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Name: Sharon
Gender: Female
Hometown: Chicago area, IL
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Mar 26, 2013, 03:18 AM
Number of posts: 438

Journal Archives

An open letter to President Elect Biden and VP Elect Harris

Dear Joe and Kamala,

Congrats on your win! Can't wait for you to take office and begin leading this country back to sanity. January 20, 2021, will be a great day for America! Butould we please, please, please have a virtual (i.e., indoor, carefully guarded, televised) inaguration? Pretty please with sugar on it? Some of us are REALLY worried about your safety, not to mention the safety of all those who will be gathered with you for that solemn and joyous occasion.

I know this isn't how we normally do things here in the land of the brave and the home of the free. Taking your oaths of office behind locked doors in a heavily guarded location isn't how these things are typically done. But let's face it, nothing about this inauguration is going to be "normal" or "typical" wnyway. Very few Americans are going to be able to watch you get sworn in live. (You asked us to stay home because of the pandemic, remember?) The vast majority of us will be at home, watching you on TV. And we'd really love to be able to watch it without biting our fingernails and worrying about something horrible happening to you, your families, or anyone else.

As you are well aware, we all just watched a mob of armed insurrectionists storm and desecrate our nation's Capitol on those same TVs that we'll be watching you on. We were already concerned for your safety, and after what happened on Wednesday, we're downright good and worried. So we are begging you, please consider holding the Inauguration indoors, where those responsible for your safety can best control the situation.

Love and support always,

Anyone with me on this?
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