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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 27,829

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If I go to Hell, I know what will be my eternal torment. What's yours?

My torment will be packing, moving, and unpacking.

Can you guess that I just moved?

How do you buy health insurance if you miss open enrollment? n/t

Should the hearings be made more public?

By making critical testimony private, the public consensus cannot come around on impeachment. If Former Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch's, testimony were live, the entire weekend would have been filled with sound bites on the news running 24/7.

Is this a mistake?

Guiliani associate, Igor Frumman's, Mafia Rave club in Ukraine does look pretty dope.



Dear mainstream media, after Shep Smith's departure, stop treating Fox News as a news organization

When the AG of the US meets with the head of Fox News and 10 days after that, one of Trump's few critics at Fox leaves abruptly, this should tell you that Fox news is not an independent news network. They are a propaganda network with an agenda spreading lies, conspiracy theories, all in an effort to deliberately mis-inform their audience.

Fox News is a clear and present danger to our democracy.

My non-spoiler review of "Joker" **NO SPOILERS**

To me what made Heath Ledger's performance so great in Dark Knight was that I truly believed that a character like the Joker could actually exist unlike other superheros and villains. There was a dark reality to his performance that made it so chilling.

In Joker, that was taken to a whole new and terrifying level. Joker's "origin story" is believable, heart breaking, and fascinating. But, let me start with some negatives. First, I really don't like how our entertainment culture depicts mental illness. Like a lot of other films, it reinforces a lot of stereotypes about people who suffer from a mental illness. They're violent, criminal, and need to be put down. Second, older film goers will immediately recognize that Joker takes a ton from "Taxi Driver" and "King of Comedy", going so far as putting DeNiro in Jerry Lewis' role.

But the positives far outweigh the negatives. It's a great acting performance by Joaquin Phoenix. He carries the entire film. I believe that he's in every scene of the movie, but you never get tired or bored by his performance. He has to make the character int resting enough so that you will watch it, but he never goes totally over board with it as well.

This is not a typical super hero film. It feels very real and grounded. It's also extremely violent and not the sort of super hero violent. Things get taken to very, very dark places. The violence will make you feel uncomfortable which is the point of the film.

If you can handle the depiction of mental illness and the violence, I would recommend it.

So what will Trump do now to knock out the current headline about the Guiliani-related arrests?

Pull our troops out of South Korea?

If Guiliani winds up in jail over this. That would make two Trump attorneys in prison.

No wonder no real lawyer wants to represent him.

House Dems need to step up the pace with subpoenas and document requests

This is a criminal investigation, and at this point, discovery requests should be an avalanche of requests for testimony and documents. Overwhelm the White House if need be and have attorneys ready to push back in court.

I know that it's early but the momentum and pace need to be kept up.

Toy bank vs. Cat bank

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