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Member since: Mon Nov 22, 2010, 01:05 PM
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Idea for a Stimulus Plan, no congress necessary

Somebody may shoot this down, but I'd like to see it made workable.

Suppose you've lost your accounting job. You sign up with a local organization I call a business co-op. You provide accounting services to other members of the co-op on an hourly basis, that is, whoever needs your services pays you by the hour. If your services aren't needed on a particular day, you don't get paid, but part time is better than nothing. One goal is to have as many skills as possible in a co-op (some people can have multiple skills).

Now suppose you want to start a business, say, making cupcakes. You go to the co-op, where you can get services to write a business plan, research recipes, locate suppliers, create marketing strategies and advertising, track your expenses and sales, deliver products, and so on. How do you pay for all those services, when the banks won't give you a loan?

That's the catch. We want to cut the big banks and corporations out of this system, in effect, create a parallel economy for real people instead for of the 1%. Where does the capital come from? One option, the co-op is also a bank and can loan you money based on prospective sales. A variation of that option, two co-ops loan each other money (yes, it's creating money from thin air, but banks do it every day).

The Scourge of Kackalackitis

You've seen it happen. Someone makes an inappropriate comment or passes a crazy law. The national media picks it up, and before you know it the late-night comedians are making fun of South Carolina again.

It's not just an embarrassing circumstance. It's a disease called kackalackitis.

Kackalackitis often strikes in parties, especially the Republican party. Unlike Tourette's syndrome, the victim is fully aware of what he's saying, but he doesn't know any better.

And that is the whole problem. Wholesale, willful ignorance. As with bipolar disorder, they don't believe anything is wrong, so they don't take steps to alleviate their symptoms.

The only cure for kackalackitis is information. Apply hard facts, preferably to the head, which typically is found in the rectum.

Time for the I word?

Is it too soon to talk about impeaching Haley? Using federal money to "investigate" a state insurance co-op with no intention of following through with it. That's fraud.

These people are about politics and nothing else. If you're the governor, you're supposed to do a little bit of governing, even if the GA has all the power.

Horry County SC voting irregularity

This article from the Myrtle Beach Sun is poorly written, but you'll get the gist.


In a nutshell, after an election in Atlantic Beach last month, there were suspicions that the voting machines had malfunctioned. The town should have returned the machines to the county, but town officials kept them for investigation. The county has now confiscated the machines. Game Over.

After further research, the machines seem to be the least of their problems. Many other shenanigans in play, including a woman posing as a representative of the state DA who took over a polling place. The state's chief justice used that word, "shenanigans," in ruling on an earlier dispute.

Now what? A Proposal

My own feeling is that an election is a controlled revolution.

Anyone who tampers with the results of an election is therefore trying to overthrow the lawful government of your school district, county, city, state, or country.

Attempting to overthrow the government is treason and is punishable by death.

Make election fraud a capital offense. These problems will clear up in a hurry.

I know, I know, it won't happen, but it should.
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