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Member since: Sat Feb 22, 2020, 12:55 PM
Number of posts: 3,669

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I am now anti-deodorant!

I am also anti-toothpaste, anti-soap, and anti-shampoo. I am ideologically opposed to the changing or washing of clothes. I've been freed from the tyranny of it all.

My anti-vax family, neighbors, and coworkers can suck it up and mind their own business. Personal hygiene is a personal decision. I shall remain of this mindset until herd immunity is achieved.

Who's with me?

Any Camp Pfizer people pulling up stakes and hiking over to Camp Moderna?

The Moderna shot has proven to have slightly better durability than Pfizer. Both boosters are going to be the same dosages of the same formulations as I understand it. This leads to the natural question: would the Moderna booster be a universally better option at this point? Only Pfizer is FDA approved at this time, but that reality will be short-lived.

The official answer appears to be to stick with your one type. However, there is reason to be skeptical of that. Vaccines don't linger in your system for long, after six months the only lasting effect is the imprint on your immune system. That is very different from how a drug regimen works.

Consider the question of whether drugs can be combined with alcohol use or not. The official answer for the 10s of thousands of prescription drugs is NO. Do all these thousands of drugs really have harmful interactions with alcohol? Probably not, but the issue is that pharmaceutical companies aren't going to spend all that money on research and expanded clinical trials to make sure. It just isn't cost effective. So putting that verbiage in there is an easy way to reduce those costs as well as limit any resulting liability.

Is the same thing going on here?

Joe Rogan's fate represents a critical juncture for the pandemic

Joe Rogan's CV-19 positive status is a unique moment. He seems to be the incarnation of every Republican false hope, exaggerated claim, misguided effort, and downplayed risk in one tattooed package.

Relatively young...check
No risk factors that I am aware of...check
Taking Z-Pak...check
Taking Ivermectin...check
Taking vitamins...check
Promoted these alternatives on his show while brushing aside the merits of vaccines...check

If Rogan succumbs to CV-19, it could be the final wake-up call to those with aligned beliefs.

If Rogan pulls through, he will instead be just another example alternative "thinkers" can point to. As we know, random anecdotal information that comes from within the trusted conservative network can hold more weight to insiders than rigorous studies from "outsider" scientists.

While I have no reason to wish the man harm, could his untimely demise actually steer the course of the pandemic and ultimately save lives?

Any "Stashers" here?

Stashers are the "endlessly reusable, resealable silicone storage bags that replace single-use plastics".

I pack a lunch every day and have been using them for about a week. So they've been through one cycle of pack, carry, use, clean. They seem to be a good solution. They are a bit spendy, but I calculate the payback at 18 months.

I like the convenience of not having to stock the single-use bags. There is cleanup involved, so you'll need a bottle brush. They have to be dried out as well.

Maybe there are gotchas as far as the environment is concerned, but it seems legit.

If the anti-vaxxers stormed the beaches of Normandy

Getting vaccinated is a patriotic act. It protects you, it protects your neighbors, it protects your workplace. It protects other vulnerable Americans.

There have been 1.2 billion doses given worldwide with perhaps three deaths directly linked to blood clots. There are also some other rare but nonfatal adverse reactions. And, we know how to detect and treat much of that now.

So that's like being the 1,200,000,000th soldier to leave the landing crafts during the Normandy invasion and refusing to attack because you heard of three ahead who were killed and a handful injured. Three out of 1.2 billion. That's what this is, refusal to perform one's duty because of prioritizing personal freedoms enjoyed in the past higher than a national emergency in the present which threatens those very same freedoms for all.

The Greatest Generation this is not.

Installing Trump 2.0

Dear MAGA Tech Support,

Back in January I uninstalled Trump 1.0. I've had a number of problems with your software. It was supposed to include a free firewall, but didn't. It was also supposed to clean up all the residual junk from Obamaware, and failed to do that as well. It installed a copy of Golf 1.0 which seemed to be running in the background a lot.

Finally my system caught a virus last year which caused Trump 1.0 to behave erratically and fail to manage my system resources. So I upgraded to Biden 2.0.

I was informed that the issues would be fixed and Biden 2.0 would be automatically downgraded to Trump 2.0 on August 13. I checked my system today, and Biden 2.0 is still installed and managing my system.

I paid my licensing fee in advance to the Save America fundraiser and am puzzled by this.

A Troubled User

More bad Delta variant news

Let me get this out of the way: regardless of whether the vaccines can stop the spread of Delta or not, they still provide robust protection against severe illness and death.

That said, there is that stubborn issue of stopping Delta. CNN has been looping over the same shallow mask and vaccine debate material for a while now. Gone are the discussions about R-Naught values and pandemic models that we had this time a year ago. We're not going to get any answers from them.

The good news is the local ABC news in Chicago took a deep dive into the subject which I found to be surprisingly good. The bad news is that it is, well, bad news. While I'm not a medical scientist, I do have a science background and this report matches my back-of-the-envelope approximations.


I'd like to think I simply have confirmation bias, but I doubt it.

Jug or tub?

Recycling blows. We have to determine if something is a bottle (like a jug) or a non-bottle (like a tub). It would be great if instead of that we put clear numeric codes on recyclable containers. Wait...uh...we have that, but I guess we don't use that for everyday recycling container decisions. Instead we go by this bottle or non-bottle designation.

Now I realize that an attempt is being made to make things simpler. But is this really simpler than going by a number from 1 to 7? Hell you could even write a Sesame Street musical about it with the Count. 1..2..put it in in the blue bin..3..4...put it in the red bin...hey!

So what say ye? Is the Clorox pH Down container are recyclable jug or a non-recyclable tub?


US CV-19 Fifth Wave

Well as of Friday it looks like the fifth wave is here (79K daily cases per JHU). The number of cases and rate of exponential growth is similar to this time last year (the second wave), if not a bit more severe.

The UK may be an ominous bellwether, which means the peak here may reach or exceed the heights of the third wave (250K - 300K daily cases).

Vaccination rates are dropping off dramatically, implying that naturally acquired immunity is the only herding path open to the unvaccinated.
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