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It is not HER turn.

I know, Peggy

And This reminiscencias me of a story i read about years ago. It made me ashamed to be human And it made me cry.
Hope i Got The hyperlink right.
Not using a desktop anymore, just my smart fone. 🌠


what a pawsome collection today, Salmon!

Fabulous as usual. I was just thinking of going back to sleep for a few more Zzzz's, but then I remembered it was the best day of the week- Saturday!!!

Love the tortie inmate. She has what we call-Catitude.

Also love the little lady with the lingerie. She reminds me of my Tabitha. If I leave a bra around, she always finds it and snuggles in it.

Thank you and have yourself s good Sunday!

You are the crown jewel if DU!

terribly sad story i would like to share with you


This is a small (and struggling) no kill cat shelter that I find myself spending a lot of time at. We try to help as many people as we can, but the Department of Agriculture is always watching us, so we can not take cats in unlesss we have space.

Wednesday I was just leaving after spending my 3 hours playing with and feeding turkey to the cats. I love to spoil them and a woman and her two children came up to the door, carrying something wrapped in a towel.
When I asked her if she had a cat, she replied yes. I stopped her from going in the front door as we don't like our cats inside exposed to any new germs. We send them to the back door.
So I went inside to get our intake manager. While they were waiting, they laid the cat in the ground on the towel. Poor little thing was listless and still, obviously sick.
The woman explained that her husband has found this cat at about four weeks of age. When they got it, it had an upper respiratory infection. The cat was now over ONE year and was sicker yet. She said they took it to the vet a couple of times, but did not have the money for the medicine.
We didn't have the room, but we arranged to take the cat in as it looked literally like it was dying. It was a precious Siamese Flame point with blue eyes. The cat was so skinny, had snit all over its face and eyes. Cats do not eat when they can't smell.m
We rushed it to our vet. After examination, she dx the upper respiratory, pneumonia and because the cat had not been spayed, pyrometea, an infection of the uterus, that required surgery.
This poor little girl, the size of a 3 month old kitten would not survive the anesthesia, so the vet put her down.
The sad thing is, if they would have treated her or brought her in to us even a week earlier, she might have been saved.
I an crying over this. Crying for the family, stupid as they were. I don't think they knew much and certainly didn't realize the severity of the situarion.
I am crying for the shelter. We don't have the extra money in our budget. I put a link up top if anyone has any extra money.

But most of all, I am crying for Bella. Her entire life was filled with unnecessary pain and suffering. She could have been given medicine at the first, yes they do give antibiotics for kitty colds! I dont think it is that expensive. But instead she was left untreated and her situation peogressed.

Bella go play at Rainbow Bridge. You're free now, baby. Go play with all of your new friends. Love and peace.

I apologize for this lengthy piece. I know that people have problems buying pet food, but help is available sometimes. Do we need universal health care for animals, too? Yeah, can't even get it for humans, I know I am dreaming.
Thanks to anyone who made it this far. Peace.
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