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Travel Hat

Profile Information

Name: Steven Skoglund
Gender: Male
Hometown: Rockford
Home country: USA
Current location: Rockford
Member since: Wed Sep 25, 2019, 07:57 AM
Number of posts: 94

About Me

Just retired. I like to travel. Been able to do some because of my work. looking to do some more now. Been lurking here for awhile, but now that I'm retired I thought I'd join.

Journal Archives

Save Social Security By Scrapping The Cap


Yesterday was Samuel L Jackson's 74 birthday. 2 minute vid of his best rolls. NSFW


Neil Diamond fans your going to want sit down for this one. This is from the new show about him


Justice Alito leaked Hobby Lobby decision early in 2014 to donors


Also Roberts knew about it sense this past June.

After the loss, the knives come out, part 2




After the loss, the knives come out



This tweet by Richard Signorelli about Alex Jones is delicious if true

Josh Marshall Retweeted
Richard Signorelli
These awards are NOT dischargeable in a personal bankruptcy bc they are based on intentional tortious conduct. Jones will be hounded for the rest of his days for payment and any efforts at hiding income/assets could be met with contempt sanctions including imprisonment.
Quote Tweet
Kyle Griffin
Between the Texas and Connecticut verdicts, Alex Jones owes more than $1,000,000,000 in damages.
3:06 PM · Oct 12, 2022
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Did I miss this about the Supreme Court investigation into the leak

I was just thinking this morning that I haven't heard anything about the Supreme Court leak in what seems like months.

Anyone heard anything?

Desantes may be trying to do it again.

The Ultimate Air Shuttle flight UE11 is back in San Antonio and has a flight plan to take off at 8:10 and go to Crestview Bob Sikes airport in Florida. Arrival time 10:03. Departs CEW at 10:27 for Georgetown Delaware Coastal airport. Arrival time 1:42.

This is one of the same planes he used for the flight to Martha's Vineyard.

Watching it on Flightradar24.

We are all missing something about the affidavit. The documents mentioned are from January.

Not from the search in August. And I'll bet that the August documents are far more important than the earlier ones. They would have had time to go through all of documents and give up the least important ones in January.
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