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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 02:14 AM
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The paranoia is being started in canada. I was on a facebook thread

about Oak Island, my family spent weeks in the summer in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, where it is filmed. Somebody implied the reason show played in Western Canada 5 days after the rest of Canada was for 'some reason'. People pointed out that it played in the US, only, earlier in the week That it wasn't a conspiracy by Trudeau. That the liberals were not messing with his TV. That the Curse of Oak Island played every Sunday all across canada. My point is if that is what some Canadians see in something as innocuous as an international chat about a reality tv show, what hope is there when people watch an election in 5 months? The conservatives have already demonstrated that they are going to microtarget small immigrant communities based on their greatest fears. This is going to be a bloodbath. And Harper made Canadian elections permanently in off years for US politics. So the right wing US politicos can better be involved. Meanwhile Democratic politicos will be busy with the 2020 nomination race. And I'm sure the Russians will show up and make Canadians paranoid some more. Any advice would be helpfull.

And the nitpicking doesn't have to be a real reason for criticism. Just so long as

it alienates democrats from their great candidates and turns into a meme - the GOP will be happy. We should call it astroturf nit-picketing.

Harris is being nitpicked. Nancy was too. I'm drawing parallels and

saying with Nancy it was GOP trolls. And so many fell for it. Expect it during the Democratic nomination race. Don't fall for it. Maybe it was GOP trolls with this hot sauce thing or maybe not. Be wary of those who would fight a candidate without referencing their character, their talents or their policy positions. I've seen psychopaths use nitpicking to re-create the perceptions of people they want to control. It is a common technique with abusers, misogynists or harrassers. Nitpicking to control the perceptions of a group (democrats). Watch for it.

I don't know if trolls started this but we need to be wary. Remember Nancy Pelosi

was the enemy of the left in the year before the 2018 elections?
She is amazing. She was amazing before. The right wing trolls nitpicking happened to democratic perceptions in the middle and we almost jettisoned her. So too will many of our Democratic nominees be so alienated. Don't fall for the ridiculous. If we let the GOP nitpick then they will have picked who our 2020 nominee is by the time it is over.


Maybe not helping Flint is a way to make an example of a union town?

GOP do that kind of ****.

On real time tonight David Frum went into the world is divided up by

regimes that are run by thieves and those whose government are truly democracies for the people. Corruption is one of the worst causes of poverty I think. And corruption grows radical islam i've read. Frum said that we should ignore what the left or right propaganda is of the corrupt plutocrats, such as Venezuela vs. Russia, and focus instead on their honesty and democratic values. Something makes me wonder if splitting up the world into two again is Putin's goal. The corrupt plutocrats would trade with each other and bribe each other while the corporations headquartered in truly democratic countries would be cut out of those deals as they follow a different set of rules. More wealth for Putin if he doesn't have to compete with half the world and can dominate his half. Just like in the cold war.

The Purpose of Brainpower: Are We "Misusing" Our Minds?


Rob Henderson After Service


The Social Brain Hypothesis

One answer for this, according to von Hippel, comes from the social brain hypothesis. The idea is that we have big brains because our ancestors had to navigate complicated social dynamics.

For early humans, their most complex puzzles often involved figuring out the minds of their fellow humans. And their social status relied on their ability to solve social challenges. Our ability to reason about non-social problems is a fortunate side-effect of our social reasoning skills.

As von Hippel says, “it suggests that IQ is a by-product of social intelligence rather than the other way around.” We are social innovators more than technical ones.

He also says, “our intelligence didn’t evolve to solve abstract problems and complex ways of dealing with the environment. Our intelligence evolved to deal with each other more effectively and to leverage the skills and abilities we have when we work together.”


Schultz may just demistify gazillionaires and their self delusions to

the broader public with this campaign. You'd think Trump being elected would have done it to gazillionaires. But this is proving the insane vanity is widespread and across party lines. Actually I don't think they are self delusions. I think the right wing has worked long and hard to convince ceos they aren't lucky as hell. That they are precious instead. Masters. To Ayn Randize them. Why if they saw themselves as ''just lucky as hell' they would still be attached to humanity as a whole.

And then there is this from Maggie Haberman:


This is what Burton said about other Independant candidates:

From the article:


In an August 2016 op-ed in The Sacramento Bee, Burton urged voters to be wary of third-party candidates because "a Trump presidency would mean the dismantling of basically every important progressive achievement over the last century, and progressives need to keep that in mind."

"If Stein or Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson eat into Clinton's support even a little, that could matter in a close election," he wrote. "And in the same way I would bet that Ralph Nader -- or at least many of his supporters -- wishes that he didn't help to make George W. Bush our 43rd commander in chief, I suppose Stein supporters would not want to be in the position of explaining to their kids how they helped make Trump president."


This campaign is a football block to public health care. And stopping climate change, or at least mitigating it.

The book 'Enchanted America' goes into how financial anxiety results

in people being way, way more intuitive than rational in their voting (isolated from other factors). Way more so than income level. So people vote way more through emotion and other cognitive shortcuts when suffering from financial anxiety. So they vote against their best interests and thus for republicans. You have to wonder if health care insecurity and college loan repayment insecurity are purposeful on the part of the GOP to make non rich Americans less rational. Maybe that is why Mitch is so happy to let this shutdown continue.

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