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Hometown: Florida
Current location: Florida
Member since: Wed Jun 30, 2004, 12:25 PM
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The Speaker's office called Trump a twice-impeached Florida retiree


Hoping for some advice talking to unvaccinated cousin

My favorite cousin, who used to be my best friend, has not had the vaccine. She's a wonderful, optimistic, lovely woman, completely apolitical, but her husband turned into a trumper a few years ago. We have become estranged because of that. I'm so busy with work and other things and I try not to think bout the fact that I never hear from her anymore.

I want to have a gathering at my house and invite all the friends who were included on a couple of group vacations about 16 years ago. They were epic vacations and we all still talk about them. Over the years this group of close friends drifted apart and I would like to have at least one get together with them as a group to reminisce. My cousin was one of the people in the group. We were all divorced and single back then but all of us have remarried.

She's refused the vaccine so far because she says she thinks she had covid in December of 2019 and would therefore be immune. No test and no antibody check, but she thinks she had it.

Talking to her aunt, another member of the group, she wants me to tell my cousin that I want a reunion and some aren't comfortable being indoors with unvaccinated people and I REALLY want them to come.

I am not known for my tact. In fact I'm known for the exact opposite, speaking my mind whether others want to hear my opinion or not. So I am composing an email and I've been though 3 drafts, cannot find a tactful way to tell her that other people who will be invited to the reunion will probably not come if I invite her and her husband.

Any advice appreciated.

Bandy Lee: "Racism" is not the primary problem





“Racism” is not the primary problem, since there are no races but the human race. It is what we associate with “race”, and this is a problem of psychology.

More precisely, it is a narcissistic pathology of the dominant class, of anxieties and insecurities that naturally arise from ill-gotten privilege.

An “invasion of rapists and terrorists,” as you can see, is the projection of a deep-seated consciousness of history. The solution to this is not denial, or to repeat the same aggressions abroad (also a form of denial), but to face and solve the inner problem.

McConnell tried to pass the Bill without the restrictions against Trump profiting

Democrats delayed stimulus bill to insert tighter ban on Trump family profiting

The strengthened language was accidentally omitted due to a clerical oversight, according to people familiar with the situation.


The Senate was about to approve the largest recovery bill in U.S. history on Wednesday night when when Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer hit pause, realizing something was missing — tighter language limiting the money President Donald Trump and his family would get from the stimulus.

Democrats and Republicans had already agreed to revise a clause that would bar money from going to Trump family-owned businesses during the novel-coronavirus outbreak, but that update was not in the final printed legislation, according to two people familiar with the situation.

For two hours, Schumer held up passage of the bill as the stricter language was inserted, the people said. The Senate passed the bill just before midnight.

“We told Republicans it was unacceptable to omit strict prohibitions on Trump businesses having access to the Treasury lending, as well as critical transparency measures, and that we would hold up the bill until they included them in the final text,” Schumer told POLITICO. “They relented and these important accountability provisions were successfully added to the final bill.”
Posted by coeur_de_lion | Thu Mar 26, 2020, 03:20 PM (51 replies)

The Hoarse Whisperer tells us what to expect next from trump the narcissist


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The Hoarse Whisperer
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2 hours ago, 25 tweets, 5 min read

I haven’t written much about Trump’s narcissism of late, so now is as good a time as any to lay down a thread on where his compulsions are taking us.

As always, let’s start with the golden rule of narcissism:

Narcs care only about avoiding shame and soliciting adoration.


Those are the two impulses which control their every thought, action and deed.

There is nothing more inside them.

There is no deeper capacity for thought or decision-making.

They are primal, caveman-like self-dealers wired to serve only those two needs.

At all times.

Of those two impulses, the drive to avoid shame is the more powerful.

Being forced to face unavoidable public shame is like being boiled alive to someone with Trump’s wiring. It is worse than death. Excruciating.

There is nothing a narcissist wouldn’t do to avoid that.

The go-to strategy of your run-of-the-mill average narcissist in private life would be to:

1) Insulate the people they wish to control from everyone else
2) Control the flow of information
3) Evict and villainize any critic or source of contradictory information

4) Scapegoat and blame others for their own choices
5) Insist they are actually heroically solving the problems they, in fact, caused all on their own
6) Demand they be adored for the heroic way they have led in crisis (which, again, they caused)

Trump can’t run that script effectively as president - and it is truly the only script he has. He is incapable of adaptation, learning or insight.

He is literally and truly incapable of running a different play at the line of scrimmage.

Add to all of this, Trump is not only genuinely ignorant, he is angrily resistant to being taught.

He has an adversarial relationship with information and expertise.

After all, his ignorance leads to him being embarrassed and per all the above, he is wired to fight that.

We are in a situation where a healthy, functional leader would realize:

1) The situation is fluid
2) Experts must be in charge
3) The president must reduce themselves to being the chief advocate for direction set by experts
4) Their best role is as a Comforter in Chief

As the above laid out, nothing could possibly be further from Trump’s capacities.

He is quite literally a simple machine constructed of only a few simple wires soldered together in a way that enables only one canned approach to every situation no matter how they differ.

Trump cannot treat a situation as fluid because that makes it appear like he is not in control.

He cannot defer to experts because that would be an acknowledgment that he isn’t one.

And he can not reduce himself to being a Comforter in Chief because:

1) That would mean acknowledging a problem came to exist under his watch which he cannot heroically fix

And worse:

2) He exists solely to serve two primal impulses (shame-avoidance & seeking adoration) and frankly cannot even understand, let alone care about, the feelings or needs of others.

In fact, others’ anxiety makes him angry because it, in and of itself, shames him.

After all, if people are still worried and upset, that must mean they don’t really believe he is the all-conquering hero saving the day after all.

Remember when Trump lashed out at the reporter last week who merely asked what he’d say to the worried?

Remember how his first impulse was to lash out and explode?

Narcissists show themselves in full technicolor for brief moments.

People are always shocked by how very “off” the reaction was but can’t really process that it isn’t ‘behavior’. It’s wiring. It’s who they are.

So, taking back to the present, Trump is now caught in the middle of his very worst kind of nightmare:

1) A situation of his making
2) Which he cannot solve
3) Intense public scrutiny
4) Rival sources of information who he cannot silence
5) The reality it will get worse

For a narcissist, that’s like being tied to the train tracks.

It is so excruciating, they double-down on their worst impulses - even as they’re told it will actually make things far worse.

In their primitive eggshell minds, doing even a disastrous next thing which temporarily postpones their continued shaming but actually makes things worse is actually better.

They live in only this very moment. This very second.

Trump is in the worst possible place for his particular wiring.

And he is absolutely commanded to do the worst possible things.

And that will absolutely make it worse.

So, in my opinion, I’d expect Trump will do some or all of the following next:

1) Insist he has already “succeeded” in stemming the spread

2) Insist severe restrictions can be eased or lifted by next week

3) Silence people who contradict him inside the admin. e.g. Fauci

4) Angrily lash out at rival sources of information outside the admin. eg the media and outside experts

5) Insist on doing a victory lap of some kind to collect worship and adoration. A rally or trip or prime time appearance on Fox News. Something.

Since all of that will be utterly asinine, governors and local leaders will fill the void by taking even more charge... and that will make Trump even angrier.

Within a week, he will be consumed with his grievances more than with even the growing problem of COVID-19 itself.

Trump will simmer, rage, lash out and meltdown in an increasingly unhinged series of rants toward people like Governor Cuomo even as it becomes inarguable that Trump’s guidance is making things worse.

And then, when he finally has no choice but to face that he is failing at serving his only two masters - shame avoidance and adoration-seeking - he will buckle, reverse course, and then go quiet and hide away from the public.

Trump will be made to walk the plank.

He will be forced by the escalating crisis to eventually succumb to the wisdom of experts.

But first, he will make all of this much worse.

Next week, a dysfunctional man will lead the nation further into a health crisis.

It will be an attempt to avoid being seen as responsible for it to begin with.

It will make it worse. People will have told him that. He will do it anyway.

He is incapable of otherwise.


Edited to add one more post on the same topic:
Posted by coeur_de_lion | Mon Mar 23, 2020, 02:02 PM (60 replies)

Do we have a list of GOP who stormed the SCIF?

If my rep was with them he’s getting a hot email.
Posted by coeur_de_lion | Thu Oct 24, 2019, 11:30 AM (9 replies)

Box after box of Sudafed, piled on top of one another in photo of Pres. tRump

Posted by coeur_de_lion | Sat Oct 5, 2019, 12:29 PM (131 replies)

interactive map shows where members of Congress stand on impeachment


Once you find your rep, if they don't support impeachment, click on the blue "Contact Your Representative" button and a script will come up - you can call and read the script or email using the script. I added text about the whistleblower complaint because that language wasn't in there.

Here's the script:

Hi, my name is ____. I live in ____, and I’m a constituent of Rep. [Representative’s name]’s. I’m calling to demand Representative [Representative’s name] act on impeaching Donald Trump.

The Mueller report provides damning evidence that Trump obstructed justice and tried to influence trials.

Even before the report, though, Trump had committed 10 impeachable offenses, was implicated in multiple felonies, broke the law every time he accepted money from foreign governments, and cruelly and unconstitutionally imprisoned immigrant children and their families.

We cannot afford to normalize Trump’s lawless behavior in office. He is compromised and has failed in his duty as Commander in Chief to protect our country.

It’s time to listen to the American people and defend our democracy. Will Representative [Representative’s name] support an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump?
Posted by coeur_de_lion | Fri Sep 27, 2019, 07:25 PM (3 replies)

Could Don McGahn lead a Trump exodus?

Could Don McGahn lead a Trump exodus? Republican lawyers may be ready to jump off sinking ship. In stonewalling Congress and accusing McGahn of lying, Trump may have doomed himself with legal conservatives.

We may be heading into a real live constitutional crisis, folks. A special counsel has carefully documented a series of events showing that the president committed high crimes, using sworn testimony of people directly involved. Since the Justice Department has decided it cannot indict a sitting president, the only path to remove a criminal president resides with the Congress. Now that same president is refusing to acknowledge its constitutional power by failing to provide documents or to allow witnesses to testify, even under subpoena. This showdown is obviously heading to the courts, although the president seems to be somewhat confused about how that works.

It's tempting to make fun of Trump's twisted logic and addled understanding of the basic process of government, but this is a serious matter. He's not just venting before the world on his puerile Twitter feed. The administration is refusing to cooperate with the Congress at all, and that is highly unusual even for presidents under siege.

Normally there is some form of accommodation in these cases, even if the White House wants to claim executive privilege. This administration has decided to totally stonewall everything, from tax returns to testimony about security clearances. Trump and his minions are claiming this privilege after they've already waived it even as the president is blabbing about the matters under subpoena on TV and Twitter.

Trump may not know much about how the government works, but he does understand TV ratings. So I would guess that the main reason for this stonewall is to keep the Democrats from staging dramatic public hearings to illustrate for the American people what Robert Mueller found in his investigation. He apparently understands that he can't keep Mueller from testifying, but Mueller doesn't seem to be the one Trump is worried about. He almost certainly doesn't want to see former staffers like Hope Hicks or Rob Porter on screen testifying about his rampant corruption. But the one who scares him the most is former White House counsel Don McGahn.

More at link:

Posted by coeur_de_lion | Sat Apr 27, 2019, 01:28 PM (25 replies)

Steve Scalise is an absolute POS

Watching him on C-SPAN trying to claim that a 5 billion wall is necessary, using a few cited cases of hispanics with "no remorse" who murdered US Citizens as justification for 5 billion dollars. Hell I'm sure it will be more like 100 billion, especially after they finish paying Oleg Deripaska for his steel. And after Individual 1 skims his share right off the top.

So what about the tens of thousands killed by non-hispanics in this country? Do we build a wall around every white gun owner in the U.S?

Yesterday I watched this same POS talk over the intelligent questions by a CNN commentator, not giving a chance for reasonable questions to be asked or answered, crying on national television about the few who have been killed by Spanish people who crossed the border. But I suppose when white guys kill dozens at a time here, as long as they are white he's just fine with that. Even when he is a victim of another white guy.

I'm just as pissed off at CNN for 1) Allowing him to lie, cry and carry on, on national TV and 2) Having him on in the first place knowing all he will do is lie. It's just for sensationalism.

Whites killing fellow citizens by the thousands is good. People of color killing a few white people is bad. That's the message.

Posted by coeur_de_lion | Fri Jan 11, 2019, 01:58 PM (13 replies)
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