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Profile Information

Name: David Allen
Gender: Male
Hometown: Washington, DC
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 63,639

Journal Archives

I've been taking a course in digital painting, and I painted a picture of Joe Biden.

It's for all of you. Hope you like it.

I just started a digital painting course, and here is my first project.

I'm pretty happy with the result.

Never thought I'd be in one of those "two-dog families"...

And yet here we are.

You might already know Rosie on the left. The new guy on the right is Jasper.

Pics and video from yesterday's Black Lives Matter protest in Washington, DC

Here I am at Black Lives Matter Plaza, in my face mask:

The White House:

I approve this message:

The Coward-in-Chief finally built his wall:

How DC blocked off the streets:

Lincoln Memorial:

Washington Monument:

Marching from the Lincoln Memorial to the White House:

And here's a brief video I took of the march:

14 years ago, Pearl Jam foreshadowed use of "Present Tense" for Michael Jordan Doc

Finished watching The Last Dance this week, and hearing Pearl Jam at the end really brought me back to another time in my life. Music can do that. I was in college when "Ten" dropped.

Anyway, I was googling "Present Tense" this morning and I saw this from the official Pearl Jam youtube channel. Pretty cool...

Pearl Jam - Present Tense - Chicago 2006

Pearl Jam
1.32M subscribers

Who heard "Present Tense" at the end of The Last Dance documentary?
14 years ago Eddie foreshadowed this moment at the United Center in Chicago, discussing Michael Jordan and the powerhouse Bulls team.

ON EDIT: I just realized the only time I saw Pearl Jam live was during this same tour in 2006, in Washington DC.

It's the end of the Democratic presidential primary on Democratic Underground

It's been a little over a year since we opened the Democratic Primaries forum here on DU, and now that we have a presumptive Democratic nominee (Congrats, Joe!) the time has come to shut it down. We're going to let you all post your postmortems in there for another day or so and then we are going to archive it.

If you previously expressed support for Joe Biden in the primaries, your signature line in the DU Primaries forum still shows you as a Biden supporter. If you supported someone else, your signature line now shows you as "Undecided." I encourage everyone go to the DU Candidate Preference page and set your preference to Joe Biden if you have not already done so.

At the moment we do not know if we are going to set up a new top-level forum for the upcoming 2020 elections. We will be following discussions closely to decide whether we need to do so in the future.

In previous presidential election years this has traditionally been the time when the DU Admins would beg forgiveness for the pervasive incivility on the website and gently reprimand our members to try to make an effort to be nice. But I'm not sure any of that is necessary this time because overall I think this primary has been (dare I say?)... not so bad.

So instead I want to express my gratitude to all of you who came to DU during the primaries and passionately supported your preferred candidates, while treating your fellow DUers with kindness and respect. Thank you.

As we head into general election season, I feel like the members of this website are more united than we've ever been. As you know we expect the members of Democratic Underground to support Joe Biden and all other Democratic nominees in the elections this fall. But this year I don't think we'll have much trouble coming together to win in November!

Go Dems!

DU Admin

With each witness Trump fires, Mitt Romney looks better...

...while Susan Collins, Lamar Alexander, and Lisa Murkowski look even worse.

They should have known that Trump would immediately make them look like complete assholes.

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Sondland Bombshell: News Homepages from around the Internet

New York Times writes Draft Articles of Impeachment, based on Nixon & Clinton text

(Full disclosure: I am undecided on impeachment at this time)

This is fascinating. The NYT has taken text from the Nixon and Clinton impeachment articles and used it as a starting point to write articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. I suggest you read the entire article to get the full impact.

Here's one screen cap to give you an idea of what they did, using the Nixon articles as a starting point:

Check out the whole thing here:

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