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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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GOP have Trump paranoid on infrastructure.


As if the democrats would be the ones to put anyone down for raising taxes to do an infrastructure plan. As if Democrats ever complain about taxes for spending on job creation. The GOP don't want to see infrastructure built because wages will go up, we are allready at full employment, and that they hate the middle class getting more more than anything. Wages have not moved since the 1980s but the pie of wealth has gotten very much bigger. Automation, outsourcing and unionbusting have done a great deal to keep wages from rising and middle class and workers getting some of the growing part of the wealth pie. For sure the GOP do not want to see rising wages due to 2 trillion on infrastructure spending.

Baby boomers are retiring. 74 years since the boom started. Plus wages

are stagnant (globalism, GOP fighting unions, automation) so the inflation rate stays low and the economy can go on and on. Workers fight inflation that way (for the rich). That is why growth was 3.2%. Has nothing to do with tax cuts. Don't let the GOP close the circuit on taking credit for it. It is demographics and workers not getting raises.

CEOs trying to get big bonuses by cancelling bathroom breaks and thus

forcing people to go without coffee or music all day. Hiring OCD people, nature's coutiers, as managers everywhere. US used to be a functioning democracy. Now it has taken on the structure of a monarchy.

Are private colleges to blame? Does Devos want to get rid of state colleges and their professory

discernable facts type professors? Why else would she allow for profit fake colleges to survive when they don't educate students?

If we run out of antibiotics many types of surgery and chemotherapy

Will not happen. They need anti-biotics that work to be successful.
Maybe that is why the pharmaceutical industry is test driving driving the cost of some drugs up to unaffordable heights? So that in the future antibiotics that do work can be hoarded by only those who can afford them. So that mass use will not result in bacteria developing immunity to newer antibiotics as it does now. So we are all paying for cancer research that only the rich will be able to afford in 30 years antibiotics will be so expensive. okay I'm a little dark. But upping the cost of drugs is something drug companies are starting to do. And then not others. Like we are in training for something.

People need to feel they belong in vital 'village' roles. Otherwise they

are joining cults and as cult members are taking on enforcer roles and other 'important' authority or expert positions they don't qualify for in real life. That is why civil society and union membership and volunteering are so important. They allow us to be in the villages we all evolved in as human beings and belong to.

Look at these unqualified cult enforcers:

Posing as Border Patrol, militiamen are harassing asylum-seekers on the Mexico border

Apr 19, 2019 4:00pm Eastern Daylight Time by David Neiwert, Daily Kos Staff



When border militias start getting involved with people crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, it’s always a nightmare waiting to happen—or rather, to happen again. When they start targeting asylum-seekers, as they appear to be doing in New Mexico, it’s a recipe for disaster.

An outfit calling itself United Constitutional Patriots has been prowling the borderlands in New Mexico’s Sunland Park area and rounding up asylum-seekers whom they encounter, turning them over to authorities with U.S. Border Patrol.

What’s clear is that the militiamen are presenting themselves to the refugees—most of whom, their own interviews reveal, appear to be arriving from Central America seeking asylum on a variety of grounds—as official federal patrolmen.

“Alto! U.S. Border Patrol!” announces UCP militiaman Jim Benvie at the opening of one of his Facebook videos showing his encounters with border crossers, as Benvie proceeds to interrogate them about their travels and how often they’ve attempted to cross. His confused interlocutors mostly smile back.



Marketing theory says you can repackage a product and market it to a different

group of people who could not afford the premium marketed product. That you have several markets for one product. GOP has turned it on its head with their healthcare plans which are only adequate at a premium price. That are sh**ty at the 'skinny plan' price. And of course the 1% can afford Cadillac plans or even no insurance plans at all if you are rich enough. They are doing the same with schools and now it looks like Boeing Max 737 deals where some poorer airlines didn't buy the extra bonus costly software, or something, to warn about sensor issues causing nose dives. These are not just bare bones plans. These plans can kill. IMHO

It is like they are training the public that adequate safety or adequate health care

plans cost a premium. That adequate schools cost a premium. That adequate financial advisors cost a premium. That adequate data costs a premium. If you can't afford that then that is your choice (money (is) and free speech afterall). One airline in canada got the extra bells and whistles. One did not.

Money and (is) free speech is such a con.

Yup. This transactional leadership is not steering US business in the

right direction. Could it be regulations and a high bar for best practices are actually good for business?

Trump doesn't want to offend never Trumpers, midwesterners and independants

who were hoping Mueller would indict. Trump needs them back in the fold for 2020. This is a cognitive opening in people's heads and hearts right now and he doesn't want them to hate him more. After all some of them voted for him. Psychopaths will get kids in their early twenties to follow them in a cult as there is a cognitive opening then too.
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