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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 11,075

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?!? In IA, basement of family home fills with blood from meat locker next door ?!?

Saw mention this was in USAToday

What's going on?

ANOTHER child abuse scandal at Chandler's The Village Church Ft Worth!!

[ found report at the friendlyatheist blog at patheos. Info was posted today 10-17]

Church is already dealing with a 1 million $ lawsuit over its mishandling of a child abuse act. Now this!!

Entire congregation was NOT notified.

Parents of one child who had been in endangered group were not notified because,,,,,THEY WERE NO LONGER MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH!!!

Wo-He-Lo!! Any one here?

John Henry Newman has been canonized. How will church react to belief he was gay??

William Lindsay brings this up at his blog bilgrimage.blogspot.com

He emphasizes the long attempt by many in church to conceal and deny Newman's long relationship with Father Ambrose

Is there a pic up yet on internet with all the people at the table labeled? Could be interesting!

Polish party wins with anti LGBT, anti Western Values and pro welfare programs--those 3 their platfo

I find it hard to reconcile their being pro welfare at same time they are anti LGBT and anti Western Values

What am I missing?

Trump orders lifting ban on logging in Alaska rainforest!!

Read this at blog joemygod. It was relaying report from WaPo

Blog's story posted today Oct 15

Just saw a bit about keinemusik. Can anyone here give me some info about it?

House members are finger puppets of Satan working to take down Trump for demonic ends---JimBakker to

Claim by guest Carl Gallups on show today

References to Bible verse ---we war not aainst flesh and blood but against the powers and principalities of darkness

Evangelicals/fundamentalists are being fired up to treat the 2020 election as a religious war. They are being 'spiritually' trained to fight on Trump's--ie God's side---against the demonic DEMONcRATS!!

We better wake up at national and local levels and realize that we are at war and being attacked daily

Trump tower in tarot---16th card or trump in Major Arcama--from Wiki Comes after devil card

Stands for disturbing revelation and disruptive change!!

Reading a mystery, character mentions the Trump Tower in the tarot she's trying to learn.

So who could pass by without checking it out!?
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