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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,326

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I would rather see Mueller indict Trump and let the Court decide the outcome.

Ignoring legitimate Congressional oversight requests for information is a bridge too far in my opinion.

It's time to take this administration down. The sooner the better.

So, the Trump administration is just going to ignore all requests from Congress oversight.

That is just how he is setting the tone for ignoring rules, laws, and normal government practices. Why isn't this refusal an act of abuse of power and why isn't that enough to impeach him?

So Trump lied his ass off once again. This time about GDP. I'll just post the chart.

You can listen to his speech in Lima toaday. Best all time ever GDP.


Watching MSNBC right now. The pundit just said it all. Hillary warned us and she was right.

Trump is unfit and can be baited with a tweet. And that is from anyone domestic or international. He is dangerous and our nation is in distress. We didn't listen. We didn't understand. Some of us didn't care...just keep HRC out of the Presidency. Now we are paying for it and many people are suffering and afraid.

IOk, this could be "reverse psychology" but it is worrisome

that Trump is now pushing for the Mueller report to be shown to everyone. They must know there is nothing too damaging in the report (Burr). So what! Let's take Trump down by voting him out of office and all his nasty minions.

Is the Trump administration paying to have caravans come here to try to prove we need a wall?

What else really explains the exploding numbers of immigrants since Trump has been President? It's almost like his Presidency has made the situation worse by far. It just doesn't make sense.

It should be a great talking point against him if there were someone to Primary him. Trump has only brought more immigrants into the country or to our borders.

Biden should say he is in to restore USA standing in the world.

He has lots in the past that he will need to address.

Just say "biggest mistake of my political career, was not believeing Anita Hill. Aologize and move on.
He could promise he's in for one term and therefore will not be making decision based on best political opportunities but all his dedicions will be made for the best outcomes for the people...ALL the people.

Talk about how much he has learned from Jill about what women go through and what they have to face.

Talk about learning a lot from Obama on how to keep his cool and focus on the long-game.

Talk about appealing to our better selves.

Talk about a new rainbow coalition for the pot of gold at the end.

Talk about wanting to hand over to the next generation an America of high ideals and bold, but practical and doable, ideas.

Ask for ideas and help from the newbies in Congress to shap an agenda for the future. He can feat Trump simply by ignoring him most time accept when tall us lies.

Why hasn't Trump and his minion spoken out more about the college entrance scandal?

Why hasn't the media kept this story going like they did the fake Clinton Foundation "scandal?" It is because SIL and Jr. and Ivanka also were admitted by buy-in?

Elizabeth slayed tonight on CNN. She really is the best candidate in the field ...

She crushes Bernie and Beto because she has well thoughtout positions and plans. What will be held against her are...her gender, age, looks, and boldness.

Sure would love to see Biiden (one year only)/Warren ticket if not Biden/Inslee.

Warren know her shit because she has been out there for a long time holding those same positions. She is tough and a fighter. A few more townhalls like tonight and people will begin to see that she belongs on the ticket.

Taking time out to just be grateful for the eight years of dignity and grace we had with the OBAMAS

in the White House. Thankful that for a short while the world came together as well as out nation.
Thankful for the health care that millions received for the first time.
Thankful for the beginning of the longest economic recovery period in our history.
Thankful for a President who could think critically, speak clearly, and lead with dignity.
Thankful for a President who set the example of honoring and cherishing his wife and mother of their children.
Thankful for a President who regarded everyone with human decency.
Thankful for a President who tried to live his religion while allowing others to live their own.
Thankful for a President who was a role model for ALL children and young adults.
Thankful for a President who tried to bridge the gap and continued to serve with dignity while facing the most ugly opposition.
Thankful for an imperfect man who tried to be good when goodness waa besmirched.
Thankful for the feelings and emotions hope and change.
Thankful to have been a part of his history.
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