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Gender: Male
Hometown: Rockfall, CT
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Apr 14, 2004, 11:29 PM
Number of posts: 3,126

Journal Archives

Ken Dilanian melts down on live TV


Trump to try to invalidate all mail-in ballots in PA

Heís going to get smacked down in every court, but heís going to take it all the way to SCOTUS where he has a few favours to call in.


Long but Hilarious Twitter thread on the election

#BREAKING Polls are set to open in 48 hours across the US as the authoritarian regime of Donald Trump attempts to consolidate its hold over the troubled, oil-rich, nuclear-armed, north American nation. Analysts are sceptical the election will end months of political violence.

#BREAKING African envoys have called for Americans to maintain peace during the elections and to be prepared accept the outcome of the vote. In a joint statement , the diplomats condemned recent incidents of incitement, violence and intimidation directed at opposition supporters

Posted by VMA131Marine | Fri Nov 6, 2020, 01:09 AM (0 replies)

The Struts (featuring Robbie Williams) - Strange Days

This could be the anthem for 2020

Posted by VMA131Marine | Wed Oct 7, 2020, 03:13 AM (0 replies)

"Trump defeats COVID" commemorative coin

Just when you thought the Trump Administration has sunk as low as it could go, thereís this: now on sale at the White House gift shop for a mere $100


Trump to pardon Susan B. Anthony

Just heard it on MSNBC

Billy Graham statue proposed for US Capitol

So the proposal is to replace a white supremacist with an anti-Semite

Posted by VMA131Marine | Sat Jul 4, 2020, 01:37 PM (9 replies)

Did Mary Hart flash "white power" sign at Trump event

Looks like it, but you can be the judge:


Trump's campaign may have committed a COPPA violation

COPPA is the The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and it limits what information can be collected online from minors. Trumpís sign up website did not have anything to confirm the age of people signing up for tickets, not even a self-certification that the person signing up was over 18.
As a result, the campaign could be liable for up to $42,530 in fines for every ticket registration by a minor because they were also collecting personal data for the campaign. Assuming 500,000 registrations by minors, that works out to a possible fine of .... $21 billion!

Hydroxycloroquine as treatment for COVID19 virus

The French study on the use of Hydroxycloroquine and Azithromycin for COVID19 is online and open to comments. Let me tell you, there are comments. Below is an excerpt from one of the clearest and most concise which notes that of the 26 original participants, 6 were not included in the result because 1 died, 1 had severe side effects, 3 were transferred to ICU, and 1 went home. None of the 15 controls died. The study measured viral load by nasal swab, but itís not clear that this is a predictor of outcome and it appears that the control group were not monitored as carefully as the patients receiving the drugs. There was no placebo group.

1) There were 26 patients treated with hydroxychloroquine. Of these 6 are excluded because they did not continue the full 10 day course of treatment; 3 were transferred to ICU, one died, one discontinued due to adverse reaction (nausea) and one left hospital early.

Thus among the 26 patients started on with hydroxychloroquine, 15% (4/26) went to ICU or died vs. 0/15 of the controls, a difference that may be due to chance. However the baseline characteristics of the 6 patients who deteriorated rapidly are not presented in Supplementary Table 1. The analysis of outcomes of the treated group are based on the remaining 20 treated patients.

Hereís a link to the paper

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