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Member since: Mon Mar 6, 2017, 09:22 PM
Number of posts: 335

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Why aren't Trump's Hannity comments, "I don't want to be nice or un-nice"

And ďsome people donít love me maybeĒ Comments becoming major news on this board right now? I canít copy the Aaron Rupar thread on this device but those comments were nuts - demonstrates that the man has some form of dementia.

Kungflu. To George Conway: If a man disrespected my children I would break his jaw.

If my wife disrespected my children like that , I would divorce my wife. George, you talk a big game with the Lincoln Project but you are no father. Fuck you.

Rhetorical Q: How does this administration support "Peaceful protest" while demonizing Kaepernick?

How can any American support this? The hypocrisy and hatred just eats at me. Blah.

Hyprocisy: If Trump is a King, then Obama was also a King.

Yeah, I know.

On Spankyís own argument of Presidential powers (ie. statue and constitution donít apply to Prezdent) - if he has ultimate authority to investigate his political rivals then so did Obama.

The number of Americans that should just go and fuck themselves has reached historic propotions

A strong and powerful self-fucking like has never been seen before, or that could have been imagined in the history of self-fucking. A tremendous and beautiful self-fucking.

Does he not realize that Sunshine will kill the vampire vote?!

Looks like we've reached the "Good Germans/Bad Germans" stage. JFC.

Late reply - thanks anonymous for the heart on Feb 8!

It made my day! Just saw this. My only heart ever -and not something that I ever thought about. But I feel very flattered and it really gave me a lift. All the best to you and yours! Haha.

David Holmes testimony is absolutely unbelievable - the best yet. Read his statement.

My god, and I thought the existing testimony by these three patriots was enough.
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