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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
Number of posts: 6,983

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The Go Fund Me For The Garcia Family Is Almost To Half A Million Dollars

Here is the link, in case anyone wants to show their support:


It was created prior to Mr. Garcia's death, so no mention of that in the description as of yet.

It's Too Early To Expect Answers Or Solutions

We need to wait a few days so they can coordinate their Lies.....errrrrr......I mean stories, and settle upon their SPIN and Talking Points.

Why Must We Wait Until Age 18 To Be Allowed To Purchase A Gun?

Under their Bullshit interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, shouldn't the right to own a gun be absolute?

If it is a Constitutional Right to own an AR-15, and under the Bullshit premise that more guns make us safer, Why Weren't ALL The Children At That Elementary School Armed?

I guess that's what we have to look forward to someday in this Shithhole country known as America.

"I'm Going To Shoot An Elementary School"

The KILLER posted this to Facebook yesterday, after shooting his Grandmother.

That ends speculation as to where he was headed, and what his intentions were.

I Wish Beto Were Able To Be At This Morning's Sham News Conference

Instead we get the Thoughts & Prayers (tm) Brigade of Abbott, Cruz & Cornyn. What utter Bullshit.

Mother: "I Do Not Want My Son To Go To School In America Anymore"

A mother of a student at Robb Elementary School is recounting the aftermath of a horrific shooting that left 21 people -- 19 students, a teacher, and an adult -- dead.


There Is A Report That The Killer Had Been Told He Wasn't Being Allowed To Graduate High School

And he got into an argument with his grandmother over it.


Let's see the fucking carnage. Let's see 19 Dead Children whose bodies are ripped to shreds.



2 More Wonderful Years Of MTG! nt

MSNBC Keeps Showing Abbott's News Conference

And I keep changing the channel.
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