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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
Number of posts: 99,872

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You have to wonder if chaos and scarry training films are wedges to keep

police voting GOP despite the fact the GOP is getting rid of the middle class.

Don't see why the police unions are not all for gun control unless terrified

police is an end goal somehow.

It is what Trump wanted all along: GOP visit Mar a Lago to kiss his ring

again and again, GOP run their schemes without his input. He is just the sculpture on the front of the ship. He is not the ship. They've self-organized. Sure some GOPers are disgusted with the attack on democracy. I hope they continue to be. The majority did not jump ship.

Some still have a soul. Good thing there is globalism as it makes

multinationals like Coke less likely to snuff out democracy or be seen to be silent on the issue. People drink alot of pop around the world. Pretty soon they will be drinking alot of water from coke. No sense in ruining your goodwill if you are a corporation by being on the side of malevolent men who are racist and want to destroy the leader of democracy in the world, the US.

I meant only that the GOP message was kaos like right after Trump lost

with him trying to keep control. Now they are back to normal projecting and lying in a well coordinated way. Parts of the GOP are still split it seems but there is message discipline.

It is the coordinating thing that bugs me. It means the GOP is self regulating.

I guess that must mean that the GOP flatter Trump by holding events at Mar a Lago to superficially make Trump feel he is boss all the while the GOP coordinates its message where Trump has no input.

Did the Democrats get Manchin's family the first job; the Republicans the second?

Is that what he means by bi-partisan?

To not be in on the lies and con when you go on air. Scandalous. Hey

Carlson. What about your viewers? They are not in on the con every day.

This is why the GOP went crazy with the cancel culture meme. They don't want

people pressuring corporations because they are vulnerable to changing content or legislation when pressured by major employers. Authoritarianism only works in modern times when corporations bend to the will of the facists. One of the arguments for international trade was that it would stop wars. Looks like it will stop authoritarianism. At least consumers are still democratic and corporations have to respond to them. Look for the GOP to promote monopoly power for corporations where the business chooses what the customer gets just like republicans want politics to be about who they choose can vote.

They know the precinct is more democratic if it is of colour in a greater

percentage. So they know who the people are voting for by precinct. Same way the Georgian GOP will undercount the need for voting machines in of colour voting precincts. Which is more important? So they know who will need the water and the sandwiches.
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