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Member since: Sat Aug 26, 2006, 09:09 AM
Number of posts: 212

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"She said"

They were on a c-17 cargo plane?
the back ground looks more like a doctors office or some kind of office or small business ??? It sure as hell ain't no c-17 ????



My Favorite

We lived in Glendora about a mile from the DN man & during the 70's it was our go to place when my kids wanted donuts !! My fav's were the french cullers !!

Seeing this post brought back so many great memories !! The building looks the same !!! Thanks RobertPaulsen for posting this !!

Now I'm craving donuts !!

We're flying to LA next month & now I'm going to Glendora & get some delicious Donuts

What they knew & when they knew it ???

Scalia's death last year leaves a lot of unanswered questions ??
The next President will appoint a new justice to replace Scalia ??
QUESTION--- did the republicans know the election was fixed by the Russians?? So, they simply avoided a vote on Merrick Garland knowing a republican would be appointing the new Justice ??
QUESTION--- trump winning the election was a surprise to the republicans??
QUESTION--- Do the republicans have the balls to Impeach trump or will we haft to hold our noses for the next four years ??

trump demands ??

He wants the capital dome painted orange before he moves in!! He stated that he will pay for the paint if the taxpayers build the scaffold & supply the labor?
He also wants the throne gold plated !! (he was asking for solid gold, but gave up on that idea because the State Dept. would require that he supply the gold) so, he finally relented & accepted plating !! But they agreed to give him the throne when he leaves in 16 years !!!

The Movie

I can't wait for the movie to come out about "The trump criminal enterprise"
We have yet to see the honor among thieves !!
Trump isn't stupid !! He said he loves stupid people & every day his followers entertain him with their ignorance !!
Ever since 1979 I have stood in awe of the power of the rite-wing pundits who have misled the about 35% of the American voters !!
The target of these pundits are the "angry white male" These awm's ranks have possibly risen to 40% or more ?
Whenever trump speaks he is talking to these awm's knowing they will believe anything they have been brainwashed to believe !!
My hope was that Bernie was on the road to reach young people before the brain scrubbers get to them ??

It's against the law

to be black in the south !! The others deputies pled guilty to J-walking & were given $10 fines !! The deputies appealed the fine to the Florida Supreme Court & after due deliberation the high court found the fines to be excessive & forced the family of the violent black man to pay the fines ? plus the high Court ruled the families had to pay for the laundry bill $400 as the deputies soiled their uniforms while apprehending the violent black man & the high Court further found that one of the deputies had accrued a headache due to all the excessive physical activity to which the out of shape deputies were unaccustomed & the deputy was taken, by ambulance to a local hospital to which two of the other deputies were assigned as his bodyguards in case they encountered any more violent black people during transport to the hospital !! The high court further found that the family of the violent black man that was beaten unconscious must pay the $10,000 emergency room bill which included coffee & donuts for the officers to help settle them down to avoid any further mental anguish !! The black family was given ten days to pay the accrued damages or face six months in County jail !! (source AHW news)

The Youth Vote !!

I haft to agree with you Shireen !! I went to A Bernie Rally Sat. nite in Springfield Missour-a & I was astonished by the number of young(17 to 25) yr olds !! The building held about 11,ooo & they were lined up around the building ( I guess about 3 to 4 thousand ) that couldn't get in !! They had to stand in line for about 8 to 10 hrs !! I left about 8:30 & I was amazed they didn't know they couldn't get in , but they persevered !!

The next morn a friend called me & told me that Bernie Had Security set up a podium in front of the building & Bernie came out & spoke with them for about 40 min. What an amazing man !!!

If Bernie isn't elected POTUS, A great injustice will be done. I'm 71 & I'm still fired up from watching & listening to those future Democrats. Young people are sick of the rite-wing BS & they are going to correct that


In case you haven't heard ??

Medical Marijuana will be on the ballot in Florida this year !!!


If you voted? please post it ?
I voted here in so. west Missouri on a paper ballot !!
Out of 15 races, there was only "one" democrat running !! no use in wasting ur time or money in this part of the wingnut world !!
There were 4 amendments too change the mo. constitution? more rw batshit!!
Happy Election day!!
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