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Thought this question encapsulates the question of Tucker Carlson culpability.

Read down the answers to to #5.


I wish there was a democratic portal we could go to with suggestions for a meme to be made into graphics or whatnot and then disseminated everywhere.

Truer words have never been Witten even if you were being sardonic.

Biden was exactly right on Republicans being for tax increases on the poor and sunset clauses

for social security and Medicare so the GOP can kill them. For the second day Rick Scott attacks with both barrels. Go Biden. Go Biden. Go Biden.

He is so upset Scott can't keep the powder dry.

Rick Scott Again Calls on Biden to Resign

May 12, 2022 at 8:34 pm EDT By Taegan Goddard 104 Comments



Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) slammed President Biden again on Fox News Radio, saying he should resign because he’s “confused” about his job.

He added that he would prefer Vice President Kamala Harris: “I don’t know how it could be any worse. I mean, what could she… what could possibly… you look at the radical people he’s appointing to these to these boards and commissions and and how could she be any worse than what he is?”


For once productivity does not rule. I wonder what big business thinks. Women leaving

the workforce to have big families is not going to help productivity. And increasing productivity to the point that people can't have a coffee on their way to work because they don't get bathroom breaks, is the be all and end all of business.

People don't get that having some Republican say it once only, they can

implement it is they win Congress and tell people they voted for it, that it was public knowledge. Keep an eye on how Republicans themselves will not deny it and ignore the Fox reporters and pundits claiming it is not a republican thing.

Don't you think it is partly about making sure the bad situation procreates

and a new generations of bad situations are born to vote Republican?

Protester interviewed in Ottawa tonight said he was ready to die. CBC The National

The right has all these people who had no meaning in their lives going to Parliament Hill as part of the biker demonstration Rolling Thunder. Joining a cult is about being given a vital role in lives where that is missing. Understand that 400 years ago when we almost all lived in villages, and going back hundreds of thousands of years, everyone came together to solve issues and hunt and fight and save and then share these stories again and again. These protesters who think the Ottawa police will likely kill them could have volunteered at their local food bank, on an ongoing basis, instead. My the right is crafty. Thankfully we did not gut all our unions in Canada. Thankfully we have a government that is Lazer focused on growing the middle class. But there are still people who are lost that the right will try to corral.

Here is background:


And from Saturday:


Advertisers get people with negative marketing these days. The

liberals like the mixed race family in the commercial. It makes us feel good.... like some things are getting better. Racists get to feel angry which is how they roll. The product name remains in the minds of both.

Think of the Skittles ad where the girl eats a skittles she takes of the face of the red haired boy. Gross. Or where the rasta man milks a giraffe to get skittles. Neither of these are platatable... not the people in the ads for a liberal but where the skittles come from in both cases. Why would skittles make ads like this? Two-track marketing. Reptilian brain negative marketing for racists is my guess. Maybe big business knows there was going to be a backlash to their ads to get people to vote GOP more often if they were in the middle?

So the GOP/MAGA/fascists are fighting with ceos. What percentage

of CEOs are pro fascism and playing dumb vs. those really aghast at the attack on democracy? This 'New Right' movement seemingly jettisons big tech and big business in favour of the working (white) man. Majorities of Americans want corporations to pay their share of taxes. The 'New Right' are against progressivism and globalism. The New Right are gunning for liberal and Democratic (white male) voters who don't like Globalism and feel aggrieved at how far they have fallen. The New Right are blaming all elites. We've seen Americans buy into bullshit for decades. Will DeSantis fight with Disney and Abbott stopping international trade convince liberals and Democrats that the GOP really is pro worker? How do we counter this? Fighting loud for unions would be one way. Ridicule the notion that CEOs have no party this time around. The opposite of woke is not anti-woke it is ASLEEP. Biden's meme could be "WAKE UP! They're stealing Democracy and its building blocks right out from under you".

Here is something on the 'New right':


Here is the What Matters email that inspired me:



by Zachary B. Wolf

: Let's start with Florida vs. Disney

There’s a bizarre metamorphosis happening in American politics as culture takes over the conversation: Republican politicians are choosing the war on “wokeness” over the friendliness to big business that was their guiding light for decades.

Florida Republicans are on the cusp of a whirlwind effort to punish Disney for its opposition to a law many consider to be anti-LGBTQ.

Meanwhile, in Texas, the governor is threatening he could use his power once again to slow border traffic with arguably unnecessary safety inspections to make a point about immigration.

These various political statements have consequences for LGBTQ kids, parents and teachers in Florida schools; for people in Orlando who might feel an increased tax burden; and potentially for all the Americans who get food or products that cross the southern border.


And this:


The Parties Have Different Approaches to Governing

The Parties Have Different Approaches to Governing

April 21, 2022 at 3:00 pm EDT By Taegan Goddard 13 Comments



Jonathan Bernstein: “Republicans are happy to put anyone in office as long as they’ll be a reliable vote. Democrats are looking more for substance from politicians. That didn’t used to be the case — as recently as the 1980s, neither party had a reputation for politicians who were more prepared or took the job more seriously. Then Republicans nominated George W. Bush for the presidency with far too limited experience. And then they nominated Trump.”

“Of course, there are Republicans in Congress — and in statehouses and other positions — who take governing seriously, and Democrats who don’t. But the parties are no longer equal in that respect.”

“One of the sad things about all of this is that partisan polarization among voters has actually made candidates less important. Theoretically, at least, that should give parties more freedom to nominate candidates based on experience and an expressed interest in public affairs. Parties still care about any small potential advantages they can get, and in a close campaign even very small factors matter. So that may sometimes argue for a know-nothing celebrity candidate. But the truth is, Republicans could really use some legislative talent in Congress — especially if they win control of it in November.”


Dyslexics are good in changing dynamic situations like politics (George Washington, Churchill, Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, JFK Reagan, Bushes I & II, Gore, Trump, etc). They counterpunch and debate well. They read a crowd. They pull down human constructs/fictions because they can't remember the details annd see around them. When they are not wholy owned by the GOP and those GOP narratives they can really deliver. But run the country with only these types? Is this who you want running your human constructs like government? People notoriously bad at details? It will be like crabs in a bucket pulling down any organization. Which is a feature for Thiel and the GOP: no elite class in Washington. No bureaucracy. No experts. (Dyslexic Applegrove)
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