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New York Times editorial board calls on Hillary Clinton to cut ties with Clinton Foundation

Source: Huffington Post

The New York Times editorial board on Tuesday called on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to cut ties with the Clinton Foundation, a nonprofit corporation established by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, that focuses on fighting childhood obesity, addressing the effects of global climate change and creating economic growth.

Hillary Clinton’s ties to the foundation have come under increased scrutiny in recent months following allegations of ethical impropriety surrounding her tenure as secretary of state. Recent investigations, for example, found that some of the foundation’s donors used its channels to seek access to Clinton while she worked at the State Department.

“The Clinton Foundation has become a symbol of the Clintons’ laudable ambitions, but also of their tangled alliances and operational opacity,” the Times’ editorial board wrote. “If Mrs. Clinton wins, it could prove a target for her political adversaries. Achieving true distance from the foundation is not only necessary to ensure its effectiveness, it is an ethical imperative for Mrs. Clinton.”

Earlier this month, Bill Clinton announced the charity would not accept corporate and foreign donations should Hillary Clinton win the White House in November. The former president also said he would step down from the board of the foundation. Chelsea Clinton, however, will continue to serve on the board.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/clinton-foundation-ny-times_us_57c58ce4e4b0cdfc5ac925dc
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