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Member since: Mon Mar 6, 2017, 08:22 PM
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David Holmes testimony is absolutely unbelievable - the best yet. Read his statement.

My god, and I thought the existing testimony by these three patriots was enough.

Questions for DU gun owners - I don't understand your country- Please answer if possible

I seriously want to know because there are a considerable number of DU'ers that are gun owners and advocates.

As a preface: I have previously lived in the US and probably spend a month every year "in country". I love your country and people. I've lived in open carry states. As a resident, I experienced racism. Never experienced racism as an ongoing visitor for the past 40 years. But....


1) if you live n the greatest democracy and strongest nation in the world why would you need to carry? (Why would you need to own even own a handgun or a non sport rifle?)

2) Do you believe the tissue of society is so thin that you think it's going to be Mad Max 15 minutes after the next power blackout? (If so, then how can you be living the greatest democracy in the world?)

3) maybe my premise wrong: you don't carry weapons to be free but you carry weapons because you are free?

Why isn't Trump's "duct taped women" rape fantasy no getting more press?

Trump won't end shutdown because unstaffed, unfunded, and no plan is all he knows.

Trump has run the Trump family business for 40 years on a skeletal staff, often no revenue stream, and with no overarching strategy other than moving from momentary grift to grift. I don't think he even perceives that the shutdown is a complete clusterfuck. I'm sure he thinks that on a go-forward basis he can continue to run a largely shutdown federal government on a shoestring budget with a dwindling cabinet and advisory staff, and find money to throw at any "fires" that require immediate attention.

Trump hates the military because every vet and serving member reminds him of his own cowardice

No matter how rich or poor, their ethnicity, their sexual orientation, or gender. He knows that they have done something of which he is absolutely incapable. And he hates each and every one for that simple fact - he loathes them, and his treatment of John McCain was the tip of that iceberg.

Why does he want LGBTQ individuals out of the forces? Because he’ll be goddamned if some “queer” demonstrates that they are braver, more honourable, and more patriotic than he could ever be.

Is Kavanaugh a shill for Big Beer?

JFC, the guy said “beer” so many times I went to the store and bought some.

I’ve got to find the transcript because I could not believe the balls of his argument that “I draw a bright line between beer drinking and sexual assault” (yep, I’m pretty sure that 100% of people do), which segued into “and if you are telling me that every American that enjoys beer is a rapist then I no longer want to live in this world”. Now, that was some first class bullshit.

Is Trump going to spend the first 10 mins of the summit bitching at Kim about the G7?

Something tells me he is going to waste a lot of blathering about "they said there was no path to 270", "my great friend Vladimir Putin", "lying James Comey", the"idiots" of the G7(hey, I'll tell them to let you join!)", the Southern Whitehouse at Mar-a-lago, kneeling NFL players, and Kim
Kardashian. Kim will call in an airstrike on himself within the first hour.

Shit brain couldn't remember the name of the company owner he just introduced

When he went on his bullshit riff about Corey the Welder.
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