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Member since: Wed Jan 20, 2016, 08:11 PM
Number of posts: 107

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What the hell are the democrats doing right now?

Get his taxes,
Get these testimonies,
Get impeachment started,

I havenít heard much lately, itís like once we set a date for muller they are just putting everything else on hold. We canít put all our eggs in one basket, we should know that by now!

Iím going crazy with this slow walking bull shit
Posted by TheSocialDem | Tue Jul 2, 2019, 10:06 AM (8 replies)

I'm blue no matter who. But if Biden gets the nomination

I hope he doesnít stop himself from finishing his points expecting to get cut off when heís debating trump

Polls only show how we would fare in a FAIR election

Iím worried that the polling data will give false confidence once again when in actuality when we all show up to the polls who knows how much our win margin will need to be after all the GOP cheating and treason sets in once again. On a aggregate basis, Iíd bet theyíve gotten at least, a 10% advantage, wouldnít be surprised if it was up to 20% by 2020.

Itís going to be hard to overcome how fucking rigged theyíve now gotten this. I hope we can, I hope we realize we donít need to just win, we need to win overwhelmingly. I still have hope, but the situation is grim.

Is he currently accepting foreign

Campaign assistance?

Why are house dems giving White House so much time

To keep ignoring document requests. Itís obvious they are intentionally not complying.. letís start rolling out the Subpoenas. Screw giving them till April 4 to keep ignoring oversight requests. Lets quit playing around here

Glad Kobach won..

This should put his crosscheck BS even more under a national magnifying glass and give us a better shot at getting a Democrat in as governor in Kansas.

I could be wrong here though. Any thoughts?

Can we stop with the outrage at non and 3rd party..

Voters? And can we awknowledge that if the GOP wasnít purging voter rolls, implementing voter ID laws, gerrymandering the countryís districts, and and working with, if not being complacent with, Russiaís campaign to swing all our elections to the republicans, Hillary would be president, by a landslide.

There has always been people who donít vote or vote 3rd party but they are not the reason trump got installed, in fact I Russia played a huge role in turning undecideds away from the Democratic ticket with the Bernie bro naritive and perpetuating and inflaming divisions within the Democratic Party.

In fact, those same people who Iíve seen berated all over this forum are the same people who we need to convince to vote for Dems in future elections, because God knows the trumpets and remaining republican voters will never switch to the Democratic Party, and I put that block of voters in America at about 35%.

Iím tired of us putting all the blame on them when if the game wasnít already rigged by the REPUBLICANS with help from RUSSIA, we would have no problem winning without their votes.

Itís been a rough week, but letís call a spade a spade and direct the blame, and our energy and outrage, where it really belongs.

So those Transcripts...

Guess she was never really "looking into it." another hit that she just pushed off to the general that's going bite the democrats in the ass. Just keep your head in the sand democratic establishment.

The GE will be about trade

where donald trump will out-left hillary clinton, and we will just have to cross our fingers if bernie isn't the nominee.
Posted by TheSocialDem | Wed May 4, 2016, 12:03 AM (2 replies)

California should be among the first primary states

the biggest democratic state should have a more influential say in the nomination process
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