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Member since: Fri Sep 12, 2008, 12:43 PM
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You know what they used to do with protesters when they "got out of line"...

Totally Failed At Life?

Anti-austerity Protests Against The Tories In London (Photos & Video) - Updated

No media coverage as yet, probably won't be any. These photos (and more) are getting shared like crazy on FB and Twitter, though. I'll add more when I find them...


Press TV have posted this video on their FB page:

WATCH: London, scene of anti-Tories rally: https://www.facebook.com/PRESSTV/videos/vb.145097112198751/913009652074156/?type=2&theater

Thousands of protesters have marched on the Conservatives' campaign HQ, parliament, Downing Street and are now marching through central London.

Find out more: http://ptv.io/1rvJ

There's definitely something happening here...

I don't know who this dog is, or why he is banned from this park...

C4 Docudrama: The 1st 100 days of a wingnut UK Independence Party (UKIP) government after the May GE

It seems to be having the desired effect, lol...

Channel 4's Ukip docudrama sparks nearly 1,000 complaints

HELLO? Media & Politics 101

Blindfolded Muslim asks strangers for hugs (VIDEO)

Blindfolded Muslim asks strangers for hugs in social experiment designed to combat Islamophobia

A blindfolded Muslim took the streets holding a sign asking strangers to hug him in a social experiment designed to eliminate stereotypes and overcome prejudice.

The video shows the touching moment people approached the man, who could not see, during a Blind Trust Project in Toronto, Canada.

As the clip shows he had one sign which said: “I trust you – do you trust me? Give me a hug” and another which said: “I am a Muslim – I am labelled as a terrorist”.

“We did it to eliminate the stereotypes that surround Muslims", Maaz Khan, founder of Time Vision, which made the film, told BT.com.

“We wanted to promote love and peace between different races and religions. Anyone could easily have hurt him when he was blindfolded, but we trusted the people and the response was just heartwarming. It’s all about coexisting.”

AsoOmii Jay, seen in the video, said the inspirational video was made in response to recent hate crime and bullying against Muslims due to Islamophobia.

As you can see by the response from the public, it definitely broke down some social barriers.


Please Try To Remember...

The Ugliest Thing That I have Ever Seen...

Black Grumpy Cat Reviews Sarah Palin's Iowa Speech

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