Richard Feynman, world-class physicist, bongo player, and writer of letters, once spent an evening trying to break spaghetti into two pieces by bending it at both ends. After hours spent in the kitchen and a great deal of pasta having been wasted, he and his friend Danny Hillis admitted defeat. Even worse, they had no solution for why the spaghetti always broke into at least three pieces.


The mystery remained unsolved until 2005, when French scientists Basile Audoly and Sebastien Neukirch won an Ig Nobel Prize, an award given to scientists for real work which is of a less serious nature than the discoveries that win Nobel prizes, for finally determining why this happens. Their paper describing the effect is wonderfully funny to read, as it takes such a banal issue so seriously.

They demonstrated that when a rod is bent past a certain point, such as when spaghetti is snapped in half by bending it at the ends, a “snapback effect” is created. This causes energy to reverberate from the initial break to other parts of the rod, often leading to a second break elsewhere.

While this settled the issue of why spaghetti noodles break into three or more pieces, it didn’t establish if they always had to break this way. The question of if the snapback could be regulated remained unsettled.

Read the article...

Where are the super yachts? Looks like they are on the run!

It's likely that they will be spotted and reported before getting back to Russia, but whether anyone can stop them on the high seas is another question.

Found on Facebook...

I have not been able to attribute this to any person or origin, but it was passed around on social media. I think it was interesting:

It's been a week since Putin started the illegal war against Ukraine and the following has happened:
Ukraine is still free and the Ukrainians' fighting rate is high.
Georgia and Moldova have applied for members of the European Union.
Germany has reversed 180 degrees from foreign policy that continued after World War II and launched a 100 billion euro equipment program.
Europe's most non-allied countries Switzerland, Sweden and Finland have given up on non-alliance with a bang.
Finnish membership in the North Atlantic Defense Union seems to be a matter of months.
At the United Nations General Assembly, 141 countries voted in favor of the resolution condemning the Russian attack and only 5 opposed. Russia's allies are only Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea and Syria.
The International War Criminal Court has launched investigations into Russia's war crimes in Ukraine.
The Russian stock market has collapsed. The Russian drum has collapsed.
Russia's economy is about to collapse.
And the following companies have imposed sanctions and action against Russia:
Apple Pay - Completely Blocked
Apple - completely off the market
Adidas - refuses to cooperate with national football team
Audi - is going off the market
AMD has banned the delivery of microchip and will soon ban the delivery of display controllers.
Amazon - a complete ban on all retail trade
Adobe - complete trade ban
British Petroleum exit Rosneft with 20% shares currently owned
BBC - revocation of permit to broadcast
BMW - closed all factories and blocked deliveries.
Bolt - Exiting from the market
Boeing - Exiting from the market
Chevrolet coming off the market.
Cannes Festival - Russian Council blocked
Cadillac - coming off the market
Carlsberg - Import Limit
Cex Io - crypto platform bans Russian users
Cinema 4D app not working
Coca Cola is off the market
Danone - left the market together with his subsidiary "Prostokvashino".
Disney - stop releasing all movies
Dell - is going off the market
Dropbox - will be closed on the ground in a few days
DHL is leaving the market
Eurovision - Russia is not allowed to participate
Ericsson - leaving the market
Exxon Mobil - is calling back all the experts of Russian oil companies.
Etsy - all Russian accounts balances have been blocked.
Facebook - Prohibition of use of Russian group communication accounts
FedEx - suspended all broadcasts
FIVB - Prevents all participation in international volleyball
Formula 1 - has established the Grand Prix competition held in Sotshi.
Ford - stopped the sale
FIFA has closed the Russian national team out of the World Cup and has banned all international events in Russia.
Google pay - partially blocked
Google Maps data banned in Russia
General motors - suspended export
HP - suspended delivery of products to Russia
Harley Davidson - has suspended deliveries to Russia.
Hennes & Mauritz - suspends operations in Russia.
Ikea - closing the shops
Instagram - blocking Russian propaganda
Intel has denied delivery of microchips.
Jaguar - left the market
Jooble - turned off the service and gave a statement
Machine - suspends everything export to Russia
KUNA - released from the market
Lenovo - left the Russian market
LinkedIn - getting ready to leave the country
International Olympic Committee - canceled all sporting events in Russia
Mastercard - issuance of new cards has been suspended, bank cards that were subject to several sanctions have been blocked.
Maersk - suspends deliveries to Russia and Russia
You cannot order goods from Ali Express and ASOS.
Mercedes - has left the country
Megogo - removes all Russian movies
Metro - Signing off 10,000 workers
Mitsubishi - 141 service center employees' dismissal.
Microsoft Office - a wide range of measures will be discussed.
Mobile World Congress - The accreditation of the Russian Council was denied.
NFL - Blocking accounts of Russian and Belarus users, transfer of funds to Ukraine.
NHL - A complete ban on players coming from Russia
Netflix - Preventing orders from Russia, suspending the production of Russian TV shows.
Nike - closing all stores
Nintendo - Russia's payments are blocked.
Nestle - closing all six Russian factories.
Norwegian Oil Fund - giving up Russian ownership 2.7 million. €
OnlyFans - turned off their service.
Paysera - closes the accounts of its Russian customers.
PayPal - has banned starting payments
Paramount - has blocked the release and distribution of movies.
Parimatch - has canceled its franchise
It's impossible to pay for Play Station services.
Ponsse - ends its operations in Russia
Pornhub - all content prohibited.
Porsche - taken off the market
Renault - taken off the market
Samsung pay - service blocked
Snapchat - removed from the app in Russia and Belarus
Scania - is off the market
SpaceX - Starlink deliveries to Ukraine.
Shell - has terminated the contract with Gazprom.
Spotify - option to pay for subscription has been blocked
Sony - blocked the distribution of movies
S-Group - Giving up Russian business
Twitter - Russian citizens cannot register their accounts
TikTok ban on aggressive Russians and Russian mass messages
Toyota - suspends the operation of a Finnish factory and resigns 2,600 employees
UEFA - Champions League final match was postponed from Russia; Russian clubs were closed from Champions League and Europa League matches; the contract with the main sponsor Gazprom was broken.
UPS - has interrupted transportation
Universal pictures - has prevented the release and distribution of movies
Visa - Banks of Russia have been blocked due to sanctions
Volvo - leaving the market
Yandex - NYSE has temporarily suspended trading on Yandex stocks that were noted on its stock market.
YouTube has blocked hundreds of Russian channels and removed their money-selling opportunities.
Warner Bros - blocked the release and distribution of movies.
Webmoney - business blocked
Volkswagen - taken off the market
Zoom - restricts the use of its software in Russian companies that have government funds.
What has Russia benefited from this war?

NASA's Moxie Aims to Make Air in Mars Breathable Instead of Transporting Oxygen from Earth


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has indicated a goal to develop a futuristic device that would allow humanity to breathe oxygen on Mars as part of its Mars project. This project is part of the agency's Innovative Advanced Concepts initiative.

According to the most recent source, NASA has granted the go signal for early-stage financing of this technology. It would also include the optimal designs for spacesuits suitable for life in space.

NASA Gives Green Light For Oxygen Generator on Mars

The international space agency is working on a technique that will convert the air on Mars into breathing air. This revelation seems like something out of a science fiction novel, yet it's genuinely happening.

Florida House avoids voting to divest from Russia over Ukraine invasion


TALLAHASSEE — The Florida House on Thursday avoided taking a stance on divesting the state’s $300 million in investments in Russian companies.

During a floor session, state Rep. Andrew Learned, D-Brandon, proposed amending a bill to prohibit the State Board of Administration from investing Florida Retirement System assets in any company, Russian or otherwise, that does business with the Russian government. The move was in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine.

But despite bipartisan calls for the state to dump its investment in Russian-based assets — and despite steps to do so by some other states — Florida lawmakers have not.

However, as of February 28, their “most significant holdings” included:

Rosneft, the Russian energy giant;
Sberbank of Russia, the country’s largest lender;
Norilsk Nickel, a Russian mining and smelting company;
Lukoil, an oil producer that also has gas stations in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania;
and Magnit, one of its top grocery chains.

DeSatan tells HS students on a visit to the Univ. of South Florida to take off their masks!

Sorry, but I don't use Twitter much so I don't know how to post this so the video shows:

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