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Battle of Selma, 150 years later

My in-laws and cousins are deep into the re-enactment hobby. My FIL, a history teacher, has 22 uniforms (both Union and Confederate), rifles, hats, sabers, etc. This year, being the 150th anniversary, it was epic. They had as many cannons as were used in the actual battle and about 1300 re-enactors from across the country show up.

The living history aspect was awesome. What really made it special was this year my son has jumped into it and carried the National Emblem for one if the Union regiments. Since he is only 9, he had limited options, either be color bearer or canteen carrier; Alabama rules say he can't carry a weapon until he is 14.

So much history on display, but I thank God I live in the age of porcelin toilets and air conditioning.


Up late with sick kids

Hate to see children suffering. Daught #1 (4 Years) running fever of 100; daughter #2 (4 months) congested and coughing. Shift change with wife at 2am.

Is it possible to be concerned/worriied and bored.at the same time? Both asleep right now, just watching them breath. Looking toward shift change at 8. Need coffee.
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