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Member since: Thu Apr 18, 2019, 01:17 PM
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I know I'm getting really deep in the weeds...

But I'm reading the Mueller report carefully and am constantly running into untold narratives. I'm left with more questions than answers.

For example:

Pg 90-ish, George Papa-d met with Professor Mifsud.

My questions, who introduced Papa-d to Mifsud?

Mifsud had connections to the Ira, can it be a coincidence that they "just met"?

Who led Papa-d to Mifsud and who informed Mifsud that Papa-d was a Trump insider?

Again, Papa-d met with Mifsud in London a few days later and Mifsud brought along a probable Russian spy.

Fast forward to Jan of 2017 and Papa-d is interviewed by an FBI officer and that FBI officer asks him if he will travel to London to spy on Mifsud. Papa-d said no. There is no mention of this in the Mueller report.

Like a great spy novel, Mifsud has since disappeared. I mean really disappeared. As in a polonium cocktail or living in a dacha on the black sea after extensive plastic surgery.

Trump is both the symptom of a disease and a tool.

One must understand the Right.

For decades they've railed against progress and civility, railed against inclusiveness and tolerance.

But their choice of politicians has been patricians like HW or Morons like W or doddering fools like McCain or Dole.

No one would support what is in their heads.

Along comes Trump and voila! He says everything out loud that they've harbored in their minds.

... Mexicans are rapist invaders, Muslims are bad, I grab pussy because I'm rich. Obama is a Kenyan, Bill was a rapist and Hillary is a crook...

So, the infection existed long before Trump. He's merely the oozing green stuff leaking from the bandage. The infection won't disappear when Trump is gone, either. Time will cure the infection. Today's youth will be clearly progressive and restore this Democracy.

I'll say this... Sekulow and Giuliani kept Trump from waving goodbye on Marine One today.

Dipshit wanted to meet Mueller in person.

He thought he could "out-intellect" the Mueller team in a multi hour interview.

Sekulow and Giuliani must have alternated feeding him Big Macs and using a shock collar to persuade him otherwise.

I have ZERO doubt that Trump would have committed 50 counts of lying to the SC.

The lost point of this whole thing. Where's the report on Russian Interference?

While I'm truly enjoying all the embarrassing dirt on TrumpCo...

Where is the discussion of the malicious attack on Democracy?

Some questions

1) what is the history of Russian election interference?

2) precisely what methods and activities took place?

And I don't just mean "bots did it". A bot, traditionally is a piece of software that serves a very narrow purpose on the web, like clicking an option on online polling or crawling the comments sections looking to drop an advertisement for a product.

In this case, which malicious software was used and how was it distributed?

And humans... What did Russian workers do on the farm? Warehouses full of people clicking and cut/pasting content but where did the content come from?

3) was any actual "vote hacking" done? Human miscounts, malicious software on DRE systems, etc?

4) and what can be done about it in the future.

What can be done if someone in Russia retweets a meme under his Twitter name *TrumpGodKingQsaids0?

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