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Turn CO Blue

Profile Information

Gender: Female
Current location: Denver
Member since: Mon Nov 8, 2004, 12:38 PM
Number of posts: 4,221

About Me

Bleeding heart liberal progressive registered Democrat - over 50. I am retired from an airline, now a self-employed seamstress,but thinking about going back to school or into the workforce. I can\'t say what single issue I\'m most passionate about, because it changes daily as we\'re playing whack-a-mole with those Repubs and Tea-partiers and their ALEC-written legislative agenda to destroy democracy and empower the wealthy. I avoid any cult-of-personality or meta on DU or DKos. I support Bernie at this time, but vow I will NEVER play the demonization of Hillary game. I like her , admire her often, but I prefer Bernie\'s platform and ideas. I used to post and comment quite a bit more often. Maybe I will start up again sometime, but for now do not have the time or energy. I don\'t have the massive ego of the prolific posters on here -- and spend too much time editing and working up my courage to push \"publish\".

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