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Member since: Mon Feb 20, 2017, 06:47 PM
Number of posts: 3,203

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Are posts that question an Independent who caucuses with the Dems liable to be flagged on DU?

For example, if Angus King did something questionable and we posted our disagreement about him, is that flagable to be hidden?

Manchin Appreciation Thread

Appreciation towards Manchin for giving fellow Democrats Election '22 advice: ("fellow" used very loosely)

If you want Biden's agenda to passed, elect more Liberals, because you sure as fuck aren't getting those votes from me. (Well OK, I added that last part, but you know that's what he meant.)

BUT, to all my fellow Democrats out there, let's take him up on his advice!!!!

No Thoughts and Prayers here


And I guess the possibility of Bernie not reaching viability goes out the window as well. That sucks. Florida could have been a Biden sweep!! Hopefully the nights states sweep will be enough to send a message

The Future of America as we know it was saved tonight!!

And RBG thanks you South Carolina!!

Ironic that the state where the Civil War started and has itself tried to secede multiple times

Saved America tonight!! Thanks South Carolina!!

BREAKING: Biden picks up National Latino Victory endorsement!!

BREAKING: Today we're proud to announce our endorsement of VP @JoeBiden for President of the United States.

VP Biden is a battle-tested leader who is best positioned to defeat Donald Trump and help elect Democrats up & down the ballot across the country.


For RBG's sake I'm voting for Biden!!

Biden has the best shot at winning the swing states and defeating Trump. My vote is for RBG!!!

Bernie is not a Democrat

Bernie is a self confessed Democratic Socialist
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