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Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 02:04 PM
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I'm confused by the R defense on Trump

So half of them really are saying that basically there is nothing into it, and that had Schiff and Pelosi seen the 'transcript' before acting too quickly they would not have impeached

And the other half are telling us that this was an effort orchestrated by the democrats and that they helped even write the complaint

How are those defenses even compatible? And then seems like individual 1 likes to retweet them all.

Please inform all villages who have lost their idiot to go and look for them at ‎310 First Street SE; Washington.

Starting to act on climate justice

We need to hold accountable those who knowingly (and for profit) continue the insane climate denial scheme

Lets have NRA style rankings for these corrupt politicians and individuals

Lets keep track

Lets keep track of the money they make to make sure we'll claim it back, even when it has been transferred to their children

Let them know they will be held accountable

A lesson from the nazi museum in munich

the Nazi Partyís path to power was not an inevitable triumphant march. The defensive measures of the state and civilian resistance never came together to form an effective counter-force. The Weimar republic failed because people didnít oppose extremism vigorously enough.

About the nazi comparison

Most people think it is an exageration and often use the but trump isnt against jews..

The striking comparison is how the most liberal democracy, the weimar republic (just check how it was advanced on LGBT rights, worker rights, women rights) just crumbled.

Its because the conservatives then thought hitler was an idiot that they could control. An idiot that was useful as people listened to him and they could advance their unpopular conservative agendas..

They could control him they thought and he only had 2 ministers in the government and then..the nazis burned the reischtag, blamed opponents and it all transformed in one single night..

About illegal immigrants

How come we focus so much on the wall and never those that employ them. Instead of threatening jail on those that put a bottle of water in the desert just penalize the employment of illegal immigrants. 10 years of jail for each person you employ.

Dems should counter propose on the wall

Permanent solution for DACA

And we ll sign the 5.7bn wall

Lets corner him!

How would mccain have voted on kavanaugh?

Just curious. I think he wwoilf have been a no!

The US is so f***

No really the vicious cycle has just started.

The US will be ruled by angry white undeducated men for the foresseable future.

And they will continue to win like poker players that have aces in all their sleeves and opponents who know that but are even scared to denounce them and hope they ll end up winning because they ll get a great draw. Give me a break...

And what about the formidable brain drain. Which even moderately intelligent person would emmigrate here in a country that thinks global warming is a hoax and that ha policies of the stone ages.

Nationalism vs. Patriotism

De Gaulle used to say that patriotism is the love of your country and nationalism is the hatred of others.

Dont let republicans tell you you dont love your country because they hate everything that is not an angry white male.

45 Supporters: next time you see your face in the mirror...

20 years ago the third city in France, Marseille, was about to fall in the hands of the French Populist party, FN led by Le Pen. Controversial businessman Bernard Tapie then got pretty involved to prevent this election. He was very active in shaming the electors themselves.

his view: "Let's stop finding excuses for FN voters. Let's stop saying that Le Pen is a moron but that his constituents must be understood, that they have difficult problems. If we judge that Le Pen is a moron, then those who vote for him are also morons. "

At a FN rally which he was attending, he was invited to speak by Gollnish to show how democratic the FN was, and he said that:

Lets take all the immigrants, men, women, children, we put them on boats, and we send them very far away. The Public cheered loudly. "And when they are far enough, to be sure they do not come back, we sink the boat. Ľ New loud cheers.

Bernard Tapie then took a completely different tone and launched to the public:
"I was not mistaken about you. I spoke of a massacre, a genocide, to kill men, women and children; and you applauded. Tomorrow, when you shave or make up, when you see your face in the mirror, just puke on it.

Needless to say the exist was ..lively.. but the FN also dropped substantially and never took Marseille.
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