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Gender: Female
Hometown: NY
Home country: US
Current location: Florida
Member since: Mon Sep 6, 2004, 09:54 PM
Number of posts: 169,776

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malaise, looking for an update from you

and hoping you fared well overnight.
Posted by babylonsister | Mon Sep 26, 2022, 07:38 AM (3 replies)

Chuck Todd Shirks His Duty Again


Chuck Todd Shirks His Duty Again
The Meet The Press host discussed a possible impeachment of President Biden if Republicans take the House, but didn't ask what he did illegally to warrant such a vote.
By John Amato — September 25, 2022

On Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd asked Rep. Nancy Mace if President Biden would be impeached if Republicans retake the House, but he never asked for an explanation as to what criminal behavior would warrant such a drastic measure.

TODD: Do you expect an impeachment vote against President Biden if Republicans take over the House?

REP. NANCY MACE: I believe there's a lot of pressure on Republicans to have that vote, to put that legislation forward, and to have that vote. I think that is something that some folks are considering.


Todd's response of "wow" should have been followed up asking actual substantive questions about impeachment, but it was not.


There is no credible case to be made against President Biden for impeachment. Disagreeing with one party's legislation or Executive orders is not cause for impeachment, as any competent human being or transhumanoid cyborg would know.

Since Trump was so unethical, immoral, and criminal, he was rightly impeached twice. His recent behavior of hoarding top secret and classified documents at his Florida residence is just reason 6,783.040 of why he's unfit to hold any public office.

MAGA is looking for playback, plain and simple.

Update (Frances Langum): Never forget Nancy Mace is the congresswoman who allegedly vandalized her own house and then fundraised off of the incident.
Posted by babylonsister | Mon Sep 26, 2022, 06:27 AM (21 replies)

The Rude Pundit: The Gnawing Anxiety That Trump Will Get Away With All of It


The Rude Pundit
Proudly lowering the level of political discourse
The Gnawing Anxiety That Trump Will Get Away With All of It

I can't get past something when it comes to the multiple crimes of Donald Trump, who really was president (something I still can't fucking believe happened - I mean, I know it happened. I'm not denying the existence of facts, like Trump and his braindead legions do. I'm just always gonna be like "Fuck us that we let that happen". And it's really simple, one of those elegant confluences of circumstance that should have complete clarity. It's this:

The law is intensely clear: With a few exceptions that need to be approved, the records of a presidential administration belong to the nation, not the president. All of it, classified, unclassified, and declassified, go to the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, an office set up to take care of those records that are, again, by law, the nation's. There's no wiggle room on this. The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals made it crystal-fuckin'-clear in its decision this week in favor of the Justice Department when it comes to the hundred or so documents found by the FBI at Trump's shitty fake castle, Mar-a-lago. "They are ‘owned by, produced by or for, or . . . under the control of the United States Government,'" it wrote.

And this is what bugs the shit out of me. I get that rich people are treated differently when it comes to legal matters. I get that presidents are treated with kid gloves for some goddamn reason. But Trump and the people around him took those documents that don't belong to him. Then NARA gave them the benefit of the doubt (or pretended to) and said, "Hey, you took these documents that by law don't belong to you. Please give them back." Then, not only did they not give them all back, they lied and said they did, which means they fucking well knew they had shit that didn't belong to them. Under the most generous of definitions, that's theft. They fucking robbed the country.

So I cannot wrap my brain around the idea that Trump and everyone involved in keeping the documents were not immediately arrested when the FBI fucking caught them with stolen fucking property. As just about everyone sane who has commented on this, from across the political spectrum, has said, if anyone else had been caught hiding government documents, let alone super-duper Top Secret Classified documents, the FBI would have sealed them in concrete until trial.


Yeah, fucking enjoy Trump's shitty week. Enjoy the shitty weeks to come. But we're not playing a fair game here. Or that dull orange motherfucker would be sitting in a cell, awaiting trial.
Posted by babylonsister | Sun Sep 25, 2022, 07:45 AM (48 replies)

Terminally Ill Tot Wanted To 'See Monsters' For Early Halloween. Over 1000 Costumed Folks Showed Up.

Terminally Ill Tot Wanted To 'See Monsters' For Early Halloween. Over 1000 Costumed Folks Showed Up.
Community (This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication.)
Saturday September 24, 2022 · 6:33 PM EDT

For those traveling through the Crown Point community of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada last Wednesday were probably confused.

Over a thousand people dressed up in their Halloween spookiness having a parade, a bash and a ball.

Two weeks previous, Nick and Kira Hurdakis were told by their doctors that their 5- years- old son Alexandros had only a few weeks, possibly months to live.

Alex has suffered from brain tumors since he was 11- months- old.

He has been going through experimental treatments since, and they kept the lesions at bay, racking up great debt in the process.

But now the treatments are no longer effective.

The tumor is back, and at such a stage, as to be inoperable and incurable.

“With heavy heart we would like to inform everyone for an update on our warrior,” read a post from the families GoFundMe page, which was set-up when first diagnosed to help with experimental treatments.

“Today we had a visit from Alex’s doctors. They will be surprised if Alex be with us next week.”

A GoFundMe page, gofundme, created on Alex’s behalf has raised more than $41,000 and details the family’s journey since Alex’s diagnosis at 11 months. While parents Nick and Kira are struggling to keep up with Alex’s medical needs, “their bills are piling up,” the site reads. Between hospital bills, parking fees, hotel stays for early morning appointments, and all the days off it takes to attend to Alex’s needs, the family struggles.

In the latest update to the site, released a week before the Halloween parade, Tzouanakis told Anderson doctors would be “surprised” if Alex made it through the week. A shunt that takes pressure off his brain is keeping him alive, she said, and doctors told the family they don’t expect him to last more than two months.

His parents, wanting to make his remaining time as enjoyable and meaningful as possible asked him if there was anywhere he wanted to go, anything he wanted to do, anybody he wanted to see.


I want to see monsters.”

He wanted to visit a famous haunted house attraction in nearby Niagara Falls, but their doctors informed them that he was now to sick to go.

Family friend Paula Tzouanakis Anderson shared the sad information on the Crown Point Community Facebook Page, expressing her wish to have an early Halloween due to the circumstances.

“Time is limited so we just wanted to make him happy and bring Halloween to him.”

Everything was arranged—from closing down Argyle Street and getting the help of Hamilton police and firefighters to arranging volunteer face painters, popcorn and cotton candy vendors, and a dozen sports cars decked out in Halloween decorations—in little over two days.

Two days!

They expected maybe three hundred people, which in itself is impressive.

Over 1000 members of the community showed up, many in full gear.

Nick and Kira carried Alex through witches, zombies, mummies and the like.

Many of the dogs were likewise in costume.

Local sport mascots showed up.

The police came by so Alex could play with the siren and the local Fire Department came in their firetruck.

Said Paula, “So many individuals came together to make this night great. I started crying. It was just amazing. Alex was waving to every single person in the crowd. He knew it was for him.

You could see the love in his eyes.”

For Nick and Cara, words can’t adequately describe their gratitude and awe of their community.

Like a giant universal hand helping lift them up in this time of shock and sadness and grief.



Posted by babylonsister | Sat Sep 24, 2022, 09:17 PM (17 replies)

Guv DeSatan is going to trial.


Guv DeSatan is going to trial.
Community (This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication.)
Friday September 23, 2022 · 2:37 PM EDT
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You may recall that last month, FL Gov Ron DeSantis used his presumed power as Florida’s Chief Executive to remove from office Andrew Warren as Hillsborough County state attorney and install his conservative buddy Susan Lopez.

Andrew Warren, a Democrat, was removed as Hillsborough county state attorney on 4 August after saying he would not enforce the abortion ban or prosecute providers of gender transition treatment for young people.

Warren was duly elected to the county prosecutor office in 2016 and re-elected in 2020, but DeSantis decided that his views were too liberal for Florida and removed him from office. Lopez has already reversed several of Warren’s liberal policies.

Well, guess what? Warren sued DeSantis and now DeSantis is going to have to defend his actions in court.

At a hearing in Tallahassee on Monday, Judge Robert Hinkle denied motions from DeSantis to dismiss Warren’s lawsuit, and another by Warren seeking an immediate return to office, instead requesting their differences be settled at a trial in the coming weeks.

This is not the first time DeSantis has removed elected Florida officials for being too liberal. He recently removed 4 members of a Broward County School Board for enforcing a mask mandate. In 2019 he also removed the Broward County Sheriff for “neglect of duty.” You will of course be shocked to learn that all his firings have been Democrats.

DeSantis will have to testify in the trial. Lordy, break out the popcorn.
Posted by babylonsister | Fri Sep 23, 2022, 07:27 PM (1 replies)



Douglas Wood

THE GREAT MUCKY MUCK had a powerful brain.
It lurked right there under his wispy orange mane.
He used it for thinking his powerful thoughts.
How to steal miillions, how not to get caught.
He could think up the rain, he could think up the sun,
The could think up a Big Mac on a sesame bun.
He could think up the wind, he could think up the weather,
He could move hurricanes with the brush of a feather.
He could surely bend spoons, he could fly to the moon,
He could make it be May, he could make it be June.
He could think up a billion from just fifty bucks,
What a deal, what a guy, what a great stroke of luck!
He could make up a lie, and make it be true,
He could do many things you or I could not do.
And all just by thinking and using his mind,
What a wonderful thing, how incredibly fine!
And most special of all he could take secret docs,
Put them into his closet in a dirty sock box,
And declassify them, “I De-classify You!”
This was something amazing—something brand new.
And all with his brain, with his powerful mind,
One thing is for certain. It’s one of a kind.
Thank God.
Posted by babylonsister | Fri Sep 23, 2022, 06:30 PM (0 replies)

David Corn: Donald Trump and the Birth of QMaga: The Storm Is Coming


5 hours ago
Donald Trump and the Birth of QMaga: The Storm Is Coming
And the GOP is just fine with this madness.
David Corn


In retrospect, the melding of MAGAism with QAnon—and toss in a helping of Christian nationalism—seemed inevitable. The QAnon conspiracy theory holds that the world is controlled by a cabal of satanic, baby-eating, sex-trafficking pedophiles—which includes, of course, top Democrats, assorted elites, Hollywood celebrities, and the Pope—and that Trump is engaged in titanic combat behind the scenes to crush this evil power and save humanity (and lots of babies). Under assorted variants of this nuttery, Trump is being aided by John F. Kennedy Jr. (who did not die in a 1999 plane crash), and he will be restored to power in a final cataclysmic battle that involves mass arrests of Lucifer’s allies (lock ‘em up in Gitmo!) and televised executions. Trump fully embraced the QAnon insanity last week, and this means that the Republican Party now supports a man who advances a dangerous derangement that exceeds his Big Lie about the 2020 election and that further delegitimizes American democracy and debases political discourse. And this party has a good shot at gaining control of Congress in seven weeks.

For years, Trump had played footsie with QAnon, claiming he didn’t know much about it but praising its adherents’ supposed patriotism, their opposition to pedophilia and, naturally, their cultish love of him. Offered the chance to denounce this perverse craziness, he bobbed and weaved, sending the signal to QAnoners—who are always looking for signals—that they did indeed possess the hidden truth. With nods and winks, he validated their paranoia and detachment from reality, as QAnon conspiracism led to numerous acts of violence.


No more. He went full QAnon the other day when he posted online a photoshopped image of him wearing a Q pin. To make the message clear, this picture proclaimed, “The Storm Is Coming”—a QAnon catchphrase referring to that ultimate showdown between Trump and the evildoers. And it contained the abbreviation for the QAnon slogan, “where we go one, we go all.”


A few weeks ago, President Joe Biden excoriated MAGA extremism and election denialism as “semi-fascism” and warned the nation of the threat they pose. Republicans and conservatives turned snowflakes and cried foul. Since then, the danger has grown. As every pundit will tell you, the Republicans remain poised to win the House in the November elections and possibly the Senate. That will place in power a party that accepts and supports QMaga (and that backs as its leader a man who now excuses political violence). Without more media attention and more warnings from Biden and the Democrats, QMaga will spread into the halls of Congress not by mob violence but by the ballot box. A storm is indeed coming.

Posted by babylonsister | Fri Sep 23, 2022, 11:29 AM (4 replies)

House Democrats Preemptively Pan GOP's 'Extreme' Policy Agenda

House Democrats Preemptively Pan GOP’s ‘Extreme’ Policy Agenda
“Voters are rejecting the cynical reality that is the MAGA Republican movement,” House Democrats’ campaign chief said.
Daniel Marans
Sep 22, 2022, 08:57 PM EDT

House Democrats delivered a preemptive rebuttal of their Republican peers’ policy rollout on Thursday, branding it as an “extreme” and “cynical” fusion of Donald Trump-inspired authoritarianism, infringements on key personal freedoms and traditional trickle-down economics.

In a conference call with reporters, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.), who chairs House Democrats’ campaign arm, cited Democratic special-election wins in vacant House seats in Alaska and New York as evidence that the Republican policy agenda is already unpopular.

“Voters are rejecting the cynical reality that is the MAGA Republican movement, that is extreme and dangerous, that has taken away our reproductive freedom, that’s threatening our political freedom by ignoring the attack on our Capitol, and by making it harder to vote,” said Maloney, who spoke alongside Rep. Sara Jacobs (D-Calif.) and Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison.

The Democrats’ frontal assault was timed to precede House Republicans’ rollout of the “Commitment to America,” a policy framework for a potential GOP governing majority. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and other top Republicans are unveiling the plan in Monongahela, Pennsylvania, an industrial town outside of Pittsburgh, on Friday. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) is due to respond to McCarthy with remarks in Pittsburgh itself.


Posted by babylonsister | Thu Sep 22, 2022, 09:41 PM (3 replies)

'Political hit job': Bill Barr blasts Letitia James, predicts Trump suit will backfire

William Barr
'Political hit job': Bill Barr blasts Letitia James, predicts Trump suit will backfire
by Ryan King, Breaking News Reporter
September 21, 2022 04:58 PM

Former Attorney General William Barr slammed a lawsuit against his onetime boss, former President Donald Trump, highlighting its political undertones.

Barr contended that it is hard not to conclude that the suit, announced Wednesday by New York Attorney General Letitia James, is a "political hit job" and jabbed at James for engaging in "gross overreach" by dragging Trump's children into the suit, hypothesizing that the legal tiff will backfire against her.

"It's hard for me not to conclude it's a political hit job," Barr told Fox News. "I'm not even sure if she has a good case against Trump himself. But what ultimately persuades me that this is a political hit job is she grossly overreaches when she tries to drag the children into this."

James unveiled a massive $250 million civil lawsuit against Trump, three of his adult children, and management at the Trump Organization, alleging they engaged in a pattern of fraudulent and deceptive business practices.


Posted by babylonsister | Wed Sep 21, 2022, 06:32 PM (23 replies)

"Why Am I Speaking Out?"


Why Am I Speaking Out?
The truth is what it is
Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner
10 hr ago


With the rise of Donald Trump, I came to the conclusion early that this man could pose a danger to the fundamental nature of the United States as a constitutional republic based on the principles of democracy. I desperately hoped that I was wrong, but I saw a man who stoked division, scapegoated, lied with reckless impunity, and had no regard for the norms by which our nation has functioned.

Over the course of his run for the presidency, his time in office, and the wake of his defeat in the 2020 election, everything we have learned and witnessed further and more completely confirms his unfitness for office. It has only escalated the danger he poses to the safety and security of the nation.

We have also seen that the pestilence he embodies is not limited to him. It has spread throughout the Republican Party, as evidenced by the number of people in office and running for office who have embraced his bile, his lies, and his authoritarian instincts.

This isn’t a matter of conjecture. These are the stated, public positions of the former president, his enablers, and those who pay fealty to him — which at this point represents the majority of Republican officeholders.

This is the truth.

The truth is that to elect Donald Trump in 2024 would be to create the very real possibility of ending democracy as we know it.

The truth is that electing governors and secretaries of state who wish to undermine free and fair elections could very well end democracy as we know it.

The truth is that a federal judiciary stocked with Trump judges eager to do his bidding could very well end democracy as we know it.


I am about to enter my 92nd year as a citizen of these United States. As long as I have my health and my voice, I am going to use it to share what I see. If it means writing about this threat over and over and over again, so be it. If it fuels some people’s misconceptions about me, so be it. If it shapes my reputation and how I am remembered, so be it. I have lived my life. I have earned my livelihood. If I am reluctant to speak, what example would that set for others who don’t have my privilege?

To my fellow journalists, I know this is difficult. We are in uncharted waters. The old rules for covering politics no longer apply. In the end, false equivalence is just another way of obscuring the truth from your readers and viewers.

The truth is what it is. It is damning. It is dangerous. And it is the direct result of those who are undermining our democracy.

Not the ones calling them out on it.
Posted by babylonsister | Wed Sep 21, 2022, 09:53 AM (1 replies)
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