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Member since: Fri Mar 7, 2008, 12:52 AM
Number of posts: 10,287

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Is Bill Clinton helping or hurting?

Cant post a poll so please choose one

Admins im conflicted

I was just on a new improved jury and i approve the changes as making all anonymous will eliminate personal.animus
The alert.was.for bashing a democratic figure in this case.castro on being considered as vp
The alerted post said wall st would.approve as he had done their bidding as hud sec
It also concluded hrc should.choose.someone wall st would hate
I voted close but not a bash because during his run as hud sec he had worked closely and well with wall.st and had furthered many items pushed by wall st.
Would the post constitute a bash? It summarizes.his history and it is mostly true.
Is the truth a defense against charges of bashing?
Otherwise not to dismayed yet by the changes
Some like the no.3rd party ever i have been snarling about since 2010 when charlie freaking crist was allowed to.enable.marco rubio.
Yet though...

Has hillary earned bernie sanders endorsement?

Given that her surrogates and followers have so much hatred for what he represents why should he give what hasnt been earned?

Do no harm , but take no shit.

May he , and we prevail.

If hillary is a thousand times better than trump and

Bernie is a thousand times better than hillary
Isnt bernie a.million times.better than trump?

Bernie has endorsed.down ticket dems...has hillary?

Bernie has tied his fundraising with down ticket.dems.
Has Hillary? And which ones specifically.

Which clinton campaign is more of a train wreck 08 or 16?


Which stage of grief is the clinton campaign in now?

Looks like denial.and anger to me.
Soon i see them moving to bargaining (with the doj)

When hillary steps aside can we have that " purge" everyone keeps on about?

We have been promised/threatened with a purge since this started.
Now that the shoe is heading for the other foot is the purge still something hands are being rubbed together over?
Or will.the rules be changed again to.accomodate the ill mannered?

Now that sanders has moved to the GE

Should skinner call it for bernie?
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