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Member since: Sun Sep 15, 2019, 03:24 AM
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So The Ukraine Deal Was So Slimy John Bolton Wouldn't Even Get Involved - Think About That Will Ya

It's hard to wrap my brain around this, but it is possible.

Won't matter to the hard core Trump 30%.

They want us to leave Fuhrer alone!

The Media Is Too Cowardly To Show The Parents Of Kurd Children Killed By Trump / Turkey / Putin

I blame the corporate owned media for ALL our problems.


From hate radio to showing a month of hurricanes and never mentioning global warming, climate change, or the fact that the Gulf is up to 7 degrees warmer then "normal" in some areas.

Now they show "eye candy" of smoke in the distance in Syria, but not the body parts of blown away children Trump and his buddies massacred.

Owning media is great!

Show eye candy, distort everything so no one questions the fact that the world's richest 1% own and control all that happens on the planet, and make money selling advertising.

When someone gets close to "rocking the boat" like Bernie, or even Hillary for that matter the media massacres them by distorting everything. EeeeeeeeMails!!!!!!!!! Never once mentioning all the crimes Trump and his family openly committed.

I want America to see what pieces of children Trump and Erdogan and Putin killed look like. Children's body parts.

Perspective for the deplorables to defend.

Who Was The Republican Congresscritter On CNN This Morning?

I woke up to some Republican from congress blaming the "house" for not coming back from recess to deal with the Turkey / Kurd "situation" like it was somehow Nancy Pelosi's fault, and saying "the call" was about corruption, and not about extortion to the leader of Ukraine. All he did was babble useless talking points, and not answer any real questions. It was sickening.

Does anyone remember who this jerkwad was?

I was going to call their office and make fun of them.

Michael Waltz (R) Florida - Keeps Defending Trump By Spewing Garbage And More Garbage On CNN

Good job traitor.

Trump is a serial liar, a traitor, and a criminal.

Trump us now up to one felony an hour.

Go ahead and defend him Waltz.


Mark Sanford Is A Fraud - Never Forget

For decades what we have heard from "conservatives" like Sanford is spending, spending, spending. Spending is the problem. They crow like crows. Spending, spending, spending. Entitlements!!!!

Not once has any one of these frauds pointed out the fact that the poor pay more in taxes and fees every day, and the wealthy pay less, and less, and less. Bush tax cuts, Reagan tax cuts, and the Trump tax scam. All to help the wealthy pay less and blow up the debt.

I saw a graph yesterday pointing out over half this year's budget deficit is from the tax fraud Republicans shoved down our throats a couple years ago. A tax cut that almost all went to the rich.

When has Mark Sanford ever said the wealthy could pay taxes like Working Americans pay.


He is a fraud, along with all the rest of the "conservative" con artists.

Not one word I ever saw him say that the hoarders should pay their fair share.


Sanford is one sick puppy.

Federalist Society Will Support Trump - Who Are These Traitors?

I heard on CNN that there are 2 camps in the GOP's "legal profession". They said the Federalist Society will definitely defend Trump.

Who are these traitors who could care less about the constitution, the law, and America's future?

You can't respect "law" and support Trump in any way.

Stop pretending.

Trump Its The Kurds Falling Like Rocks Dead Thanks To You

Not Joe Biden.
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